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Originally Posted May 25, 2020
by Robert Baty


On May 25, 2020, Theodore Valentine Valenzuela broadcast a YouTube discussion he had with “Steve”, a former resident at Kent Hovind’s 145 acre conpound near Lenox, AL.  The primary topic was the drowning of Steven Michael Alexander on the conpound on March 15, 2020, but other topics were also discussed to a lesser degree.

Link to YouTube Video

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TEXT (Transcription by Robert Baty)

Hello everybody.
This is Theodore with “Lies of the Devil” YouTube channel where I expose lies of the devil, and there are many devils out there.
This one is about Kent Hovind, and don’t fool yourself.  The guy is a wicked individual.
This “Steve” individual I have on the phone right now with me, he lived at DAL for a number of months and witnessed things that I’ve been trying to warn you all about.  It’s not even me.  It’s what Christ is using me to impart unto you to warn you.  So, just to give you an idea of what Steve knows, and I’ll let him speak here soon.
It is NOT “Steve” the IT guy.
This “Steve” is a totally different guy than “Steve” the IT guy.
“Steve” the IT guy I put out a video about; how he goes to Colorado and buys large amounts of marijuana.  He bugs the placce.  He spies on volunteers.
OK, there are numerous injuries that happen at DAL.   I mean, “Steve” (Kent’s IT “Steve”) probably killed this man’s dog, and there’s evidence of that, um, I mean it’s crazy.
So, we are going to try to take it bit by bit and go ahead Steve and explain to people who you are, what you know about DAL, how long you have known Kent, and then we’ll get right into the child that drowned, and how you were there to witness the family.
It was just my wife and I and our daughter, but we have a son now.  She was pregnant while we were living there.  We were there for a total of 3 months all together.  I had been following Kent since I was a child, very, very young, 5 or 6 years old.  In the homeschooling groups his material was pretty popular even back in, you know, the early 90’s.  I started picking back up on his YouTube videos when he was released from prison, and I found out that he was doing it again.  So, I’ve been following him, you can say, my whole life.
OK, so explain to everybody the feeling of DAL when you first got there and then kind of summarize the red flags leading up to the point where you left.
When you first get there you feel this overwhelming welcome.  Everyone is so polite you feel like you are supposed to be there.  You build relationships very quickly that make you want to stay even if you are not feeling some of the red flags, but there were several red flags for my family.
For one thing, it’s the amount that they work.  You know, they can say it’s not an actual 8 to 3 or 9 to 5 job, but it really is you know.  There’s so much pressure there to keep working.  Sometimes I certainly have worked many days long into the night just to get projects finished so that we might be further ahead the next day.  There’s so much pressure to work.  They give you 2 days off a week, but even on your days off, I would say Monday more than Sunday, some Sunday’s you won’t get bothered at all or feel pressured at all or feel pressured to work, but every Monday you are feeling pressured to work there.  They are coming to your cabin telling you projects they really need done, or they are getting and telling your buddies projects they need done.  Then they will have your buddies go and say, “Hey, I could really use help.  I have to do this.  I have to work on my day off.  Can you help?”  So, you end up helping too so you really get maybe one day off a week on a Sunday.
Explain to everybody how Saturday is the Sabbath, and me and my family tried our best to keep the Sabbath but he won’t even let you take Saturdays off.
No, we were denied that.
The first week there he works you, he watches you, he sees if you are a benefit to DAL or whether he would just rather have you go off your own way.  So, he decided, I guess, my family was a value enough.  I worked hard enough that he invited us to stay in Lenox, AL for long term work in exchange for room and board and 3 hots and a cot.  It’s just a weird feeling there after so long.  You know, you are required to be there at 8:00 AM every day for this meeting, and it’s always the same thing.  You know which projects they want you to do.  It’s never new information, but it’s mandatory that you are there.  So, that was one thing. Then they never come out and tell you that it’s mandatory to be at the Bible studies, although there are several that were mandatory.  There’s just also the pressure that they put on you to attend all these things.
Right, that was the big deal when Lenae, my wife, and I were there.  It was mandatory to go to these infomercial Bible studies.  The big thing is it’s an act.  Like when you are there at first it’s kind of like ‘I’ll see through it because I understand that, you know, preachers get up at the pulpit and they have to be charismatic’, but it starts to become creepy.  I don’t know how you felt, but it becomes creepy because it’s like it’s like a light switch goes off.
