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Originally Posted August 4, 2020
By Robert Baty


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Suzy Theodoro recently posted a lengthy new version of her story regarding the removal of her newborn, Baby Sofia, by the State of Connecticut; her false narrative.  Katelyn Hutchison, unfamiliar with the story, posted a comment to Suzy’s page and shared Suzy’s narrative/pictures on her own FaceBook page.  A discussion ensued wherein Katelyn demonstrated her preference for Suzy’s false narrative regardless of information to the contrary.  This article is designed to archive that important discussion.  In the end, Katelyn blocked me from further posting to her FaceBook page.

Link to Suzy’s Post

Katelyn’s Post to Suzy’s Thread

Link to Katelyn’s Post On Her Page

Screenshot of Katelyn’s Opening Post

The following comments were posted on August 3, 2020 and August 4, 2020 to Katelyn’s thread after the above opening post sharing Suzy’s post and pictures.

From Robert Baty

The other side of that story, which I accept, is that the State of Connecticut was legally and factually justified in removing Baby Sofia from Suzy’s and Peter’s custody. Suzy and Peter have worked very hard since that time to convince the State not to change its mind, and it has worked.

My latest article on the story is at the following link, and within that article are links to my earlier coverage.

From Christina Hutchison

I just went down that rabbit hole and I’m more confused now than before.

From Robert Baty

Quite understandable.

It’s quite a deep rabbit hole, indeed.

From Katelyn Hutchison

That’s because both pieces are very contradictory.

From Abby Hilferty

Can you give me a cliff notes of what this says?

From Rene Ollar Poole

Parents went out of state on a weekend holiday. Mother started having back pain and went to a local hospital. Mother didn’t want a C-section, but ended up having a C-section and there were issues as parents wouldn’t provide hospital with basic information. Hospital called CPS, family refused to work with CPS, so CPS took custody and they have been fighting to get baby back since then. Mother is pregnant again and close to giving birth and found out that she’s on a “birth alert” at the hospital due to open CPS case in the other state.

From Abby Hilferty

Interesting…… why wouldn’t she give the hospital her information? Was that the only reason CPS took the baby?

From Rene Ollar Poole

I don’t know why. I only know that it was a huge issue in all of this. They couldn’t verify any of her medical history or the medications she said she was taking and they wouldn’t give an address or anything. It was a huge red flag for the hospital. Some have speculated that she did it because she didn’t want another C-section, but no one really knows.

From Abby Hilferty

That’s sooo strange…. I’m sure there are many sides to this story.

From Robert Baty

Here’s another version of the story as told by Suzy from her shower:

From Katelyn Hutchison

The mom assumes it’s because the dad is middle eastern and they decided they were terrorists. The mom quoted in the story that they called them terrorists too. I don’t know who this Robert Baty person is but he/she is clearly on the side of the Foster family that claims the mom and dad abandoned the baby at the hospital but the mom says that they were locked down in the hospital with armed guards and weren’t allowed to leave. The new foster family that has the baby is the niece of the judge on the case that wanted a baby girl that was “Hispanic looking”. Her kids are all grown and apparently her most recent son dropped out of high school recently?

Connecticut CPS is trying to convince Tennessee CPS to take away the parents two older sons because that would prove that they are unfit parents and therefore allow them to officially adopt out the baby girl. One of the steps in this is taking away her unborn baby in the hospital when it’s born but Tennessee laws don’t allow them to do that because they don’t allow “presumptive neglect” but they’re trying to do it anyways. The point is: there apparently has been ZERO neglect but the government decided to target this family and take their children. For what reason? It’s unclear. They’re not explaining themselves.

From Robert Baty

The Government has been explaining its position, in court, for quite some time, and the Court approved of the removal in Connecticut.

Suzy and Peter, as I stated, worked rather hard to make sure the Court maintained its position and custody was retained by the State with termination of parental rights now likely, if not completed.

