A Hovind Baty Meme 07062016

The FaceBook world is given another opportunity to follow the Hovind story in a manner contrasting the false and/or misleading coverage everywhere, including FaceBook, promoted by Kent Hovind and his people.

The new page name is:

Kent Hovind v USA – IRS and Robert Baty

The new page address is:


Maybe Kent and people will successfully have that page deleted from FaceBook, along with me as well.

Maybe not.

See y’all there, or not!

A few “likes” would be appreciated.



Kent Hovind v USA – IRS and Robert Baty (A New Start) — 3 Comments

  1. In my opinion, this page must go down. It is not a “free speech” issue to publish innuendos, stretched, half truths, and lies about anyone in any way, form or fashion. You were kicked off of Facebook for harassment. IT’S A CRIME!! Don’t you get it? Hovind served his time. Leave him alone. But I don’t care about that as much as the fact that you are dragging my family into it, you keep doing that and you haven’t learned your lesson. Having a web presence does not make someone a celebrity, and neither does having a You Tube channel. Fine, you got to show off your Photoshop skills (lack thereof). I guess they are good for low-rent memes. You’ve been at this for over a year now. KNOCK IT OFF!!!

  2. The poster “ymickas” appears to be Wyatt Mickas with whom I have
    tried to engage in times past with little success.
    Wyatt has only recently reached the age of majority and has
    steadfastly refused to engage in an open, honest discussion of
    Kent Hovind’s legal and related problems, like sending his first
    wife, Jo, to prison.
    I don’t know what prompted his latest appearance here.
    We may never know.
    It is curious, and I have my suspicions, but I will have to wait
    and see if he cares to open up and explain his latest appearance
    here and in a related article at:
    That Wyatt, Kent and his people have been able to manipulate FaceBook
    management in days gone by is not evidence of any wrong-doing on my
    part; it does show, in my opinion, the tendency for those like Wyatt
    to exhibit their “consciousness of guilt” by going after truth-tellers
    like me.
    Wyatt, in present tense, asserts I am dragging his family into something.
    I have no idea where that is coming from.

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