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Originally Posted September 20, 2021
by Robert Baty

Link to Graphic Below:

On September 12, 2021, Sandra showed up on Kent Hovind’s 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL, with 2 of her 7 children (Lydia & Isaiah) and appeared in a YouTube broadcast as indicated below.

In a later broadcast Kent indicated that he was hiring Sandra as a scheduling secretary; indicating that she would work remotely from her home in central Florida.

Kent later cryptically announced that he had been off a couple of days moving a new secretary in with him on his 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL.

Typically, in such a situation it is speculated that Sandra may be following Jo, Mary and Cindi as Kent’s female companionship.  Despite currently being single, Sandra has had 3 husbands and 7 children by 2 of them.

Former Husband Stephen Michael Tabler

From Sandra’s FaceBook Page Before Stephen’s Death:

From Stephen’s Younger Years

Children with Stephen




Stephen Tabler’s Widow
Perlita Tabler

Former Husband Aaron Ray Sawyer

Polk County Record on Aaron Ray Sawyer

Children with Aaron Ray Sawyer




As noted in her appearance with Kent Hovind via YouTube, Sandra is/was employed by a large Independent Baptist Church in central Florida; Landmark Baptist Church.

Sandra’s relationship with Kent Hovind appears to be something she has been keeping secret.  Perhaps we will learn more over time.  Perhaps not.

There are almost 40 comments in the above thread on Sandra’s personal FaceBook page, but never any meaningful comments about what is going on.  I contacted Sue Barnett and Rebecca Barnett (Sandra’s married daughter) and neither one of them appear to have been aware of Sandra’s relationship with Kent Hovind.  After seeing Sandra’s original appearance with Kent Hovind, I posted a message in that thread with a link and graphic.  Sandra quickly deleted that and blocked me from further commenting on her page.

Update September 21, 2021

Sandra has quite an extended family with siblings, children, grandchildren, grandparents as well as many “friends”.  Maybe they will show some concern regarding her taking up with Kent Hovind.  Maybe not.

Update September 23, 2021

Seems like the Sawyer/Tabler family may have clammed up regarding what is going on with Sandra and Kent.  I got an unsolicted inquiry from Rebecca Barrett, responded numerous times, and she never responded.

The following are excerpts from my Messenger account:

Update September 23, 2021

Kent makes make believe marriage to Sandra Princess Sawyer official in live broadcast tonight!

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:


Update September 24, 2021

Group Link:

Link to thread in above group where Tracy and Joscelyn have made comments:

Link to video under which comment below was posted:

I don’t know if that’s the for-real Moriah that is Sandra’s daughter!

Update September 25, 2021

Mary Tocco, Kent Hovind’s second wife, after Jo, has a message for Sandra Princess Sawyer which she has posted to various venues this morning.

Link to post in one of my FaceBook groups:

(Begin text.)

From: Mary Tocco
Date: September 25, 2021
Post Time: 8:51 AM MT
His NEW wife sent me a question and this is my answer.
To the NEW wife:
Hi Sandra, I am sorry I just saw this message. Kent announced that you are his new “wife” but he is legally married to Cindi and possibly me still! That is a felony charge.
I was at DAL for 9 months (Sept. 24, 2016 – July 3, 2017). I married him after 6 months of communication, trusting that he was honest, loving and an innocent man. I had been divorced for many years and had a Biblical divorce and knew I was free to remarry. My 5 kids were raise with his videos and I thought he was amazing! I wanted a “Man of God” who I could trust. He “promised” me that he would cherish me and love me forever.
I sold everything and move it all there to start my new life.
At first, it was blissful. He is funny, knows the Bible, handsome and seemed to just be a wonderful man. Around 3-4 months, I began to see how things were handled financially and realized that Ernie Land was a “Yes” man and would do what ever Kent wanted. There is no accountability with either of them.
Steve Lynn was there on campus working with a guy named Roger (Drug addicts for years) and an active alcoholic. I was very concerned because Kent would let him make financial decisions and again, no accountability.
Kent paid them and dozens of others under the table the whole time I was there. I told he and Ernie that was illegal but they ignored me. Now he calls him a subcontractor, trying to cover their tracks.
I left for several reasons. I am VP of a 501C3 non-profit and I know how they are supposed to run. They do many illegal things but he and Ernie lie to cover it up.
1. The way Kent handled the money. He said he was a volunteer but he is the reason the money comes in. He was very lose with all this when I was there but now he is really “protective” with all of this but I have solid proof.
2. He says he is not on the board but he controls the board. He has no planning committee; he makes all the decisions and the volunteer program is really dangerous.
3. Known pedophiles are his friends and they visit often. Kent says they are innocent.
4. People come from all over and they are not properly vetted. He invited anyone and attracts Ex-drug and active addicts, homeless vagabonds in the mix of good, Christian people who are looking for purpose and found his ministry.
5. Good Christians come hopeful and leave very disappointed, I know dozens who could tell you I am being honest.
6. When a man who claims to love the Lord can look his “wife” in the eyes and outright LIE, I have no tolerance and he lied to me and many others all the time, even when my well-being was threatened. He is a master of manipulation, denial, and I believe he is being led by the devil.
He also has a fuse that will go off and he can be violent. I went to AL to testify in court against him on behalf of Cindi. I saw him violently “body-slam” a 13-year-old boy. Several of us watch in horror as he attacked this young boy like he went insane.
It was very scary.
You will be his 4th victim. He uses his child-like charm and sex to woo you into believing he loves you. He will be back in court for many other things he has done.
I do not want you to be used for his image and hurt like I was.
Run away.
Seek God and I am sorry to burst your hopes and dreams.

