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Originally posted February 23, 2020
by Robert Baty

This article is to present the latest scientific and genalogical research regarding the recent family history of Sharon/Shara Michelle Wolf Donato Austin Lentin.  She has not contributed to resolving any remaining doubts as to the accuracy of this research.

Link to Shara’s FaceBook Page

Following will be some genealogical charts of the amateur variety (my own work) that presents what I consider to be a pretty accurate reflection of the relevant family ties that have developed in my development of Shara’s story and in trying to figure out her history.

Following the charts are a multitude of screenshots which I believe, when properly evaluated, will support my analysis.

What I have had to leave unresolved for now is the relationship between Shara’s mother, Elizabeth Ann Wolf, and Lynne Saragusa’s indicated husband, John Wolf.  I am thinking they were sister and brother, but could not, in the time allowed, tie it down.  If they were brother and sister, that would be consistent with Shara and Terri being cousins to Elizabeth Ann and Jennifer.



Update May 12, 2020




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