Originally Posted March 10, 2017
by Robert Baty
Kent Hovind continues to flat out lie about his legal problems while promoting the scheme he and Brady Byrum came up with to promote their sovcit theology and themselves.
(Begin transcription)
Or like my judge!
If there was a crime, it was zero to 6 months.
The judge said, “This crime is worse than rape.
I’m enhacing this to 10 years”.
I served almost 9 years in federal prison over
Over what?
I didn’t know what that was.
If we get enough people to do what it says on
that website, it’ll still overturn the case.
So, go there and please do what it says.
We need about 300 people they tell me.
– Kent Hovind
– March 9, 2017
(End transcription.)


Kent Hovind & Brady Byrum – Two Peas in the Same Sovcit Pod! — No Comments

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