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Originally Posted September 29, 2016
by Robert Baty


Watch the slide show at:

(Above video has been removed by Kent Hovind.)

There was at least one tampered with photo included whereby Kent, or his surrogate, cropped out Jo Hovind and Eric Hovind and preserved the Kent and Andrew Hovind view; that’s around the 2:30 mark as shown by the time-marked link and photo below:

At the following link to a post on my related FaceBook page, I raised the question regarding Kent’s failure to crop out other family members from which he has been estranged for a long, long time.

I note in that message that there was a rumor going around regarding one or more family members filing complaints with YouTube regarding the unauthorized, commercial use of their images.
Maybe Kent Hovind will do something about that!
Maybe not!
Keep an eye on that video, and try to remember what you saw in that slide show.
Watch to see if the video disappears for awhile and returns with various slides being edited in response to the complaints.
Maybe we’ll see something else peculiar going on with that slide show.
Watch and see.


Update February 2, 2020



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