If Suzy and Peter were seriouosly concerned about the foster situation and/or adoption situation, they might have considered a more productive course, but preferred to work hard at becoming social media celebrities in the anti-government, anti-CPS cause.

It worked.

It’s a long story.

Many will prefer Suzy’s outlandish claims to a serious investigation as to what might be found out.

You might find it interesting to try and find out why Suzy appears estranged from her sister who is married to a pediatrician and why her sister and her husband have not ventured into the drama that Suzy has created. I’m still waiting for that chapter of the story to be told.

From Rene Ollar Poole

Like I said, they refused to give any information to the hospital, medical or otherwise. That sets off huge red flags. Then they refused to cooperate with CPS. CPS apparently tried to check out the home but they gave an address that they didn’t live at anymore. At one time there were videos on YouTube. The parents left and didn’t show for the initial court hearing so that was a huge issue. One of the biggest anti- CPS attorneys tried to advise them, but they wouldn’t listen.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Robert Baty where is the sources for the governments position and the courts reasonings?

From Katelyn Hutchison

Rene’ Ollar Poole yeah that makes sense. I was just giving her the synopsis of the post which is what she was asking for.

From robert Baty

Where are the documents to support Suzy’s current claims?

However, some documents were posted regarding the Connecticut case. I’ll see if I can find some screenshots.

As you should know, due to privacy restrictions, Suzy gets to control the social media narrative as she sees fit. That limits a proper investigation. However, in cases like Suzy has created, much might be learned that helps support my take on the case, and the take by many others who have bothered to consider it in some detail.

From Robert Baty

Here’s one piece of the pie that I have illustrated in one of my articles.

In case you haven’t noticed, it was proposed that the Baby Sofia case was quite analogous to the Baby Holm case with which I had some little to do in saving Baby Holm from his parents who, like Suzy, proved they didn’t really want to parent a baby.

My group on Baby Holm is found at:

That group has been slow since the parental rights were terminated and the child permanently adopted. My article showing the similarities may be found at:

From Andrea Klein

Katelyn the parents refused to accept help from state of CT to pay for their flights so they could bond with their daughter. Mother was SHOPPING around for doctors, after she decided not to go back to one in TN. They were in CT and NJ shopping for docs who would do home birth. Countless middle eastern mothers give births in this country and are never labeled as terrorists. The parents have lied from day one.

From Robert Baty

Even the likes of Connie Reguli seem to have Suzy figured out.

(I am no fan of Connie, who also has me blocked.)

From Katelyn Hutchison

Nothing anyone has said in comments to this post shows any reason for the government to remove a child from their mother. Especially when they already have two children, and still have those two children. And the fact that a court ruled that it was justified should mean absolutely nothing because one thing I do have 100% faith in is the incapability and corrupt-ability of the government and legal systems.

Don’t get me wrong, I shared the story because it is quite a crazy story, and I think others should read and know about it and think for themselves. Do I think what this mother is saying is true? Idk, maybe. She’s certainly very convincing, there’s a few things she left though. Some things don’t add up.

I can tell you that I am VERY certain that I am in no way convinced by the opposing argument. Relating this to similar cases, telling me that she’s not following the governments head, refusing to cooperate, not providing medical records… none of these should be proper reasons to take someone’s child away. The government needs to stay out of people’s lives.

From Andrea Klein

She refused to give her OBGYNS info back in TN, refused to provide name of doctor who supposedly prescribed her meds. All of her meds were OUT of original container, no script info. Docs had no clue what pills she was taking. She told Peter to shut up when he was about to give his DOB when asked. She legit refused to cooperate with state and hospital from day one.

From Andrea Klein

 Also Peter does have criminal history of drug usage. So.

From Robert Baty

Actually, the reasons, factually, for the removal have been stated, in simple terms, and the law in Connecticut, as well as elsewhere provides for removal in such cases.

And it’s really not that hard to reverse that.

Suzy and Peter never gave it a legitimate try.

