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Originally posted July 5, 2016
by Robert Baty


Brady said he’s been at Kent’s Kompound near Lenox, AL for 3 weeks doing what he can, but doesn’t explain any of what that is.


In an earlier performance, Kent pointed to some unnamed person and alleged he was working on showing my positions on Kent’s legal issues are all wrong and that they would effectively “shut Baty up”.


Brady Byrum is a well-known sovcit commodity.  He’s tried to interject himself into Kent’s legal proceedings before and has been rejected.  Kent makes bold claims regarding his legal positions, but never provides any details (i.e., his structuring claim is never shown to have any basis in the law).

Here’s one example of Brady’s work where he made an appearance on Jen Fishburne’s venue where Jen was reporting on Kent’s case shortly after his sentencing in 2007.  Brady’s comments, however, were made August 20, 2015 and were followed by my own (also shown below).

(1) Brady’s comments August 20, 2015:

Kent was convicted for failing to withhold money from people’s pay, and all of their “workers” were Americans. Do a google search or an IRS.GOV search for DOMESTIC WITHHOLDING DOCUMENT or DOMESTIC WITHHOLDING INSTRUCTIONS and see how far you get. Withholding is for foreigners. ITS IN THE LAW. No SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number can yet be located that bears his signature, whereby he would have AGREED to withhold and mail it in. The remaining charges were for NOT REPORTING THEIR OWN CHECK CASHING. Will SOMEBODY PLEASE SHOW ME where to find a CUSTOMER SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORT? They don’t exist! Maybe the banks did not file one, but neither Jo nor Kent threatened any bank official to NOT FILE ANYTHING. Kent was illicitly and illegally charged and prosecuted and convicted, and I want those false charges overturned.

(2) Robert’s comments October 31, 2015

Kent Hovind, yesterday, named Brady Byrum (see his message above) as his legal mastermind who claims to know the secret words to get Kent’s 2006 conviction overturned and Kent awarded millions in damages for false imprisonment.


Bring it on, Brady, and let’s see what you got.
Kent is afraid to talk about his legal problems in public, with specificity.

So, what do you think you got, Brady?

Come around my place and we can talk about it.

Looks like Brady is still camping out with Kent in Conecuh County, AL:



An interview with Brady Byrum:



Brady Byrum – Hovind’s legal dream team “not-a-lawyer” — 7 Comments

  1. I had been wondering who Hovind was questioning in a few vid back about his false legal narrative, now it know, good pull Robert.

  2. As with many “sovereign citizen” types like Brady Byrum, they have this thing about not wanting to get a driver’s license. Here is a link to Brady’s 5,000 word exposition on that issue with the introduction from Mr. Adask:

    Here’s a 5,000 word document written by Brady Byrum. The document is entitled “drivers license defense data”.

    Take it all with salt.

    Brady is not a licensed attorney and this document is not intended to construed as legal advice.

    This document is, however, a chain of evidence and logic that Brady believes may be sufficient to allow him to lawfully and/or legally travel on the right of way on “Texas” without a “Texas Drivers License”.

    Presumably, this document might work as a “template” to guide other men and woman in other States of the Union to uncover laws in their “state” that might support a similar chain of evidence and logic.

    This document is not an “authority” so much as one man’s argument. Maybe his argument can succeed; maybe it can’t.

    Note the several instances of text that read “this state” and the several others that read “residence”. It’s possible that those who are “resident” of “this state” must have a drivers license while those who are not “resident” of “this state” (but are domiciled within The State . . . ?) may not be obligated to secure a drivers license.

    So, again—take it all with salt–and kids, don’t try to do this at home without adult supervision.


  3. Kent Hovind’s Brady Byrum!

    I just happened to run across this posting from Brady from 2014. It gives some details into his background that some may not be aware of.


    From: Brady Byrum
    To: Deer Hunting Fools
    Date: March 29, 2014

    Folks, this is a fine webpage. I’m hoping you’ll read my story here.

    I served in the U.S. Navy. It was during peace time, under Reagan’s administration, but we were prepared for the worst if it popped up.

    I volunteered for a SWAT Team, guarding Nuclear Weapons.

    That’s where I began my real ballistic education, even though I hunted as a kid growing up.

    Since that time I have developed what I believe will be the WORLD’S FASTEST 12. GAUGE SHOTGUN SLUG.

    I did this by buying a box of all the competition, both American and European design, and forensically dissecting them, laying them out, analyzing each feature to see what they were trying to do, and then designing each of my slug ‘s features to be the fastest of each of those categories, so that when put back all together, the end result would be the fastest one. This slug should easily reach muzzle velocity of 2,300 to 2,400 fps, and possibly a bit beyond.

