Christian Holm has already left one child behind for his relatives to care for, and he may be prepared to leave another child behind.  Perhaps he is simply gathering information for a book about his experiences.
My exchange with Jonathan Payton, one of the leading promoters of the Holm Parents, took place in a thread on the FaceBook page of Sherrie Saunders, a Holm Parents’ promoter, which can be found via the following link:
Sherrie posted the following quote and “tagged” Jonathan Payton and Sean Mitchell (another Holm Parents promoter):
“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.”
– Frederick Douglass
From there the following exchange took place on the dates of January 7 and 8, 2017.
1. From Jonathan Payton
Great quote!!!
Definitely fits the situation
2. From Robert Baty
Jonathan Payton
What can you tell us about Rudy’s secret agent allegedly
involved in the Baby Holm case?
3. From Jonathan Payton
I have never even heard the name Rudy Davis until now but I
do believe you need to find something more constructive to do
with your time.
Your whole life is spent digging into articles and data to put on
your website so that you can get 1 or 2 likes.
Nobody is listening to you or your “theories”. Find something
positive to do with your life and people will get on board.
4. From Robert Baty
Keep wishing, Payton, keep wishing!
You don’t need to know who Rudy is to know who has been
secretly working with you and the parents on the Baby Holm
Rudy is one of your kind, and he’s trying to help you take the
parents’ misguided cause “national”.
Keep your secrets, Payton; that seems to be the game.
Thanks for the continuing demonstration that what the
parents and promoters don’t want is an open, honest
investigation of what is and has been going on with them
and the case.
5. From Jonathan Payton
I don’t know how you intend to twist my words to get the idea
I haven’t been open and honest.
Where do you get labeling anyone “one of my kind”.
Exactly what is that label.
I am a person who spends my life selflessly trying to help others
in their life and you seem to be the type that continuously utilizes
your time to spread negativity in ANY situation.
That’s a very sad life to live and at the end of the day I feel sorry
for you and your situation.
Your time could be spent for a greater cause such as exposing
all the corruption in a system such as Alabama DHR.
6. From Robert Baty
I don’t have to twist your words or actions to document you and
the parents have not been open and honest.
I note, again, in that context, that you are still keeping secret
what you know about who has been secretly working with the
parents in their misguided antics which just about anyone
could determine would not facilitate a speedy resolution of
the custody issue.
7. From Jonathan Payton
A speedy resolution is always optimal but would include consent
to a system that is already acting outside the law a vast majority
of the time.
There have been recent cases that have proved this beyond a
There are NUMEROUS people that have been helping them
throughout their process so what is the problem with that?
I would hope you would also realize that cases involving DHR
are very rarely speedily resolved. The whole DHR system is a
house of Cards built on lies and I would implore you to take
just one day of your time to try and prove otherwise.
Only then will you find that there are far better things to spend
your time investigating and people would actually be willing to
read some of your posts.
8. From Robert Baty
I see you continue to be cute and keep your secrets about all
these people, including Brady Byrum, who have been meddling
in the case and delaying resolution of the custody issue.
Nothing wrong with their meddling, in my opinion, except that
it is just as I have characterized it and you are again confirming
your and the parents’ intentions to keep secret what they are
really up to and who is involved.
I also appreciate you making it even more clear that resolving
the custody issue in a speedy and expeditious manner is not
really that high on the list of things to try and do.
9. From Jonathan Payton
You are a sad little man who takes what people say and
completely twist it into what YOU want to hear.
I put the emphasis on YOU because you seem to be the
only person reading any of your articles or posts.
If that’s how you want to spend you life by all means go
ahead, but don’t twist anything I say to your gain.
Not that anyone ever reads what you post anyway!
That’s why you have to tag people in posts just so they can
see your responses.
10. From Robert Baty
No twisting going on here; you and the parents and other
promoters are quite convincing that you have forsaken the
interest in the child and its reunion with its parents and have
preferred you anti-DHS/Government hobbies.
Speaking of the masses, Jonathan, where are the pictures
of today’s demonstration?
11. From Jonathan Payton
With ice and a temperature below freezing most of the day
I’m guessing in their houses where it is warm. I couldn’t make
it today either.
I just got through looking at your Facebook page and it made
me laugh out loud!!! You are the only person on about 99% of
your posts that has even commented!!!
That’s hilarious that people devote so much of their time to
something that literally nobody wants to discuss. Just shows
where your interests lie to keep throwing resources into
something that is having no benefit whatsoever!
That’s something I would definitely expect from an ex IRS
agent. Sad. Sad. Sad.
12. From Robert Baty
Yeah, blame it on the weather.
You weren’t even man enough to show up.
Sad is to see how the parents, Brady Byrum, you, and your
kind have chosen to now put the life of a child at risk in
support of your hobbies.
That’s what is sad, sad, sad!
Your hypocrisy, as well, is ever present and not hard to spot.
And your preference to keep secret who is and has been
involved in enabling the parents in their misguided course,
is again noted.
13. From Robert Baty
Since Jonathan seemed concerned, I went and pulled this
statistic that WordPress provides as to my website
where I am reporting on the Baby Holm case. It does not include
my YAHOO! group or FaceBook pages or other places I might
The site was just set up last summer.
I am not much into statistics, but Jonathan seems to be.
Me and the truth is all I really need; and I’ve got that much.
14. From Jonathan Payton
It’s good you put those statistics up because it further shows
that most people who visit your page are opposed to your
view or there would be alot more comments validating what
you say.
NOBODY is listening to you or side with you and yet you
continue diligently to try and convince others otherwise.
I find this humorous and will definitely keep visiting your
page daily so I can start each day off with a good laugh!!!
15. From Jonathan Payton
That’s probably where most of the views come from anyway!!!
16. From Robert Baty
You really think trying to turn the subject to me is going to make
you and your misguided anti-DHS/Government hobby look good;
when you and your people have demonstrated a willingness to
compromise the life of a child in pursuit thereof!
Keep it up, Jonathan, you are putting on a good show vindicating
my characterizations of what is going on.
All the while using your diversions to keep from dealing with
the secrets you are keeping and the implications thereof.
What a joke, Jonathan, you and your people are; making it all
the more sad, sad, sad that you and yours have chosen to
sacrifice the child.
17. From Jonathan Payton
I would love to find some people from your high school because
I’m willing to bet with the attitude you have today as a so called
man that you were picked on almost daily throughout school and
the mindset you have today is directly the result of that, you are
a keyboard warrior, nothing more.
Sad excuse of a human being and waste of breath to all of us
out here trying to make a positive change in the world.
Don’t let your sad childhood dictate the sad little man you have
came today.
Do something positive in the world and you will be alot happier.
I know you will reply to this with the wit of a 12 year old that has
to have the last word in everything so I refuse to spend any more
time conversing with someone like you.
I have WAY better things to be doing with my time!
18. From Robert Baty
So, Jonathan, despite all of your pretensions and presumptious efforts, you dare not openly and honestly engage in a public discussion of the important public issues surrounding the Baby Holm case.
I get it!
Been there, done that with your kind before.
You prefer your “echo chamber”.
Still no pictures of the demonstrations today.
Still no word about who has been/is enabling the Holm Parents in their misguided efforts.
Run, Jonathan Payton, run!
See Jonathan run.


Jonathan Payton v. Robert Baty – On Baby Holm — 1 Comment

  1. I’m alive! ALIVE!

    And Jonathan Payton is just dishonest enough to be calling himself “a person who spends my life selflessly trying to help others in their life”.
    Yeah, right.

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