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Originally Posted October 2, 2022

by Robert Baty

James Coughlin appears to have moved in with Kent Hovind to escape issues facing him in life. He brought his dog with him. It appears things didn’t work out so well, and while on a trip away from Kent’s 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL Kent disposed of James’ dog. Most recently, it appears James has returned to the ranks of the unemployed and homeless without his dog.

This article is designed to reflect what we know about that.

Link to James Coughlin FaceBook page:

Link to thread on James’ FaceBook page where posts illustrated below were made:

From another of James’ threads he posted this in response to an unrelated comment:

Update October 3, 2022

Frank Clinton Anderson, Jr. and James Coughlin had an exchange in the thread on James’ page at:

James Coughlin and Chris Baker also had another exchange earlier in a different thread on James’ page, but I had overlooked it because Chris Baker has me blocked from his personal FaceBook page. Link to thread on James’ page where exchange took place:



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