It is creepy, and the first flag for me was when we had our weekly meeting after being there for the first week.  I expressed to him that we try to observe the creation Sabbath of Saturday.  He explained to us, you know, he’s such a word master, explained to us that Saturday was our busiest day so that there was just no way we could take Saturday off.  Pretty much let me know from the start that you won’t be taking your regular Sabbath here.  The joke about it is he uses the word game that it’s the busiest day because of visitors, but all he ever had me do except for the exception one or two days was work regular construction so he knows that it’s all, you know, blowing smoke.  It doesn’t matter to him because that’s another day of labor he can get from you regardless of how you feel on your beliefs or your convictions or if you feel you’re sinning to help him accomplish his goal.  His goal will be accomplished or he’ll replace you.
That’s why he loves getting disenfranchised people in there.  I would say 8 of 10 of the family units there are disenfranchised people or people that have few options so they have to take more that he gives out.
We’re going to talk about, we’re going to talk about the work and how now he’s threatening to cut people off from food if they don’t work hard enough for him.  We’ll get to that, but let’s talk about the tragic event of the child and how, you know, Kent, well, explain to us your perspective on what happened with the child that drowned.
What happened with the family, they came and stayed in the cabin next to us.  They were in cabin 6.  My family was placed in cabin 5.  So we were trying to get close with the family from the first day, being nice to the kids.  My wife and I, we both love kids, so we were nice to them.  They would come over and talk to us a lot.  When the incident happened, when the child drowned, that was the second biggest red flag for me and my wife because of how, one, can’t handle the situation, but, two, just seeing the total lack of human emotion or any empathy from him.  He was such a machine about it.  There was nothing that resonated; like his soul was grieved.  You know what I mean?
Oh, absolutely.
The day that it happened, what they don’t tell you, is I’ve seen Kent go on the video, and what really upset me is he said the parent was just 3 feet away, which is a total lie.  You know, the kids are all swimming in the lake and the mom is at her cabin.  The dad is in the pavilion playing pool; shooting pool with a couple of the others.  Now, occasionally he’s peeking his head out of the door, but he’s not 3 feet away.  You know if you were there, you know how far the pavilion is from the lake.  It’s a distance, and the kids were even further out there in the water.  So, that’s the biggest lie he tells was the one child was 3 feet away from the dad.
No one knows how it happened.
We started hearing shouts coming from the water.  We were down there grilling.  We had started this fellowship on Sundays and Mondays that we were trying to keep going with the community.  We’d all grill out down there.  We hear the screaming coming from the water and it’s their oldest son and he’s starting to drown.  The dad rushes out there and is able to save the oldest son.  In the meantime he is taking count of his kids and realizes that there is an additional son missing.  We all scattered and try to find him, and that’s when we did find him.  The dad found him underwater and put him on the dock.  He was in there underwater for so long he was blue.  His lips were blue.  My God!  I mean you could just tell he had been underwater for a while.  They almost lost 2 sons that day, while Kent lies and says and tells stories about how close the father was.  If the father was 3 feet away, you know, how do you almost have 2 children drown, much less 1.
Keep in mind, there’s no safety precautions in place for the lake at this time.  There’s no warning signs.  As a matter of fact, my friend and I are the ones that put up the ‘swim at your own risk’ signs ourselves, and that was only put up about 3 weeks ago for a fishing tournament.
So, there are no warnings to swim.
Nothing telling you the depth of the lake.
So, I just want to recap this.
It’s as if the mom and dad are in awe with this place.  They’re not paying attention to what’s going on around them.
It is.  It is.
That’s the big thing.  People go there and it’s a cult of personality.
OK, let’s talk about the hospital.
So, the child is blue, meaning.  That’s the thing.  It’s sand.  It’s dirt.  It’s a gravel pit.  So, everything underneath that lake is sand.  You get stuck in that sand, you’re stuck.  Especially if you are a little child.  You can’t get.  I mean, you don’t have the strength to pull yourself out of this wet mud that you are trapped in.
Yeah, that’s the other part that doesn’t make sense.  The parents know that none of these kids could swim.  They didn’t disclose any of that information, but they knew themselves and they didn’t bring any swim clothes.  So, the boys are swimming in jean pants.  You know, they are out in the lake in these jean pants weighing them down and they can’t swim.