    I started from the beginning, in reducing sources of drag and by eliminating or at least reducing resistance, instead of increasing chamber pressure, because shotgun chambers are already thinner than high powered rifle chambers.

    I then added features that NO OTHER SLUG has, that will create stabilizing spin when fired, even through a smooth bore shotgun.

    I cannot describe those features because they are not patented yet. But what that means, is that hunters who want to reach large game farther, and more accurately, WITHOUT having to buy one of the more expensive rifled barrel shotguns for SABOT slugs, they will be able to use their ordinary smooth bore shotgun.

    I know some of you will be thinking that the foster type slugs with their lands and grooves on the perimeter would create some spin, but their speeds are only around 1480 fps. Those are the old types that scrape the metal down the bore to try and create spin. I’m taking a totally different approach that no one has thought of yet, after personally examining over 840 patents.

    So what do I do from here?

    On one hand, I want to find a financial backer who loves to hunt and shoot, someone who would be an equity partner, somewhere around 51% to 60%, but I would need $100,000.00.

    The funds would be used to pay for the patenting, and put this design to C.A.E. through the good folks at GTM Plastics in Garland, Texas, have molds made from those images, then have units made from those molds, reloading supplies bought, ballistic gel made, chronographs and high speed cameras rented (we don’t need to buy those), range time bought, and testing/tweaking.

    That would all total up to $65k leaving me $35k for a year of freedom from a blue collar job to be free to work this and make it all happen.

    Then comes licensing. In today’s political climate, I’d rather not try to start and run an Ammo company. I’d much rather license this off to a big 3 ammo manufacturer that already has market dominance, distribution channels, factory resources, etc., who would like to take market share back away from the Hornady’s SST which has a muzzle velocity of 2000 fps., but because their SABOT does not create stabilizing spin, their slug MUST be fired through a rifled barrel. (It says so right on the box.) So do the other SABOT slugs. I’m hoping for Remington, Winchester or Federal, but would also be happy with any one of numerous smaller companies that already have good ammo distribution.

    The other option I have is to crowdfund this.

    That method would not lose us any equity or control. But we would need 50,000 orders at $20 per box of 5 bullets; a premium price, for the baddest slug in the world.

    I’m leaning this direction, and will likely use the crowdfund called SPORTFUNDER to do this if I do not connect up with the right Angel Investor before then, and I do have gun loving and Veteran graphic designers that are right now helping me out to prepare the Youtube video to be linked to that crowdfund site.

    There are two versions of this slug for hunting, (1) an all aluminum nose cone, and (2) an all copper nose cone, and two versions for law enforcement / military, (3) all stainless steel nose cone, and (4) teflon treated titanium nose cone. All slugs would use the same exact design, and only vary in metals for use. (The law enforcement / military versions would, of course, be more than $20 per box, based on more expensive materials cost.) There are no lead parts in any version of this design.

    Those 50K orders would bring in $1MM, of which the first $100K would go to the budget shown above, and the majority to sub-contract out the actual production of the 50,000 orders, (250,000 bullets) to an ammo company, and be able to hand them a check for about $700,000, ($2.00 per bullet plus the costs for shipping) and a stack of 50K orders to be shipped out by UPS, FEDEX or DSL.

    The target markets are the approximately 2 million + American hunters who hunt large game every year with shotguns, and our U.S. Military, DOD and Homeland Security, all 50 State Police Departments, 3252 Sheriff’s Departments, 30,000 Police Departments, and 27 NATO Countries and their military / police.

    Also, market share is growing. Hunting is on the increase, deer and hog population are rising, and as the human population grows and moves into and surrounds formerly forested land that becomes developed for homes, (especially in the northeastern states) the states downgrade the hunting land from “high powered rifle allowed” to “shotguns only”, which increases demand for shotgun ammo.

    As one last added bonus, I happen to be BLESSED BY GOD to be the Father in Law of none other than Dustin Ellermann, winner of History Channel’s TOP SHOT season 3, from Zavalla, Texas.
    (Google him up if you somehow haven’t heard of him).

    I have dedicated 10% of this slug to him for his endorsement, (and because I also have a vested interest in blessing his wonderful family and their ministry at CampHisWay, a Christian Children’s Camp), and so his part ownership, input and market presence would, I believe, be an added bonus, and may end up being THE main marketing channel or recognition point.

    So that’s basically it.

    I can be reached at 682-559-0159 and at If you happen to BE the Angel Investor I’ve been looking for, please call immediately.

    And if you happen to KNOW an Angel Investor and you connect us up, and they fund this, I guarantee you, I will NOT leave you sitting on the side of the road with “just a handshake and a thank you.”, so please contact who you know that may be interested.

    I want this showing at the 2015 Shotshow.
    Let’s get on this boys.
    Let’s get ‘er done.


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