Jim Allen of The Monthly View of Conecuh County, AL has published another excellent editorial in his continuing coverage of the story of Kent Hovind’s appearance in Conecuh County, AL.




October 22, 2016

Thanks to Kent Hovind and Johnny Andrews, we now find ourselves fully immersed in the Hovind Effect I originally warned you about – this battle between those who vehemently hate Hovind and those who fanatically follow him.

Because of the video they produced denouncing me and this newspaper, both myself and Conecuh County have now become a part of Hovind History – yet more victims of the Hovind Effect itself.

Unfortunately, there will be more.

I find this video disturbing.

Both the subject matter, and by the fact that Hovind’s attack on me and this newspaper are featured in its presentation.

I find no joy in this – no pride – only sadness that because of Hovind and Andrews, we have been drawn into something we have little or no control over.

By making their totally bogus and fake attack video, they have opened a Pandora’s Box that can and obviously will be exploited to show Hovind and our community in a negative light for years to come.

You will not like this video.

You have been warned.




Evolution of “The Hovind Effect” in Conecuh County, AL! — No Comments

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