The State has legitimate interests in the children in its jurisdiction, and Baby Sofia was one such child that happened to have parent(s) that refused to cooperate and satisfy the State’s interest in protecting the child.

I get you have disagreements with most all of that.
So it goes.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Andrea Klein and they drug tested her and she was strung out on amphetamines? Ecstasy?

From Katelyn Hutchison

Andrea Klein was the baby addicted to drugs when it was born?

From Katelyn Hutchison

Robert Baty it’s not that I have disagreements, I don’t have any skin in this really. It’s just that others haven’t presented a decent argument besides “but the government said…” and I find it 100% plausible for the government to make things up and change the narrative to fit whatever they need it to be. Which is what she’s claiming in her story. From what I gathered, she’s saying that the government said the same things you’re saying but she’s just saying those things aren’t true and that’s not how it happened.

And I realize there’s no way to really prove it either way, it becomes a game of “who do you believe more?”

That’s why I shared this. At the very least, it’s an interesting story. If it gains traction and there’s something to what she says, journalists will pick up on it, dig into it and find out what’s going and we’ll learn more. If not, it’s a big “government sucks” story. Which I can always get behind.

From Robert Baty

Journalists have had 2 years or so and Suzy’s story simply doesn’t hold up. That’s one reason there has not been and is no legitimate media coverage, and if there ever is any, it will be most critical of Suzy’s antics in the case.

There has been “due process” in the case as far as how “we the people” determine “who to believe”.

Suzy lost.

The case is not such as Suzy pretends, and for those interested in digging into the details, there is no reasonable doubt as to my basic claim that the State was legally and factually justified in removing the child; after which Peter and Suzy did as much as they could to insure that the State would not change its position.

It worked.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Robert Baty most corruption cases like these don’t pick up public attention until several years after the fact. There’s several reasons for that: but the main two is for dust to settle and for info to spread. Maybe Tennessee and Connecticut people know about it, but no one cares about those tiny states. Journalists don’t care AT ALL until people as a whole are interested, and especially with all this child trafficking stuff going on? It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, truth can still be uncovered. And due process don’t mean shit if “evidence” is made up by case workers and I know FOR A FACT that they do that.

This kind of story is hot right now and if the mom was smart she would capitalize on that and push it HARD. The people have power to make crazy things happen.

From Robert Baty

Katelyn Hutchison

“This kind of story…”

That’s funny.

This is simply not the kind of story you are pretending it might be.

That you, Suzy, and others make this out to be one does a real disservice to bonafide cases of corruption or whatever you want to call it when the State errs in its efforts to protect children.

Talk about credibility!

I know a little about the Baby Sofia case, and if you want to promote it as you have, I will have reason not to believe you if I see you promoting other cases based on big, bad government corruption.

The truth about Suzy and Peter, indeed, has a long way to go in being uncovered. Maybe we will be hearing more of the truth instead of the false narrative; all of which will support the State action in this case.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Robert Baty dude, I haven’t promoted anything but “maybe someone will pick up on this and uncover more about it”.

You’re the one that decided to show up from nowhere and tell me “your take” on something you apparently “know a little about” but can attest that there’s a lot to be uncovered and yet already know the conclusion? Lmao. If anyone’s promoting something it’s you.

You can continue on to the other 87 people that shared this post and try convincing them because all you’ve managed to do here is convince me that you believe if authority tells you it’s true then we should NOT question it.

From Robert Baty

Katelyn Hutchison

No need to go to all those other places. You have done an excellent job with your demonstration, and I thank you for it.

Good night.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Btw Abby Hilferty I don’t know any of these people. They likely jumped on here cause they saw I shared the post and just NEEDED to tell me how delusional they think this woman is.

From Robert Baty

Katelyn Hutchinson

You wrote on Suzy’s page, in part:

– “This is my first time ever hearing
– about this but I’m in South Texas.”

That is what motivated me to see how a little open, honest discussion of the matter might go over here.

