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Originally Posted February 27, 2020
by Robert Baty

In June of 2019, Lee Kenworthy filed a federal lawsuit against Robert Baty and a few others.  This article is intended to archive and document the substantive aspects of that case.  The case was dismissed by the federal district court in February of 2020.

Lee Kenworthy,



Heather Christensen,

Cali Esposito,

Cheryl Rose,

Robert Baty,

Clara Balcacer-Colon,


Davian Breedlove,


The Docket Record via PACER

Links to the Complaint – Document #1

Kenworthy Latest 06282019

Complaint Pages

Letter to the Court from Robert Baty – Document #2


Letter to the Court from Lee Kenworthy – Document #3

Letter to the Court from Lee Kenworthy – Document #4

Attachments to Document #4

Kenworthy v Baty Attachments Doc 4

Link to File Containing Dismissal Order – Document #5

Kenworthy v Baty Dismissed 02252020

Dismissal Pages





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