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Originally Posted September 4, 2022

by Robert Baty

Time marked link to the big announcement from Jay Bundy, who is, allegedly, being mentored by Robert Pennock:

We anxiously await news of the details (i.e., date, time, etc.) of this historic event.

The related article on this website is at:

Wikipedia has the following entries as to the 2 proposed participants:

As reported on The Butcher Shop website:

Jay Bundy back to talking about Kent Hovind and a bunch of his own self-promotion in the video at the following link, with a guest and without his wig:

Following is a recent interview with Pennock (Recorded February 2022):

Time marked link to Pennock’s mention of “creationism” in above interview:

Update September 5, 2022

A grown man grovels before Jay Bundy!

Update September 6, 2022

Jay Bundy forfeits his WWE Champion belt to Robert Baty!

In light of Jay Bundy’s abundance of self-promotion since his face-off with Kent Hovind on August 29, 2022, maybe some others will see the humor in this as I did:

I think they call this an “op-ed”. It’s from Bill over at The Butcher Shop.

Something seems to have triggered Jay and he’s decided to dedicate today’s marathon broadcast to bullying and harassing me and lying about me and misrepresenting me; all the while he claims to be a victim.

According to Jay Bundy, Pennock was not man enough to simply answer my email inquiry about Jay’s proposal that Pennock face Hovind in Jay’s classroom, virtually. Well, in his video referenced above, Jay brings Michael Travisano into the matter. So, I wrote an email to Travisano to see if he would be up to openly, honestly giving me an answer about these important, public matters.

Time marked link (02:16:15) to where Jay shows off his email account and activity (illustrated below):

OK, OK, so Jay Bundy has also, quite publicly, dragged David Greenstein into this. So, I sent Greenstein an email as well.


Time marked link to what I consider to be Jay Bundy’s threat of physical violence towards me, despite catching himself and deciding he better deny that’s what he is talking about:

Update September 7, 2022

So, Jay Bundy took part in Pennock’s Darwin’s Law ZOOM Seminar, what Jay refers to as his class. Pennock is presented as a coward for going after Kent Hovind’s positions while having refused to indicate any willingness to face Hovind, virtually, in that class. Pennock was not even man enough to answer my inquiry about his interest in facing off against Hovind as Bundy had proposed.

(This video was removed from YouTube! HMMM????)

Update September 8, 2022

Bill over at The Butcher Shop adds this article to his coverage:

Hypocrite Jay Bundy justifies my course in dealing with Jay’s problem with Robert T. Pennock, and other matters.


What a maroon, huh?

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

See comments section below this article for reference.

Jay Bundy v. Sandels Controversy – Update!

September 9, 2022

Tonight’s ran by Jay Bundy against me, his threats and false accusations, followed by a screenshot of my email to the 3 university scholars Jay Bundy has brought into this matter and to whom I previously wrote and never got a response:

As shown below, Jay Bundy had some more lies to tell in his late night performance.

Update September 10, 2022

Looks like Jay Bundy has been tampering with evidence again; video above has been removed.

Update September 12, 2022

Link to video from which 2 graphics below were taken:

Jay Bundy explains his scam and clearly implicates Robert T. Pennock and Michigan State University and University of Minnesota!

Update September 13, 2022

Update September 15, 2022

Does he, or does he not??????

Update September 16, 2022

Update September 16, 2022

Update September 17, 2022

Jay Bundy still can’t stand to name “us”, though he feels compelled to talk about us while refusing to face “us”.


Update October 12, 2022



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  1. Hey! A heads up that Jay’s stream bot prevents non-moderators leaving links in the chat, and gives a short ban for trying it. So the message in the last picture didn’t go through.

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