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Originally Posted July 25, 2021
by Robert Baty

Bill Sardi is a health food/vitamin promoter with some reputation amongst that community.

Bill Sardi is also a business associate of Kent Hovind, an Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher who operates a 145 conpound near Lenox, AL.

Bill Sardi is also a director of Kent Hovind’s alter-ego, nominee 501(c)(3) corporation known as Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc. (CSEM, Inc.).

In recent months, Bill Sardi and Kent Hovind have been closely associated with controversies involving Kent Hovind’s personal relationship problems with Cindi Lincoln, Kent’s girlfriend who has left Kent’s bed and board and has alleged financial fraud and domestic abuse against Kent Hovind.

During the same time, Kent Hovind has been more vocal in his public support of convicted child sex offender Chris Jones and of accused child sex offender Brady Byrum.

Recently, Kent Hovind broadcast a YouTube/Zoom meeting designed to discuss his problems with Cindi Lincoln.

Bill Sardi was one of the participants in that broadcast.

In a short segment of that broadcast, a boy, likely inadvertently, appears briefly with Bill Sardi in an unkempt motel room setting.

Bill Sardi was asked about the boy and refused to offer an explanation; suggesting there may be an issue here such as Chris Jones and Brady Byrum are facing.

It may be that some sort of “welfare check” would be appropriate as to the boy seen with Bill Sardi in a motel room.  Maybe one will be obtained.  Maybe not.  Maybe Bill Sardi will ultimately provide a legitimate, convincing explanation.  Maybe not.

However, in the context of Kent Hovind’s continuing controversy regarding alleged domestic violence, financial fraud, and entertaining of and promoting child sex offenders, it seems warranted that some accountability be insisted upon regarding Bill Sardi and his culpability regarding such things.

Bill Sardi Website

Bill Sardi FaceBook Page

Graphic From The Video Broadcast/Zoom Meeting
Time Marked Link to Images Below

FaceBook Post by Mark Stoney

Mark Stoney Report on Call to Bill Sardi

Bill Sardi’s Further Response to Mark Stoney

Link to Mark Stoney YouTube Commentary on Hovind/Sardi Zoom Broadcast:

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Update November 10, 2021

OK, it does look more likely that the boy in the Sardi video is his son, but there is a whole lot more to that story!

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Original Federal Complaint by Bill Sardi

Bill Sardi’s Amended Federal Complaint:

Bill Sardi Amended Complaint

ORDER Dismissing Bill Sardi’s Complaint:

Bill Sardi ORDER dismissing federal case

Recent Docket History of Bill Sardi Federal Case:

Link to information on Sardi v. Sardi on-going divorce/custody case:

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Update February 21, 2022

Kent Hovind reported on February 19, 2022 that Bill Sardi died, possibly from Covid.

An independent, credible source, confirmed to me that Bill Sardi died on February 14, 2022.

Kent Hovind’s Announcement:

Latest on Sardi v. Sardi Litigation



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