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Originally posted June 26, 2020
by Robert Baty














Link to where it all started on June 25, 2020:

There are too many posts in the above thread and the related Twitter thread(s) to easily mirror here, so I suggest those interested in further details to go visit those links.

The Twitter link to Steve McRae’s opening salvo is:

The graphic opening post of the above looks like:

The above tweet was made by Steve McRae after he got upset and checked himself out of the Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare FaceBook group referenced in the earlier link above.

In the thread there, the following posts were made that started the controversy:

Did Steve McRae say, or imply substantively, that his training was equal to an earned, advanced degree?

I (Robert Baty) don’t know!

Get it?

I (Robert Baty) don’t know!

It’s a simple enough matter and, in my opinion, provides an excellent exercise in considering how such trivial issues might be dealt with and how one might “reason” regarding such a contested issue.

My impression is that Steve McRae and his people “seem” to think that readers should accept the disputed claim as false simply because Steve McRae says so.


That’s not how reason and logic work in such cases, though folks are welcome to accept Steve McRae’s testimony as determinative in rendering their opinion of the claim as false.

Randy Dunn has his own testimony for consideration as well.  Some might just as easily accept Randy’s testimony as determinative in rendering their opinion of the claim as true.

I (Robert Baty) don’t know if it’s true or false!

Get it!

I (Robert Baty) don’t know if it’s true or false!

Steve McRae and those on his side of the controversy are “seemingly” hung up on notions of evidence.  They have repeatedly tried to emphasize that, without more than Randy’s testimony, Randy’s testimony should be rejected.

Rejecting the testimony of Randy Dunn does not affect whether or not the claim is true of false.

Ultimately, evidence beyond Randy Dunn’s testimony may be provided.  That could establish Randy’s claim as true.

However, lack of any evidence to establish the truth of the claim doesn’t make the claim false.

Maybe the claim is true.

Maybe not.

Did I mention that I don’t know whether or not it’s true or false!


There’s been a tremendous amount of banter via Steve McRae’s Twitter feed, with Steve being assisted by many of his ardent supporters.  Alas, this particular exchange I thought worthy of note.

Maybe we’ll have that one-on-one.

Maybe not.

Link reference in my above tweet:

Steve McRae has now blocked me on FaceBook!

Steve McRae has now blocked me from Twitter!

Well, that should allow me to bring my part in that circus to a close, with Steve McRae officially on the run from the one-on-one that has been proposed.

Earlier, Steve McRae mentioned in a tweet that he had offered to have me on one of his shows to talk about Kent Hovind.  He never got it together; claiming his developing legal problems prevented him from producing that show.  Here is a screenshot about Steve’s initial contact about that.

So, now I just learn that Steve McCrae also went whining to his FaceBook audience about the matter (where I cannot respond because he blocked me).  Following is the link to the thread and the posts in that thread from Steve.  Other posts did not warrant copying here, for now.


Update June 27, 2020

Nate Broady has broadcast this morning; talking about Steve McRae and all of that!


It was a “free fire zone” yesterday at the Curmudgeon’s place, and so I asked about this McRae thing.  Dave Luckett had what I thought was a thoughtful reply.

Some have expressed concern as to just what Steve McRae might take up as a subject if we were to get together for an exchange of ideas (i.e., debate) as to these important public issues.  So, I posted the following to Twitter as a suggestion.


The following exchange took place on Twitter a few minutes ago, on my Twitter page.  It shows the flat out lying by Steve McRae’s people that I have been dealing with the last few days.  “Helios” was responding to my posting of the above debate proposal graphic.


Update June 29, 2020

Steve has quite an army of maroons out running interference for him!

Mr. Not-so-Serious’ Twitter Page Link

1. I now have reason not to believe that claim.

2. He has failed regarding the McRae/Baty Controversy.

3. He refused to exploit that opportunity.

4. I now have reason not to believe that claim.


Someone suggested a short summary of the matter, but I did not agree that the 4-5 points were a proper summary.  Upon further inquiry and to be responsive, I prepared my own summary as shown below.

