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Originally Posted August 1, 2021
by Robert Baty

Cindi Lincoln v. Kent Hovind

Protection from Abuse

Conecuh County, AL

Case # DR-2021-000017.00

Document #1 – Docket Record

Document #2 – Cover Sheet


Document #3 – Petition – 5 Pages

Document #4 – Ex Parte Order – 3 Pages

Document #5 – Order

More Docket History

This appears to be the law office of Danny White, of Brewton, AL, who is representing Kent Hovind!

Kent Hovind recorded (audio) the alleged “body slam” incident and broadcast the recording.  It is still available at the following link:

Update August 2, 2021


According to the ORDER above, Kent’s lawyer tried to get the case dismissed because there was no requisite relationship and the request for protection was not timely filed.  The following appears to be what that has reference to.

Update August 3, 2021

Hemant Mehta, “The Friendly Atheist”, has addressed this story at:


Regarding Kent’s Lawyer

Update August 4, 2021

The Criminal Case Document Just In!

Affidavit Document

Bond Document

The “UTDC” next to Kent Hovind’s signature above stands for “Under Threat, Duress, or Coercion”.

The Headline

Kent Begins His Public Relations Defense!

Update August 5, 2021

How the story looks in The Evergreen Courant!

Bob Smietana of Religion News Service covers the story!

Katie Joy Paulson (aka Without A Crystal Ball) has posted a video on the story at: reports on the story at:

Update August 6, 2021

Conan Daily Covers the Story at:

The Sun picked up the story today at:

Update August 8, 2021

KENT HOVIND to Jo, Mary, Cindi, and the next candidate for his bed and board.

Time marked link to video comments illustrated below:

Creaky Blinder on Baty & Hovind!

Time marked linked to comments illustrated below:

Update August 9, 2021

Captain Cassidy has a Patheos blog article dated yesterday and is promising another one today.

Update August 10, 2021

Looks like Kent Hovind’s #1 sidekick, or former sidekick, just got himself arrested!

OK, let’s see if we can sort this out and see how well it holds up as the story is told!
1. Steve took a stolen Jeep to Marvin’s.
(Edit Above: It might have been Steve’s Jeep.)
2. Steve left the Jeep.
3. Steve found a truck with keys in it (that was “on empty”).
4. Steve took the truck to Walmart and parked it.
5. Steve was scoping the parking lot when police arrested him.
6. Steve said his son owned the truck and he had just borrowed it.
7.  A stolen wallet and gun may also be involved.

The following may be the same Steven Rodney Lynn from 2015:

Rumor has it that Steven Rodney Lynn has already been released from the Monroe County Jail.

Text exchange file involving some of the players, including Kent Hovind, Ernie Land, Brady Byrum, Cindi Lincoln, et al:

Text Exchange between DAL players August 2021

(Excerpt from above exchange added August 11, 2021!)

Update August 11, 2021

Captain Cassidy Followup – The Arrest of Kent Hovind!

Daniel White files his entry of appearance on behalf of Kent Hovind in criminal case!

Additional information on the Steven Rodney Lynn of Missouri, as referenced above, which may be the same as Kent’s IT guy, can be found at the following link:

Update August 12, 2021

Update on status of Steven Rodney Lynn!

From the report illustrated below, it appears the criminal case and protective order case will be further considered together on August 30, 2021.

Monroeville City, AL Police Department Website

It appears that Kent Hovind might have been on YouTube tonight fussing about the flood while his people were cleaning out Steven Rodney Lynn’s personal residence!

Update August 13, 2021

Peter J. Reilly posts a blog article providing his coverage of the story at:

Kent Hovind’s comments tonight on the Steven Lynn arrest!

Update August 14, 2021

Excitement at the conpound this evening, but I have not yet been told what the cause is!

The story I got from a 3rd party who got it from another 3rd party:

“A visitor named Kyle, who I have actually met before, came back to DAL and had been there a couple days. Another worker named Matt got into an altercation with Kyle and Kyle had a psychotic episode and punched Matt. The police were called. Kyle was telling everyone that he was Jesus. He was taken to the psych ward. Also, The sheriff allegedly told Kent that they were tired of dealing with DAL and they not going to be coming out there anymore. I’m guessing that’s why there was a state trooper.”

Update August 15, 2021

Notes regarding Steve Lynn!

Update August 16, 2021

Reportedly, lots of texting going on between Kent Hovind people.  Here’s a sample indicating that Steve Lynn is back on his phone, or someone is using his phone.  More to come later.

Kent Hovind enters the text wars regarding his operations!

Kent Enters The Text War Regarding His Operations

Update August 17, 2021

Kent breezed right by this image last night without comment; almost as if he didn’t mean to have it in his presentation.  Allegedly, that is the Jeep Steve Lynn bought with his ill-gotten gains and he has now donated it to Kent Hovind.  It sounds like someone (Kent & Ernie) are working real hard to keep Steve out of jail.