Suzy couldn’t handle it and has banned me and others who at first participated on her page.

You have done a good job in demonstrating your unfamiliarity with the details and your tendency to believe the anti-government, anti-CPS line Suzy and her people are promoting.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Robert Baty anti-government and anti-CPS didn’t start with Suzy. It’s been a hard fast feeling for lots of people in the US for a long time now. Lol

From Robert Baty

Katelyn Hutchison

Indeed, someone gets that million dollar payday and people like Suzy start coming out of the woodwork, discrediting legitimate efforts to improve the system and seek redress of legitimate grievances.

Such are the cases I have covered, beginning with the Baby Holm case.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Robert Baty again, nothing to do with this case. And nothing has been said that sounds like a justification for removing their child. Again, I’ll remind you that the official reason states that they left the hospital but the mom says that’s not true so who to believe?

From Christina Hutchison

Robert Baty I think you would get more credibility here if you answered Katelyn’s question about what it was that Suzy did that legalized the State of Ct to take her child from her? Was the child born drug positive?

From Katelyn Hutchison

Christina Hutchison he did it was just in a picture. They claimed there were no parents there to take the child. But the mom said that wasn’t true and they were there they just weren’t allowed to see her.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Christina Hutchison

From Robert Baty

Katelyn Hutchison

You need to read that closer, with understanding.

It wasn’t about Suzy and Peter “not being there”.

From Robert Baty

Christina Hutchison

That has been explained. They showed up “out of the blue” and failed to cooperate in providing information that would allow the State to properly conclude that a newborn should be released to their care and to just “disappear”.

From Robert Baty

Katelyn Hutchison

If you are interested in Suzy’s and Peter’s departure from the hospital, you need to consider reviewing such postings on that as you might find.

Of course they left the hospital, but the circumstances under which they left might be, of course, disputed by Suzy in order to fit in with her “woe is me” narrative.

From LeeLynn Alexander

Lol @ Robert

From Robert Baty

I don’t know if anyone has read any of my coverage of the case. Since so many seem to take Suzy at her word, I figure a little similar testimony from the other side might be appropriate for balance. The following testimony is from my article at:

(Begin testimonial.)

It has taken me a while to think about how to write my thoughts without dislike or hate towards the DCF and the family that abandoned their baby girl November of 2018.

I am going to stay anonymous as I am…

See, I was part of Baby Sofia’s life since her foster parents received her.
When I first heard of the story I was in shock.

I could not imagine a mother not bonding with her new baby.

Much less abandon them at a hospital because she didn’t want to give them their real name or medical history.

I am writing to you to let you and the public know that Sofia is LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY in the time she spent with the foster family.

We celebrated when she came home.

We were in Awe on how beautiful she was and fell in “Love at First Sight”.

We watched her grow into her own little person.

We celebrated her every time she turned a month older and how she changed.

We watched her turn over for the first time;
when she “Crab Crawled” with one leg under her.

When she found her hands and feet.

How she loves to play in her bath water and her favorite binky and blanket she will not sleep without.

Her first steps and her much celebrated 1st Birthday.
A birthday fit for a princess.

Our family LOVES this sweet little soul.

When the Biological parents started posting obscenities about the foster family, it hurt us to the core.

The “Bio Mom” as we referred to her, had a lot of time on her hands to troll Facebook and Google and write fictional stories … instead of working with DCF to get her daughter back.

Foster Parents don’t have the rights as the Biological Parents.

Foster parents have to work through DCF for Doctor visits & DayCare.
They do get a stipend for food and Diapers, but all other expenses fall on the foster parents.

DCF works with the Biological parents for them to come and visit and bond with their baby. The Theodoros were offered plane tickets and hotel stays for all their visits so they can bond with baby sofia and refused.

They are also offered a lawyer which they refused as well. Guess it was more important to troll and post on Facebook about the family who cared for her baby and loved her baby unconditionally.

I read these “posts” and WHAT LIES!!!