Summary by Robert Baty:

Randy Dunn wrote:

“Steve McCrae claimed his 18 months training was equal to a Ph.D. in science.”

Steve McRae wrote to Randy:

“You are 100% lying.”

Steve McRae wrote to me about Randy:

“Ask him for evidence or remove this guy from group.”

Steve McRae wrote to Randy:

“If you don’t show us evidence he should remove you.”

Steve McRae wrote to Randy:

“So no evidence…you are lying.”

Steve McRae wrote to me:

“He is absolutely lying.”

Steve McRae wrote to me:

“Do we allow people to make false claims and lie in here???”

Steve McRae wrote on his page:

“Someone in a group makes a blatantly false claim about me.”

Steve McRae wrote on his page:

“(T)he admin response is they can’t often tell who is telling the truth?”

Steve McRae wrote on his page:

“None of them cared about evidence. It is what ever they can lie about.”

So, if Steve McRae ever comes out of hiding and agrees to face me and deal with his problems in this matter, this is where I have proposed we start our discussion:


June 30, 2020

(Time marks 00:00:20, 00:10:15, & 00:12:55)


July 1, 2020

2005 Bankruptcy Filing by Steven H. McRae

McRae Steven H 2005 Bankruptcy

Steve, today, has also announced his new venture, joint venture with Fazale Rana of Reasons to Believe.

YouTube Introduction

FaceBook Page

My Suggestion Illustrated


Update July 2, 2020

In a Twitter thread started by Agrippa, Fazale Rana made an appearance and I responded as shown below:

Fazale Rana has just started promoting on FaceBook his venture with Steve McRae, so I posted a response/inquiry there.

Additional Comments Added to Fazale’s Thread:


Update July 3, 2020

Another encounter with Fazale Rana.  Will he give an answer this time?

We know Steve’s position.

We know Fazale’s position.

Will they “agree to argue” the proposition?

Link to “Agree to Argue” YouTube channel:

Fazale Rana speaks, and I respond:

The followup from Fazale Rana:


Update July 4, 2020

Fazale Rana, despite responding to other messages, did not respond to my specific inquiry about my representation of his position as to the Steve McRae proposition.  Therefore, I will consider that he has no objection to my representation and that he does, in fact, join with me in the “deny” position as to the McRae proposition.

I just noticed that Steve McRae appears to be, quite hypocritically, whining about me posting his bankruptcy filing above and whatever was said about that in the event I participated in last night.

Last night’s event where I spoke about these issues is archived at:


The King and I!

I played Steve McRae’s game and beat him at it; so much so that he has gone into hiding.

Graphic from above referenced video:


Update July 5, 2020

Another testimonial from the comments section below the video interview with Kyle:

I had not planned on trying to talk to Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe about this matter, but then I saw a thread on his page that seemed to hint at the new show.  So, I asked.

Link to Hugh Ross Thread


Update July 7, 2020

Steve McRae and his girl Cheshire are all over my case with lies and misrepresentation in a live broadcast still broadcasting as I post.  The screenshot below is only the brief beginning of what they broadcast about me and my run-in with Steve McRae on my group and the results.

Time Marked Link to Comments

The latest tweets from Hugh Ross’ Reasons to Believe:


Update July 8, 2020

Not today!

Maybe next month!

Maybe not!

There was also this out today, from which I have created a relevant graphic.  The time marked link to Steve McRae’s comments follow:


Update July 9, 2020


Update July 13, 2020


I effectively disagree with Steve McRae and he blocked me, but the blocking was just a reflection of his inability, unwillingness to deal with some of his problems.  I have not blocked Steve.


Update July 16, 2020

An interesting illustration of Steve McRae’s hypocrisy in this matter.

