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Originally Posted July 13, 2021
by Robert Baty

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“Lee Kenworthy was arrested on 7/7/21 in Fort Lauderdale for felony ‘aggravated assault causing great bodily harm, disability or disfigurement’ in a horrific attack on a homeless man who wouldn’t give Lee a dollar for a beer.
Lee bashed the man’s head with a milk crate repeatedly then smashed a beer bottle in the victim’s face (use of a deadly weapon).
I’ll be uploading the arrest and probable cause documents describing the serious head injuries sustained by the victim (who required emergency transport to the ER and surgery), as well as the blood spatter on the ground, the wall and the milk crate at the scene.
Lee confessed to the beer bottle but didn’t ‘remember’ using the milk crate.”
Above From:
Melissa Patrice Anderson


File Containing Incident Report:

Kenworthy Arrest Ft Lauderdale 07072021

Listed Below Is Reported Kenworthy Residence:

Update July 14, 2021

Kenworthy Gets Public Defender

Kenworthy gets public defender 07142021

Kenworthy Request for Discovery

Kenworthy Demand for Discovery 07142021

Kenworthy Demand for Disclosure of Impeaching Information

Kenworthy Demand for Disclosure of Impeaching Information 07142021

Update July 20, 2021

Lee Kenworthy’s public defender has filed a motion to reduce bail and release Kenworthy.  Some have suggested that Shara Michelle may have contacted the public defender and lied about Kenworthy’s history.

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File Containing Motion:

Kenworthy Motion to Reduce Bail

Update July 21, 2021

It seems the District Attorney has decided to file 2 more charges against Lee Kenworthy.  One is for “criminal mischief” and the other is “trespassing”.


Update July 22, 2021

The Kenworthy Criminal Mischief Complaint:

Lee Kenworthy Hollywood Criminal Mischief Affidavit 07222021

Briefly, it appears to involve Kenworthy getting mad and throwing a garbage can at a car and breaking the car’s tail light.

The Kenworthy Trespass Complaint:

Lee Kenworthy Hollywood Trespass Affidavit 07222021

It is also being reported that Lee is scheduled to be arraigned on the criminal mischief and trespassing charge on September 1, 2021.

State’s Instructions on Mischief & Trespass Charges:

Kenworthy State Instruction on Mischief Charge 07222021

Kenworthy State Instruction on Trespass Charge 07222021

Update July 28, 2021

Lee Kenworthy Remains Jailed!

Update July 30, 2021

ORDER Denying Kenworthy Bail Reduction!


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