Time marked link to image below:

Update August 18, 2021

Unpublished image of Steve’s Jeep on the conpound:

Cindi Lincoln posted her YouTube documentary on the issues at:

Description of Above Referenced Video:

(Begin quote.)
Kent Hovind exposed: DONORS BEWARE!!
Cindi Lincoln shows the real character of Kent Hovind and his inner circle including:
1. Ernie Land, primary and most active Board Member and Financier, Owner and Sole Shareholder of CSE, Inc. who wrote the fraudulent 20 year contract now BREACHED which STOLE more than half Cindi’s income;
2. Steve Lynn, Technology and Personal Assistant and “Guido” to Kent, in charge of Kent’s audio recordings of Cindi. Recently arrested for stealing a truck. Recently confessed to STEALING 10’s of thousands of dollars from CSE. Recently alleged to be in possession of porn, heroin, and methamphetamines. Allegedly used by Kent Hovind to trash and strip Cindi’s rental property where Cindi gave him 30 Day Notice to vacate.
3. Brady Byrum, creator of content, and personal advisor to Kent on legal and personal matters. Recently accused of molesting his own children and neice.
4. Bill Sardi, member of CSE Board…
I’m sorry this is so long, but I kept finding more and more evidence to include. And, since Kent Hovind and his circle of “Yes Men” are lying and slandering me to discredit my witness, therefore, I’m compelled to rebut their lies with all the evidence I can. Please note: I’m not a professional video maker, so please forgive the computer glitches. Also, if you see any errors that need correction, kindly contact me via facebook messenger and I’ll be happy to correct any errors. Remember, the man and the message are NOT the same. Let God be true, but every man a liar. Jesus is still the son of God come to earth, and He can speak through a donkey, a child, a woman, and an inanimate concept called Wisdom shouting in the streets.
Thank you, and God bless you.
(End quote.)

Steve Lynn also made the banner headline in The Monroe Journal this evening!

Update August 22, 2021

Matt Powell officially announces his plans to take Steve Lynn’s job and move in with Kent Hovind, within the next 30 days.

Update August 23, 2021


See above references to the arrest of Kent’s IT guy, Steve Lynn, and Kent’s seizing Steve’s property.  Without admitting to the circumstances, tonight Kent is claiming someone donated a Jeep to his business and he is going to sell it for cash.

Update August 24, 2021

Time marked link to Kent’s comments about Jeep:

Link to Mark Stoney comments illustrated below:

Update August 28, 2021

Rumor has it that Steve Lynn checked himself out of rehab and returned to stay with Kent Hovind in anticipation of Kent returning what was taken from Steve’s residence after which Steve will move back in.  It is not clear if Kent will let him have his Jeep back or if Steve will keep his job with Kent since Matt Powell recently announced his plans to move in with Kent in a couple of weeks.

I also found the following image in Sierra’s 2016 video which appears to be that of Steve Lynn; though he is not identified in the video.

Compare above image to the following:

Update August 30, 2021

Reports indicate court proceedings have been continued to August 20, 2021!

Secret video of the firing of “Jeff” by Kent and Ernie at the conpound!

Update September 1, 2021

One of Kent Hovind’s boys in the news today in relation to his “insurrection” activities.

Department of Justice News Release

Time Marked Link to Kent’s Comments Tonight

Update September 2, 2021

Docket History of Costianes Most Recent Case:


Elias Costianes Complaint 08232021

Affidavit in Support of Above Complaint:

Elias Costianes Agent Affidavit 08232021

Docket History in Earlier Case:

Conditions of Release for Above Earlier Case

Costianes Order Setting Conditions of Release Filed 02122021 Entered 04202021

Elias Costianes actually appeared with Kent Hovind in Kent’s performance on August 23, 2021, the same day Elias’ sealed indictment and arrest warrant were filed.

I’ve been shopping the Costianes – Hovind Story around, but can’t seem to attract any interest.  I just posted some comments/images to the Raw Story coverage of the DOJ news release yesterday.  We’ll see if that gets any attention.  No one seems to have taken any notice yet of the Costianes – Hovind connections.



Website for U.S. Attorney in Maryland

Update September 3, 2021


I posted 3 comments to the above FaceBook thread regarding the Costianes – Hovind Connection and 1 to following the above website article.

The Avenue News also posted the Costianes article on its Twitter account at:

So, I posted the following tweet there:

Update September 7, 2021

Kent Hovind and The Sex Tapes!

From Comments Below Above Video:



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Kent Hovind – Breaking News! — 3 Comments

  1. How can the people at DAL not see Hovind’s lies? Surely they know that Steve wasnt’ some random “contractor” working with 10 businesses…?? Surely they could see he was a permanent fixture and therefore what Hovind says would clearly be a lie?

    • @ kurupt
      The closest I think I’ve come to explaining it is that, in my experience,
      no matter what you tell Kent’s supporters about “the real Kent Hovind”,
      it simply doesn’t matter.
      They like the guy for whatever reason, and the rest just doesn’t matter
      much, if at all, to them.

  2. So Jeff got fired for “talking back” to Hovind. He didn’t like to be told he “lost” and certainly didn’t like to be reminded why he went to jail in the first place!

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