As many of us know, Kent Hovind does not like to take responsibility for much of anything, and Glen Stoll has been one of his “go-to” guys whose counsel he reasonably, allegedly, relied upon to try and cover his criminal activities.

This page is a work in progress in that I do not presently have the latest, up to date information on Glen Stoll’s whereabouts and operations.

Here’s a link to the ORDER providing an injunction against Glen Stoll and Michael Stevens and related operations from 2005:

Here’s a link to a news account of what is behind the above injunction: contributor Peter J. Reilly discussed the Hovind-Stoll connection in the following article:

Since that time it appears that Glen Stoll put together something he called the Arlington Law School, with an Internet address shown below:

There’s also a FaceBook page for him at:

Glen Stoll has been known for his association with the Embassy of Heaven organization as noted in the Wikipedia article below:

(Begin excerpts.)

The Embassy of Heaven is a Christian-based new religious movement based in Stayton, Oregon that seeks to separate from secular government.

Its members profess to be literal citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and reject any ties to what they refer to as “worldly governments”.

The organization issues its own identity documents (including passports and drivers licenses), business licenses, motor vehicle title certificates and license plates.

The group’s leader is Craig Douglas Fleshman, a former Oregon state computer systems analyst who goes by the name “Pastor Paul Revere.”

Another individual who has been associated with the organization in the past is GLEN STOLL, an individual who, “falsely hold[s] himself out to be a ‘lawyer’ and claims to have spent considerable time studying the tax laws” but who “is not a member of or licensed with any state or federal bar.”

(End excerpts.)

And from those sites we get a couple of pictures:



Here’s a couple of more references that tie Stoll to Hansen who is tied to Hovind and Land:



Some pictures of the address in question in Arlington, WA:




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