Made the foster family look like they were the bad people.

SUZY, YOU WERE THE ONE who abandoned YOUR BABY and left with no name or known address. Then have the audacity to call the DCF a week later to get Sofia back. This was not a used car, this was a little human being YOU left.

All the videos on Facebook to make herself look like a martyr, the “oh poor me” syndrome. Then engaging with radical groups to help fuel her lies so she doesn’t have to deal with the truth of her abandonment of her only daughter. Groups that created the page “Stand for Sofia” but Suzy never showed up to the rally’s or the court visits in CT.

Then there is the GOFUNDME page created for Lawyer fees.

The Theodoros did conference calls for the court dates with no lawyer present.

What ever happened to those funds?
Did the donors get their money back?
Guess they will never know as both Facebook and GoFundMe Pages have been deleted.

How Ironic….

What this comes down to is YOU, SUZY THEODORO!

YOU left her behind, instead of staying and fighting for her.
YOU made that choice, not Middlesex Hospital or DCF…


Baby Sofia has been with us for 15 Months.

And in that time, we have loved her, made her part of our family.

The thing that DCF does not understand is the bonding Sofia has created with the foster family and extended family as well. We are mixed race family, But this does not matter to us. The only thing that matters is that she is loved and cared for UNCONDITIONALLY!

Because the Theodoros were losing their battle with DCF, they involved Peter’s Parents to seek custody, as in the State of CT the next of kin does have a chance of getting custody.

Foster Parents did hire a lawyer to get permanent custody of Sofia.

To our dismay, Sofia will be going to her Grandparents April 7th the day she turns 17 months permanently.

My fear is she will forget the first family she has ever known.
Will they poison her mind with lies about us?
If BIO MOM posted all those lies about us, what’s to stop her to say more lies?
DCF says she has grown to be resilient.

What 15 month old is resilient to leave the family she has ever known since she was 10 days old. They don’t know what is her favorite food; her favorite toy; her favorite blanket; her favorite music to put her to sleep or how to soothe her when she gets upset or fussy.

How could grandparents in their late 60’s deal with a toddler her age.
Will they have the energy and patience to deal with such an energetic, lively toddler?

My other fear is once the Grandparents take her, will they give her right back to her unstable Bio Mom??

Guess that is a FEAR I and the foster family will need to deal with…..

(Apparently that grandparent deal fell through. – RLBaty 08/04/2020)

We Love you Baby Sofia, you will always be in our hearts!!!!

(End testimonial.)

Take it for what it’s worth to you.
Or not.

From Katelyn Hutchison

Robert Baty it’s worth nothing. It’s two opinions of that story that have heightened emotion and both sides have tried to slander and discredit the other. If you’re asking me which emotion I believe more I’ve already answered that.

It’s funny because you came here to explain to an unaware person the “true” side of the story, but failed to provide good evidence in this plight. And you continued to say the same things over and over again that we’re simply unsatisfying to the argument.

And what you don’t know, because you don’t know me, is that


and you’ve really just convinced me that there’s nothing more to the other side of the argument besides “They’re bad parents, they weren’t there for their daughter, the government said so”.

And IM SURE you’re going to come back and say there’s just so. Much. Evidence. “Look into it” where? On your blog page that is clearly obsessed with some other venture and seems like it wants to give me a virus? It doesn’t even seem to have a lot of info. Even the people that came here to comment just wanted to throw more slander, no evidence presented or facts. Maybe you’ll present the baby case AGAIN. To what? Show credibility? You’ve seen a case about a baby so therefore you have authority and knowledge in this one? Whatever it is. Ya played all your tricks and your links, and yes. I read them. No need to go to them and then copy and paste into comments as you did here.

All the moves are done and I’m far from convinced of “your side”.

Just walk away and leave my friends alone dude.

From LeeLynn Alexander

Ahhh I see.  Bias.

Update August 5, 2020

The following posts have now been added to that thread!

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