I don’t have the story line to tie all of this together, but the following screen shots taken from the Chatham County, GA on-line court records, the county from which Christian Holm hails from, suggests a certain history that needs to be revealed and taken into account when evaluating the on-going controversy involving Christian Holm and another child of his in Cleburne County, AL.
Hopefully, we will be hearing more about these things as the facts might be developed.


Developing – A Legal History on One Christian Holm — 5 Comments

      • I don’t do Twitter very well.
        I posted the images to a thread there where I posted the link to the above article.
        I could not come up with a specific link for the images for some reason.
        Three of them are in two tweets, and two in each of two tweets following the original tweet giving the link to this page.


        Of course, those with the interest and wherewithal can go to the
        Chatham County Court site at http://www.chathamcourts.org/
        and look up the cases directly.


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