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Originally Posted January 2, 2019
by Robert Baty

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Shara Michelle, an aspiring middle-aged singer and reporter/photojournalist, came to my attention when she broadcast live on FaceBook her coverage of the Lee Kenworthy Memorial Day 2018 standoff in New Jersey; the result being his children were removed to State custody and ultimately placed with his mother while Lee was transported to a mental health facility.  Shara claimed to be working for something she called “Freedom Public Press”, but that appears to simply be another name for “Shara Michelle”.

Shara appears to have had a romantic relationship with Keith Lentin for many years.  Recent statements by 3rd parties have suggested that she is married to Keith, but neither Keith or Shara have been willing to resolve that issue.

Shara also has at least one child, apparently from her marriage to Jay Austin.  Little is known of Jay Austin other than he appears to be a highly successful business man with outstanding federal tax liens in excess of $200,000.00.

Shara’s FaceBook Address


Keith’s FaceBook Address


The on-line record suggests that Shara joined forces with the somewhat popular anti-government, anti-child welfare movement, in part, as a result of her unpleasant experiences involving her own son.

Shara, while spending a considerable amount of time talking about other related child custody stories (i.e., Misty Watkins, Lee Kenworthy), has been reluctant to provide meaningful details regarding her own related experience.

Typically, when the subject of Shara’s own experience comes up, she accuses people of threatening her, her family, her child, and of exploiting her child.

Over time, as I have been covering and trying to develop “The Shara Michelle Story”, bits and pieces of the story have come to light, all the while Shara has complained about the coverage and refused to cooperate in fully and accurately telling her story.

In recent days, new information has come to light indicating that Shara and Keith, themselves, have quite publicly exploited the child for purposes of fund-raising.

Thread link to Shara’s FaceBook page where recent, extensive exchanges have taken place between Shara and several others about these important issues:

For my part, the following screenshot reflects Shara’s position as to my involvement in the discussions on her page:


The following screenshots from the public record reflect the fund-raising promotion regarding Shara’s problems that she and Keith advertised in possibly hundreds if not thousands of venues.  The name in the upper left of the screenshots reflects the person whose account is being used to promote the fund-raiser.  The name in the upper right of the screenshots reflects the account where the promotion was posted.  A FaceBook note about the public nature of such posts is also shown below.


The fund-raising posts below were publicly available for over 3 years.  Since being recently noticed, it may be that Shara and/or Keith and/or others have been busy trying to delete them.


Update January 2, 2019

From Shara’s Thread at:

The reference by me above, to Kenworthy, is from the following:


Update January 3, 2019

Shara and others appear to be promoting a picture that is supposed to be of Shayling Kenworthy as an angel.  Someone has suggested that the image is more similar to another well-known image.


Update January 4, 2019

A cousin of Shayling’s has stepped forward to openly challenge the False Kenworthy Narrative.  She has made her appearance on Shara’s page, and elsewhere.

Link to Molly’s FaceBook Page:

Some of Molly’s Testimony:



Update June 30, 2019

Keith Lentin has a Twitter account and about the only thing on it is his promotion of the fund-raiser for Shara and Joseph.  Below is the link and a screenshot of 3 of the tweets.  There were about a dozen or so similar posts.


Update July 27, 2019


Update January 2, 2020

Twitter tweets from 2015 showing the extent to which Keith Lentin and Shara, using his account maybe, were pushing the GoFundMe to raise money using Joseph Austin as the reason.  These were referenced earlier above.


Update October 23, 2020

Someone found an old post (2015) of Shara’s which discusses some of the details involved in divorce as it relates to Joseph Austin, Jay Austin and domestic abuse.  Below is a screenshot with transcription and a separate transcription that might be easier to read.

(Begin text.)

From: Shara Michelle
Date: 2015
For 2 years I’ve made 1000’s of phone calls.
There are 1000’s of women in the same position I’m in, here in the states.
There is no help.
Once you run out of money, you are helpless in the court system, where abusers have all the rights…and now he has an army…the system is set up for marketing, not justice…my son’s own words,
– “He will never stop until he wins,
– now he can sit back, and watch
– his army roll in. Why won’t they
– listen. I’m so afraid of him”.
My son wrote a letter to the judge, by instructions from his therapist (completely independent of me) and this judge ignored him and came down on me.
In this letter, my son spoke about his father recently hitting him in the car. But I’m the one punished and I wasn’t even there.
So, my son ran to a neighbor, in his father’s care, afraid he was going to hit him again.
The police were called.
They interrogated my son, a CHILD, for hours during acute asthma attack where my son was collapsing saying he can’t breathe. Yet, they forced him to stand in front of his father and talk about the past domestic violence, and his guns and weapons, while telling him,
– “all fathers hit their children,
– it’s OK for fathers to hit their children”.
My son is now afraid of police and feels he has no one to save him.
I cannot.
Court orders.

(End text.)

A couple of more posts by Shara have now been discovered, as shown below.

Update February 23, 2021

Shara continues to try and distance herself from the above-referenced fund-raising, using her son as the draw for donations.  Someone recently posted this screenshot regarding Shara’s previous, professed knowledge of and techniques used in the exploitation of her sons for raising money to pay her divorce attorney.

Shara made a similar claim today.  The above is from around 2019.  Today’s provides a clearer copy.