So, it takes about 10-15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive.  They had one, like fire emergency show up before then, but there was nothing he could do.  The doctor on site was already administering CPR while they waited; we’ll say, the shorter time frame, maybe minutes before the paramedic arrived.  They got him in the ambulance, but they pretty much, from their faces, let us know right then that he was already gone because when they arrived at the hospital he was declared, you know, dead on arrival.
So, what is Cindi L, what is his 3rd wife Cindy doing?  Let me say this.
You know there was a child abducted at DAL.  It’s in the “Kent Hovind, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” documentary.  I have the text message proving that secretary Rhonda (Autrey), who isn’t there any more because Kent asked her to do some shady financial stuff so she left.  She’s not there any more.  She texts I had, the text of her saying no more kids around the property until there is security in place.  So, there was a child there.  A family came to visit.  They were Russians.  The Russians have gone through a lot of persecution with the Soviet.  So, Kent has this following with a lot of Russians and that following is gone now.  I mean there is very few left, but that was his following because they all knew what it was like to be a martyr and Kent wants to be a martyr.
That’s the point.
That’s the whole issue.
He wants to be a martyr because it brings money.
He’s gonna go down with a legacy, like Paul.
Besides this, the Russian family comes down to visit and it’s about night time and we’re all getting ready to eat dinner.  All of the sudden people come running up screaming.  I believe it was Brady Byrum and a few others yelling ‘ a child is missing, their child is missing, we need to go find the child ‘.  So everybody books it, gets flashlights.  They’re looking for the child.  It’s night time.  They find the kid and the child is crying uncontrollably.  He tells everybody there was a man that was in the bushes and he held me down on the ground and he was trying to take me, he was trying to take me.
We get back and Kent didn’t even go.
He didn’t even go to look.
He didn’t care.
Him and Mary Tocco were eating pie.
It’s not just me.  ‘Deborah Hendeson Sheds Light’, she talks about this.  Go look her up on YouTube.
Kent and Mary eating pie.
They couldn’t care less about the kid.
When we confronted him, Kent’s like, ‘oh well, children when they are scared they like to lie’.
That Russian family left that night.
They were smart.
There is no safety at all.
It’s a giant construction site with a playground in the middle of it.
The cameras that are on property are not to watch the outer world from getting in.  It’s to watch ‘us’ who were staying there.
Wait, wait. Say that again.
The cameras on property are so they can watch ‘us’.
There are cameras on the property so he can watch you guys.
Yes, this is like Jim Jones stuff.
They have a gate.
You’ve seen the gate, but they don’t keep it locked.
Like there’s no security.  The issue of security has been brought up by the current secretary multiple times; that we have an issue there is inadequate security.  Even if there was a problem, they could never prevent another child from coming up missing there unless the parent kept, legitimately, ‘3 feet away’.
Wow, so.
So, back to the hospital part of the story.  The family who came from Indiana.  While they are still in the hospital room grieving over their son because he had just been pronounced dead.  Right before they got that pronouncement a group of us showed up in the other DAL van.  We’re all praying and waiting.  As soon as it’s confirmed all is lost, we all start praying.  We’re all crying.  ‘Doc’ is walking around shaking hands with people in the hospital emergency room, passing out DAL flyers, ‘come to DAL’, telling them about DAL, while this other family on the other side of the wall just lost a son at DAL.
‘Doc’ is so incompassionate at that point.
He’s trying to advertise for more visitors.
For people listening, I am going to recap.
So, the family is at the hospital.  They are mourning over their child.  All the DAL volunteers are mourning over this child that just died, and Kent is walking around handing out promotional material telling people, ‘hey, come down to DAL’.
Yes, exactly.
Kent, he’s psychotic man.
That’s not right.  There is something wrong with.  Anyway, you mentioned that when he wanted to leave he just was straight up, ‘hey everybody, let’s go’.  He didn’t even care about the family.
No, that was it.  He didn’t even care about the family.  My wife and Kent’s wife Cindi were watching the other kids at DAL while the mom and the dad were there with the son who drowned, Steven.  So, my wife and Cindi are watching the kids until the parents got back and then while the parents got back Kent immediately wants to take them all out to dinner, probably I would guess to smooth things over.  So he takes them all out to dinner.
DHR came by that night to get witness statements from everybody about what happened on site.  So, once a few of us gave our statements to DHR about what had happened they wanted to talk to the parents and as soon as they wanted to talk to the parents ‘Doc” shooes them away.    He said they have been through enough and gets them to leave the property.
