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Originally Prepared February 17, 2021
by Robert Baty

Beginning in January of 2020, Laurel Burchell initiated a FaceBook Messenger exchange with me, Robert Baty, from her account with the following address.

I did not respond, via Messenger, to the messages.

From Laurel Burchell – January 11, 2020

I have been harassed and threatened for hours by your bots. I fear for my life and my families life.
I will be contacting law enforcement about this.
They are associated with you. Ask Lola and Fabian the accused pedo about the threats. Christy is on now. I have read her abuse yet. I suggest that you put a stop to this bullying. I am a disabled veteran and it is triggering my PTSD.

From Laurel Burchell – January 16, 2020

You have been harassing and bullying myself and my family. I have asked you to stop but yet you continue. Your followers have then been harassing my family and I . it is my intention to go into a court and ask that you are ordered to stop with the harassment. It is also my intention to file a civil suit against you for the damage it has done to us.

From Laurel Burchell – February 25, 2020

It is wonderful news that Sophia will go back to her family. She will more likely than not be a part of her biological parents again- praise the Lord!
Though you and your agents tried to interfere, it didn’t work.
You have my permission to share this on your site.

From Laurel Burchell – February 25, 2020

After much thought, I believe your Sofia letter is a fake – perhaps manufactured by Kimberly Sparks.
In the letter Sofia’s foster family claimed that she was going to the paternal family’s grandparents on the date that she would be 17 months. I guess that they don’t love her as much as they claim. That is not the correct date that she would bw turning 17 months. So many other lies.
Baty you are a sick person!

From Laurel Burchell – February 26, 2020

Bobby Boy is it true that Sofia is going to live with the grandparents or did you make up the story?
As you know, your posting about me daughter and I on the county facebook page was removed because of harassment. What else have you done to us?

From Laurel Burchell – February 27, 2020

You are a sick person Bobby Boy. What happened in your life that you always want to harass others? You spent you career cheating and hurting others. For the last 15 years you have attacked people. You should be in prison.
I loved the interaction between you and the gentleman with Truth Radio. He had the.perfect response to you. You are no match for him.
I feel Lola’s soul dying. Are you going to have a memorial service for her?

From Laurel Burchell – February 27, 2020

As you have probably guessed, your agents are getting bored reading about my daughter and I. You can tell your stupid Pamala G. That I am not a victim but a survivor. Look how long I survived your abuse.
You call yourself a journalist. Bull! You are an abuser. That is why you continue to bully us.

(End 2020 messages from Laurel Burchell.)


Beginning on Monday, February 15, 2021, Laurel Burchell initiated a FaceBook Messenger exchange with me, Robert Baty.  This article is intended to memorialize that exchange.

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Laurel Burchell FaceBook address used for messages below:

From Laurel Burchell

Harassing my daughter and I again I see.
You are trying to destroy my family and others. As for my grandson’s father, he is a meth addict. He was in prison during the CPS case. He has spent the last 20 years in and out of prison and jail. He is still in the court system for violence. He does not see his son because it must be supervised and he won’t do it. He is at least 6 months behind in child support. Know who you’re hurting!!!
Nicole Roberts lied about visitation. He must be supervised because of his behavior. He chooses not to visit through the county supervised services. God bless the county for doing that for his safety.
As for Nicole, she didn’t get custody probably because both of her children were born with drugs in their system.
I know one day you will live to regret the way you have treated people.

From Robert Baty

Thanks for the feedback.

From Laurel Burchell

Bobby you did exactly as I wanted you to do. It got the people lying on me again. You won’t get what you want–the child being taken by CPS! They may show at my door but that’s it.
Oh the tangled lies we weave when we attempt to deceive.
That is what your website is about–a tangled mess of lies.
I’m in FB jail and can’t comment to Marie White the rotten Georgia peach. Pathetic thing she is. She has nothing better to do than lie a out people.
As for Nicole, domestic violence runs through their veins. She couldn’t pass the testing for taking Wyatt in. I was required to become a foster home which I did!

From Robert Baty

Glad to oblige.

From Laurel Burchell

Good morning Bobby. I’ve got some interesting news for you. Note this screen shot. The horses are in need of being rescued. There is at least 1 dog that is chained up in the elements 24/7. Interesting how these groups only go after my daughter. For your information, the land owner, Mary Stevens, lives in filth. Outside of her front door are piles of feces. She doesn’t let people inside her home. My daughter was in there years ago. Such a mess.
Let’s see what king of story you can all spin on this one!

From Robert Baty

OK! I would recommend your daughter lead the way by getting her animals moved to one or more of the rescue agencies.

