Originally Posted January 12, 2017
by Robert Baty
Rudy Davis to Kent Hovind around the 00:18:25 mark
January 11, 2017
(Begin Transcription)
Let me just say this, Dr. Hovind. I don’t know if you
are aware but in Alabama there is a case were there
was a case, it’s called Baby Holm.
There was a young child born to a couple.
The couple did not want to get a birth certificate nor
did they want to name the baby right away and the
doctor took the baby away from this couple.
Not only that, but I was horrified to find out that,
when the baby was taken away from the couple
because they didn’t want to get a birth certificate or
name the baby right away they force vaccincated the
child against the parents wishes.
To me, that was absolutely crossing the line.
The reason I bring up that case is because BRADY (BYRUM)
is also working with that couple to help give them any
sort of counsel that he can give them and so I’m very
grateful for what BRADY has done in your case.
BRADY is also trying to help out other injustices
throughout America and I think he’s a good man to
contribute to.
– Rudy Davis (aka LoneStar1776)
– January 11, 2017
(End transcription)


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