So, Kent’s covering it up.
I can’t say 100% that I know he was trying to cover it up, but when you skirmish off DHR like that and say come back another time because the parents have been through enough, it makes it shady.
I told you we stayed in the cabin right next door to the family so we can hear a conversation going on between the dad and ‘Doc’ who are sitting side by side having a conversation with what we took to be an attorney (by phone), asking what kind of life insurance they had, what their situation was.  So, they were too distraught to talk to DHR at that time, but then as soon as DHR left he’s got an attorney on the phone and they are hashing out the details.
It’s his attorney J.R. Hughes who, with Ernest Land, admits that Kent is hiding and transferring money, basically doing the same stuff that landed him in prison the first time.  I guarantee you it’s J.R. Hughes.  Wow!  So, J.R. Hughes, Kent’s lawyer.  This is crazy.  That was more information than I knew the first time around.  Let’s leave it at that.  We’ll talk more in the future.  I just anyway thank you for being a man and coming out.  I know that Kent intimidates, he threatens, and a lot of people won’t stand up and say anything because Kent will try to ruin their life.  You are standing up and saying something.  I’m not saying that people that don’t stand up and don’t speak up are cowards or anything like that.   I’m not saying that at all.  Thank God that you are standing up and you are saying something.  I pray that God blesses you and your family.  If anything is going on, I told you to get hold of me.  I know who to call.
You know in the future videos we are going to talk about Steve (IT Steve) and how your are pretty confident that he killed your dog.
Shot the dog in the head through the collar, 10 feet away, and all the other stuff that’s going on and
The accidents that they try to cover up.  Will keep from making it to the emergency room so they don’t have any more stigma.
Like people falling off ladders, making people work
Like people falling off ladders, working on wet roofs so they slip and break ribs.  My best friend who was there was got caught up in an auger and was just moments away from cracking all his ribs.  He probably would have died.
We could do a whole other interview on just that; just the accidents that happened at DAL behind the scenes; all the behind the scenes.
Then Scott, the old shop manager.  He’s made comments on YouTube, some videos, some of the last videos I put out; talked about how he believes Kent and Cindi, I’d like to get him on the phone, that they are involved in a land scheme, takeover of some land.  He’s even seen stuff; Kent is a big narcissist.  He’s a wicked person.  He will never say he’s sorry for anything.  He doesn’t know what repentance is in the first place.
You know, I believe he was put in prison in the first place to humble himself.  Yet, he was so prideful.  If he wasn’t a true believer to put him on the right track.  He took that 9 years and he just developed this narcissist tone about himself.  It’s so evident.  He’s so proud.  He thinks he’s owed everything.
I would warn people about that.
Just be aware that you may feel like he loves you and he loves your family, but as soon as he’s done with you your number is up.  You’re gone.  He’ll buy you a bus ticket to get you out of there.
I’m so glad that you mentioned that.  That is true.  This is what’s dark.
His wife has said to me, personally, and in emails that I have that Kent was always this way.
The first day they got married, he switched.
That’s what he does.  That’s what psychopaths do.
It’s charisma.  Once they have you in their claws, they’ve got you and that’s when they rip their mask off.
I believe the same thing that you do.  He was this person from the beginning.  He gets puffed up in pride.  If he was a Christian, God puts him in prison to humble him, and if he was not a Christian it was there to correct him.  He just went in there, and God uses evil people to go after evil people all throughout the Bible.  So, Kent gets put in the prison, and he just gets worse.  Just like his wife said how from the very first day they got married.  He’s just continually getting worse.  That’s why he’s falling apart publically in front of everybody.   He still won’t apologize and people won’t believe how bad this stuff is.  They will say that you are lying, that I am lying.
They’ll say all these other people, there are tons of them, all these other people are lying.
His problem is that he is the definition of a control freak.  He wants control over every minute project going on the property.  He will make you do it incorrectly if that’s how he was taught to do it 40 or 50 years ago.
He’s got his poor wife under total submission.
There are points where there was so much murmuring going around at DAL.
He would not let her talk to any of us.
As a matter of fact, they would take their meals at home so that she could not talk to anyone.
She would not be allowed to.
Alright brother.  I’m going to let you get going.  Enjoy the Memorial Day.  I’m going to get this out.  I thank God that you have the confidence to come out and say something.  I’m going to stop recording here.  I’ll talk with you off-line.  (snip Bible talk).

