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From: Anonymous

Date: April 15, 2017
Time: 10:12 PM
(Begin quote.)
…I love Robert Baty and for first time in my entire life Peter Reilly actually has managed to captured my interest in that nasty word … taxes!
Robert Baty and the New World Order! Someone got that wrong!
Robert is an ‘Accidential Education Agent’ He may not even be aware of his recent promotion.
I’ll let someone else tell him.
Six or seven months ago I went to answer a call for donations to assist a family, passers through Alabama, that had not properly prepared for birth of a child. CPS removed the child temporarily to give them time to prepare appropriate accommodations. Before putting ink on the signature line of a check, I did a bit of research, thus crossing the path with Robert Baty!
You might say I been schooled! In fact there is quite a few in the class.
Robert Baty and his merry band of fact checkers have opened a book I’d never studied before.
I’ve learned there are people who will without hesitation, sacrifice, family, children, morals, religion, to support a cause! I’ve learned about the sovereign citizen/patriot movement, which latches onto CPS cases, exploiting both parent and child all in an effort to promote their rhetoric and propaganda. I have learned about tax evaders, questionable non-profits, fake lawyers/paralegals, fake news and reporters, fake advocates that are self appointed tendering dangerous misinformation to the public, and everyone along the way has a GoFund account containing untaxed income! I’ve even been to the Cyberworld and seen how all these enities communicate to promote their own private agendas, anti-government rhetoric and then merge in the darkness of the internet in support of one another. I have seen the worst the world has to offer in sovcit Utube videos and radio shows that make the stars of that awarding winning movie The Hills Have Eyes, look good.
Trying to understand why the Holm family would willingly sacrifice their child to promote the sovcit cause, was what I started out doing. What I learned along the way is disturbing on many levels, beginning with morals!
It reminds me of the child’s nursery rhyme. The one that goes, the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, the hip bone…and you know the rest.
Holm is connected to Brady Byrum, who is connected to Kent Hovind, connected to Rudy Davis, to Ernie Land, and the entire lot is connected to and promotes a foundation of anti-government, sovcit theology.
Sadly, that movement has put its poison in Alabama, and are using CPS cases to spread its idiotic propaganda, not just Alabama, but nationwide.
I didn’t write that donation check to parents Holm. Nope. My hard earned money is not going to promote that which I do not believe in.
Really, Robert Baty, ‘Accidental Education Agent’, deserves a new plaque. We’ll get a magnetic one. He can stick it to the high right side of his monitor.

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Some people get it – a “Baby Holm” testimonial! — 1 Comment

  1. For background regarding today’s developments in the Baby Holm discussion, consider:
    Great Baby Holm Debate
    The Negotiations
    This thread is a result of a discussion that developed today on the FaceBook page of Raymond and Amelia Schwab, activists in the anti-child welfare agency cause and a couple who have had their own children in State of Kansas custody for about 2 years.
    You can review that discussion in the thread on their page at:
    This thread is designed to advance the negotiations appropriate to producing a discussion of one or more points in dispute as applicable to the “Baby Holm” case out of Cleburne County, AL; a cause Mr. and Mrs. Holm and their supporters have championed and which, in my opinion, is an excellent case study for those interested in considering various and assorted claims commonly made by anti-child welfare agency advocates like Mr. and Mrs. Schwab and Mr. & Mrs. Holm.
    Mr. & Mrs. Schwab and their people with whom I have discussed these matters today have been quite reluctant to simply agree to enter the negotiations for a discussion of substantive points of disagreement.
    This thread is, therefore, being set up to try and “lead them by the hand” into the negotiations and see how it goes.
    Maybe we will produce a proper exchange of ideas on one or more substantive points relevant to the Baby Holm case.
    Maybe not.
    My primary adversary in the discussion on the Schwab page was Timbo Williams.
    This thread is designed solely for the use of me, Robert Baty, Timbo Williams, or any other champion from the Schwab/Holm camp that wants to step in as my adversary.
    Posts by others in this thread will be subject to deletion. Others are welcome to post elsewhere on this page.
    (UPDATE: This thread is now open to all posters!)
    This thread may be mirrored in other venues.
    I propose that the first order of business be an attempt to reach an agreement on a subject to discuss; a proposition on which we might disagree.
    Because I have been unsuccessful in getting Timbo or others on the Schwab page to put forth a proposition for my consideration, I will try to advance the negotiations and propose one. We’ll see where things go from there.
    The State of Alabama has legitimate, legal interests
    in the welfare of individual persons within its jurisdiction
    and may assume custody of such individuals under
    appropriate circumstances.
    – Robert Baty: Affirm

    – Timbo Williams: (To Affirm or Deny)
    – Raymond Schwab: (To Affirm or Deny)
    – Amelia Schwab: (To Affirm or Deny)
    – Kayla Williams: (To Affirm or Deny)
    – Other (State Name): (To Affirm or Deny)

    Timbo or the others who may wish to take up the matter and advance the negotiations are welcome to suggest their own proposition should it be that they, in fact, agree with me on the above.
    Robert Baty

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