I have been wondering if something substantive might develop and compel me to put up my next article regarding Kent Hovind.  Kent has recently been promoting Sheila Duffy (aka Vanilla Child) and her personal rants/lies against me.  Then, today, June 11, 2017, Kent posted a promotion of Sheila’s recent video which includes more personal attacks upon me.

So, I came up with this based on a recent Forbes.com article.

Link to Forbes.com article dated June 9, 2017, by Robert W. Wood:





Rizzolo was guilty of employment tax fraud.

Hovind was guilty of employment tax fraud.


Rizzolo paid employees in cash.

Hovind paid employees in cash.


Rizzolo concealed assets.

Hovind concealed assets.


Rizzolo concealed his income.

Hovind concealed his income.


Rizzolo used offshore accounts.

Hovind may have used offshore accounts.


Rizzolo withdrew a large cash sum to avoid seizure.

Hovind withdrew a large cash sum to avoid seizure.


Rizzolo lied to IRS agents.

Hovind lied to IRS agents.


Rizzolo claimed he had no income.

Hovind claimed he had no income.


Rizzolo used nominees.

Hovind used nominess.


Additional References:


A cast 2130



Link to Sheila Duffy’s YouTube Broadcast:


See comments in description box for above video and comments following for Sheila’s comments regarding me; in addition to what she might say in the video.

Link to Sheila Duffy’s FaceBook Page:





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