Link to my earlier article on the drowning:


Update May 29, 2020

It appears Steven’s death was almost followed by a second death on Kent’s conpound, a month later, according to testimony broadcast by Theo today.


Update May 30, 2020

A lawyer looks at the drowning of Steven Alexander!


7-Year-Old Drowns at Dinosaur Adventure Land

By The Doan Law Firm

7-Year-Old Drowns at Dinosaur Adventure Land

With the arrival of warmer weather, as well as the COVID-19 epidemic, many families will be searching for recreational activities for themselves and their children. In many cases, families will opt for day trips to theme parks and summer camps that combine “summer fun” with religious education in the parent’s chosen beliefs. Unfortunately, some such amusement centers and camps will save money by “cutting corners” with regard to common sense safety. In today’s post the drowning accident lawyer at The Doan Law Firm reports on a recent drowning death at a religious-themed park

The Accident

According to online sources a 7-year-old boy drowned earlier this month at “Dinosaur Adventure Land,” a small pro-creationism amusement venue in Monroe County, Alabama operated by Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind through his Creation Science Evangelism organization. A news item appearing in the Monroe Journal reported that the child apparently fell unnoticed from a dock adjacent to a small pond on the property and drowned in 3 feet of water. The same article reports that, although lifejackets were available near the accident site, the victim was not wearing a personal flotation device when his body was discovered. The Journal also noted that no lifeguards were on duty at the time of the accident.

Negligence often leads to drowning accidents

If the online and Journal reports are true, it would appear that Dinosaur Adventure Land could be held liable for this child’s death on the grounds that Dinosaur Adventure Land was grossly negligent in
1) not having a trained lifeguard on duty,
2) failure to monitor the activities of visitors (especially children) when near water,
3) failure to provide adequate training in water safety for staff and volunteers. These liability issues, and others, are discussed in the following sections.