From Laurel Burchell

Those horses and the dog are in great need of being rescued. Are you going to post this?

From Robert Baty

I’m working on it. Should be up in a a minute or 2.

From Laurel Burchell


From Robert Baty

Is your daughter going to lead the way and have her animals moved to one of the agencies?

From Laurel Burchell

I don’t control what she does and I don’t know her plans.

From Robert Baty

You contacted me. Contact her and make that suggestion and let me know what she says.

From Laurel Burchell

I actually have nothing to do with the animals even though it has been reported differently!
I know that she is considering Her options.

From Robert Baty

From Laurel Burchell

Deputy Kaiser adamantly denies making that statement.
Mary Stevens has been cited and in court multiple times for the condition of her property.
My daughter does not hoard but Mary Stevens does.
Here is another story for you. Floss Blackburn owner of Denkai Animal Sanctuary is in it for the donations imo. She just opened another sanctuary in New Mexico. She needs animals and donations. She has a bad reputation.

From Robert Baty

What’s your story on your alleged offer to settle your daughter’s animal dispute for $125,000??

From Laurel Burchell

I was approached and answered. No extortion.

From Laurel Burchell

I was approached to sell. They Are Not my animals.

From Robert Baty

Oh, was it one offer of $50K and then it was later increased to $75K?

From Laurel Burchell

Halina had nothing to do with it. I knew that it was a set up and went along with it anyways.

From Robert Baty

I can see you playing that out like that.

From Laurel Burchell

We are dealing with cowards and bullies.
In my opinion, SF Tay and Marie White are the biggest cowards and bullies. Such thugs!
I never said that the horses were Mary Stevens. She has boarders and allows the horrible conditions.

From Robert Baty

Again, your daughter seems to be in a good place to start the clean up.
Let me know what Halina says about the proposal that she lead the way and allow her animals to be “rescued”.
When’s the last time you talked to her and suggested she take the initiative to resolve the matter allowing the animals to be “rescued”?

From Laurel Burchell

It is all a lie. She is not responsible for their deaths.
After knowing Mary Stevens for 10 years, Mary turned on Halina after her dog was torn to shreds by another renters dog. I paid over $400.00 to have the dog stitched up.
Halina called animal control on that dog. AC did nothing. Then the accusations started flying.
Some of her animals had their skulls bashed in by surrender we assume. Couldn’t prove anything.
Much more to this story.
A renter

From Robert Baty

Well, maybe that story can be told …………………. after the animals are removed and placed in a more habitable place.
How close are you to getting Halina to get the animals removed?
Hopefully that can get done by close of business today.
No good reason to wait any longer.

From Laurel Burchell

Halina is an adult and doesn’t listen to anyone.

(See continuations in screenshots below!)

Update February 22, 2021

Laurel Burchell has made her appearance in the “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” FaceBook group and has offered to answer questions.  We’ll see how that might go.

There was considerable amount of banter with Laurel by other members of the above referenced group.  Laurel and I had additional private, Messenger, exchanges as noted below.

Update February 23, 2021

More FaceBook Messenger chat between Laurel & me:

Denver 7News Update

Update February 24, 2021

(Go to above link for video from which images below were taken.)

Link to post below from the “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” FaceBook group:

Link to broadcast referenced in post below:

Halina Morley’s upcoming court dates shown below.  The first one relates to a restraining order and the second one, I believe, relates to the eviction proceedings.

Update February 25, 2021

Link to post illustrated below:

Link to broadcast referenced below:

This was precipitated by the Weld County Sheriff’s comments reported above critical of those interested in the animals’ welfare.

Link to FaceBook post below which notes it is Halina Morley who has filed a restraining order against the property owner.


Update from Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary

Update February 26, 2021

The Latest Between Laurel Burchell & Me via FaceBook Messenger!

More banter with Laurel after I posted Halina Morley’s report from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at:

Update February 27, 2021

Laurel’s morning missives – I did not respond!

Laurel, still watching my FaceBook group!

Update Sunday February 28, 2021

The family branch Laurel was whining about:

March 2, 2021

I posted the following to my FaceBook group and Laurel responded via Messenger.

Burchell v Centralia School District 1994

Guess she saw I posted her message and followed up with:

Update March 5, 2021

In response to my mere mention of Laurel Burchell in a FaceBook post at the following link, Laurel responded via FaceBook Messenger as shown in the screenshot below.

Update March 6, 2021

Not asking, telling!

Update April 1, 2021



Burchell v. Baty – Morley’s Animals — No Comments

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