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Originally Posted July 18, 2020
By Robert Baty

Today, July 18, 2020, Kent Hovind’s former IT guy, Theodore/Theo Valentine Valenzuela (aka Lies of the Devil), broadcast a short video which presented a letter Kent wrote in prison to be delivered via a 3rd party to someone using the name Mikey.

In the letter Kent questions the honesty of Paul John Hansen, his sovereign citizen theologian and money man at the time, mentions a secret Iowa bank account, and offers schemes to take over control of his website and contributions.

Link to Theo’s Video

Screenshots of Letter in Theo’s Video

Link to my article providing links to other Theo videos about Kent




Kent Hovind’s prison letter to Mikey — 2 Comments

  1. I’m Robert William lose jr who filed a lawsuit against cps cause they are abusing my kids don’t believe me go to my YouTube channel your see all the pictures I have on them basters Robert lose

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