From the article linked above:


Update August 11, 2020

Time marked link to segment in YouTube video from which the above was taken:

McRae’s latest legal filing in his case against Kyle Curtis:

McRae Response to Curtis 08112020


Update August 13, 2020


My comments being mentioned in the video above, were in response to Steve McRae as posted by Menace2Sobriety as shown below:


August 17, 2020

I had an extensive exchange with Steve McRae’s Australian money man, Glenn W. (aka Roohif), via Twitter, and I have archived much of that at the link below:

The above exchange records my invitation that Glenn come to my FaceBook group for the one-on-one he wanted.  He hasn’t showed up.

Link to outstanding one-on-one set up:


Update August 18, 2020


Update August 20, 2020

Peter J. Reilly has now weighed in on the McRae v. Curtis legal dispute via his blog at:

My comments to Peter’s blog:


Update August 21, 2020

Steve McRae continues to show himself the coward, refusing to face me, and continuing to make his false claims and take his cheap shots at me, with the help of his minions.  “Secret Squirrel” happened to document this example, after which the screenshot of Kent Hovind shows how the Hovind and McRae analogy seems again to be strengthened.

UniRock evaluates Cheshire’s and McRae’s bogus complaint on Twitter at:

Menace2Sobriety also adds his unsolicited analysis via a YouTube video at:


Update August 22, 2020

I have posted a related article on this site at:


Update August 27, 2020


Update September 3, 2020

There is also this somewhat related article:

Update September 21, 2020

Steve and Cheshire are on YouTube today whining about Steve case against Kyle.  I found the comments illustrated below interesting, pointing out the hypocrisy of Steve McRae considering his tantrum throwing in my FaceBook group.

Update October 24, 2020

That Steve McRae is a sore loser was again illustrated tonight via one of his Twitter threads at:

Steve started another thread and there was this:

Go to Steve’s Twitter page at the following link for these additions:

Steve McRae is at it again!

Steve finally addresses my opinion in the case, but goes to lying about it!

One of so many such tweets as Steve and his people are firing off this morning!

Update October 26, 2020

Summary of Latest

Where The Conversation Began

Steve and his people went into the weeds and this is where it went!

Steve and his people = Real Sore Losers!

Update October 26, 2020

The Court in McRae v. Curtis issued an ORDER today and it wasn’t as Steve McRae had prophesied as noted above.


McRae v Curtis ORDER 10262020

Update October 28, 2020

Steve McRae v. Robert Baty – Rule 4(j2)(2)

Link to North Carolina State Rule 4(j2)(2):,_Rule_4.pdf

Link to article illustrated in screenshot below:

Update November 2, 2020

Katie Joy Paulson is another of Steve McRae’s adversaries and Steve has taken a keen interest in the federal case just filed against her as indicated by the Complaint below:

Westbrook v Paulson Complaint

Update November 10, 2020

Update November 12, 2020

From Steve McRae’s FaceBook Page

Update January 28, 2021

Steve McRae’s hypocrisy appears to be showing again!

Update February 10, 2021

Who is what, Steve?????????

Update April 29, 2021

In his YouTube attack on Aron Ra tonight, Steve McRae explains why he has refused to face me and deal with that little tantrum he threw when he showed himself in my FaceBook group.


Update May 6, 2021

Update June 21, 2021

Seems Steve McRae is still talking about, lying about his problem in having tried to challenge me in my FaceBook group.

Time marked link to today’s YouTube comments from him about that:

Update August 4, 2021

Steve McRae appears to have made some comments about me and lit up Twitter as a result!

Time marked link to Steve’s comments illustrated below:

Sample of some of what shows up on Twitter:

After the Twitter storm, McRae tries damage control, but utterly fails!

Update August 14, 2021

Looks like McRae is at it again on YouTube.  Link to my article on David Michael Fulton:

Time marked link to McRae’s comments on YouTube as illustrated below:

Steve McRae and his girlfriend are also supporting what they know is a flat out lie, as shown below.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:




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