Originally Posted March 21, 2024

by Robert Baty

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Link to related 2019 article on this website:


On March 19, 2024, Megan Fox broadcast a video live via YouTube dealing with issues related to a story she is covering involving events developing out of Otter Creek, FL. In introducing an earlier Meko Haze video, which featured me (Robert Baty), Megan Fox went out of her way to try and insult me, apparently remembering her disappointing performance in our previous encounter archived at the foregoing link.

Time-marked link to Megan’s comments illustrated below:


After some consideration, I responded. I posted one of my responses via my Twitter account and “tagged” Megan Fox. Somewhat surprisingly, she quickly responded and the exchange below took place on March 21, 2024. Megan’s co-host, The Umbrella Guy, also chimed in with a related tweet via his own Twitter account.

In one of the above messages, Megan Fox seems irritated that I have referred to her long association with crackpot fake news, anti-government, anti-CPS reporter James White of Northwest Liberty News. Instead, she suggests I feature what might be the highlight of her career; appearances with James Watters and Tucker Carlson of Fox News Channel. So, here are those references.

Update March 23, 2024

Screenshot below is of my exchange with Meko Haze regarding Megan Fox.

Update March 23, 2024

I finally got around to listening to some of the first part of Megan’s performance. I found an earlier reference to me that someone indicated existed.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:


It seems Michael Volpe, like James White, is closely related to Megan Fox and understanding her problems. My article on Michael Volpe is at:


Update March 24, 2024

As reflected in my first archived encounter with Megan Fox back in 2019, she was championing the anti-government, anti-CPS cause of Cynthia Abcug and, at that time, her “habeas corpus” claim. The Daily Beast had a series about the case at a later date in 2020. Following is the link and what The Daily Beast reported about Abcug’s habeas corpus claim which I tried to explain to Megan Fox in 2019 and which she rejected.




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