Premises liability

As we have noted in other posts, it is a well-established principle of law that the owner of a property is responsible for the consequences of any accidental injuries occurring on that property. In law, this is known as the doctrine of premises liability and is generally accepted by the courts of every state. Since the accident happened on property controlled by Dinosaur Adventure Land, the owners of that property could be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Failing to have a lifeguard on duty

Any theme park or recreation area that borders on water should have someone, preferably a trained lifeguard on duty to monitor visitors who venture near ponds, streams, and rivers. If such an individual is not present and a drowning accident occurs, the absence of a lifeguard would most likely be interpreted as negligence.

Failure to monitor visitors

Any recreation venue is responsible for keeping an eye on the activities of its visitors to reduce that possibility that a visitor could be accidentally injured. If a facility fails to provide adequate supervision of its guests, or fails to provide adequate training for its staff and volunteers, such failure could well be interpreted as negligence.

Failure to train staff and volunteers

According to its website, Dinosaur Adventure Land actively recruits volunteers by stating “Help out for the day, stay for the week, or see if a longer-term volunteer position is the right fit. Free RV and camper hook-ups for volunteers on a first-come-first-serve basis, as well as limited cabin space.” In doing so, Dinosaur Adventure Land is legally and morally obligated to provide safety training for those volunteers as well as its paid staff employees. If it can be shown that Dinosaur Adventure Land failed to provide such training, it could be seen as evidence of negligence.

Visit at your own risk” and waivers of liability

Even though Dinosaur Adventure Land did not charge admission it did imply that, by notifying visitors that they (visitors) were responsible for their own conduct, the facility could not be sued. In general, the courts have rejected such claims on the basis that the right to claim damages following an accidental injury is a fundamental human right of every citizen.
Therefore, since a fundamental right cannot be waived under any circumstance, these warnings are no defense in a lawsuit alleging negligence.




Theo & Steve – The Drowning, etc! — 6 Comments

  1. Did you type all this up? If so, good work!

    This video was a crazy roller coaster ride! It truly is scary to see how far the compound has come in terms of control of the people and cover ups. I cannot believe that they bug the buildings and listen in on residents and visitors. Cameras to watch them. It seems that Kent will convict you of thought crimes and throw you out. I would never visit this place, even out of pure curiosity now. The waiver you need to sign and all the spying. This place is beyond terrifying.

    The family that lost their child was so mistreated by Kent.

    Theo has mentioned that their tech guy Steve is a convicted felon on the run. I wonder what he did. It really seems like so much is being set up there that will just bring more and more charges against Kent when they finally go after him again. I wonder when that will be?

    • @t65rex
      Thanks for the feedback.
      Yes, I transcribed that from the YouTube transcript.
      Not my favorite pasttime, but I figured it was warranted in this case.
      Theo, of course, has his own baggage and plenty of secrets of his own.
      One of his irritating habits is Theo’s secrecy.
      I figure there is no good reason not to reveal “Steve’s”, the IT guy “Steve’s”, real name and where that supposed warrant is out of (i.e., his home town).

  2. I agree.
    While Theo does have some good insight to the inner workings of the compound, he does tend to leave things out or take extra time to reveal additional info. When he first produced the ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ video he left out the audio of him and Ernest Land. A while later, he did end up releasing it as a separate video.
    So, who knows? I wish he was a bit more consistent.
    If Steve is a felon, he should have been reported. If Theo is too afraid to do it himself, give us the information and someone will do it.
    Also, good work on the transcript! I pulled much more from reading it then I did listening too it. Thank you!

    • It is interesting, and maybe insightful, as to just how less than honest Theo is with his attempts at reporting.
      He won’t give us “Steve” full, real name.
      He won’t tell us the nature of the felony.
      He won’t tell us where the alleged warrant was issued.
      Of course, Theo doesn’t like to reveal his full, legal name either, or his full resume, or complete accounting of what he did while working for Kent; with my special interest being his management of the “” website and its many attacks on me and some of the people I have associated with.
      If someone does for Theo what Theo is doing for Kent, Theo isn’t going to look much, if any, better than Kent; in my opinion.

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