(End text.)

“Ryan the Presbyterian” broadcasts an important video on the silence of young-earthers on the Hovind story.


More of the Story!

Raymond Furcillo, I am told, was Sandra’s second husband, after Mr. Tabler and before Mr. Sawyer.  Raymond was about 17 years older than Sandra, during the 1990’s, and the marriage only lasted a couple of years.  No children.  Raymond, I am told, if you check, has quite a criminal history.



Maybe Mary Tocco has decided to take my advice and get a legal divorce from Kent Hovind.

I disagree a bit with Mary on all of that.  I believe Mary is still legally married to Kent Hovind but that Cindi and Sandra were not, are not legally married to Kent.

Sandra Sawyer’s Mother – Susan Dilboy

Sandra Sawyer’s Father – Robert R. Howland (deceased)

Sandra Sawyer’s Step-Father – Ken Dilboy

Update September 26, 2021

Several of Sandra’s friends and family have joined my FaceBook groups.  Today, Sandra joined my “public” group and I invited her to also consider my “private” (not secret) group.  I don’t know if she will or not.

Public Group

Private Group

Update September 27, 2021

Rumors, I hear rumors!

10-year old Lydia Sawyer is rumored to have left the conpound. Will she return?  Developing story.  Details to follow, maybe!

Update September 28, 2021

Update September 29, 2021

At the end of tonight’s live performance, Kent Hovind indicated he was going to Florida and may not return for Monday’s performance.  Typically, cryptically, he gave no indication as to whether this trip is related to him taken Sandra Princess Sawyer to bed.

Link to video:

Update October 1, 2021

Time marked link to video illustrated below:

Tonight, in a live performance, Kent Hovind made it sound like Sandra’s daughter Lydia had not yet been to his conpound.  Kent may have been deliberately dishonest about that.

Update October 3, 2021

Time marked link to Kent’s comments illustrated below:

Sandra Breaks Her Silence!

My note to Sandra, as she requested:

Mark Stoney posted the following to Sandra’s FaceBook thread noted above:

October 4, 2021

It appears Sandra has set her page so that Mark’s post is not publicly viewable nor her response.  Only she and Mark may see that exchange.  Mark has provide a copy of Sandra’s response to him as shown below:

Sandra finally responded to my accepting her invitation and the following exchange has taken place.  At the time of this writing, she had not seen the last entry.

Two More

Another Two

This might be worth noting; marriage license rules in Alabama and legalizing a marriage!

(Begin excerpts.)

Effective August 29, 2019, the process for entering into a legal marriage in Alabama will change. Under Alabama Act 2019-340, persons wanting to marry will no longer file an application for a marriage license with the county probate court, and the courts will no longer issue marriage licenses.
Probate judges will instead accept notarized forms completed by couples as official records of marriage.
Once the probate court records the completed marriage certificate form, the marriage is legal.
A wedding ceremony may be performed, but a ceremony will no longer be required for a recognized marriage in Alabama.

(End excerpts.)

Update October 5, 2021

I’ve updated this graphic to reflect the latest arrangement Kent has with a woman. If anyone runs across any “wedding” pictures featuring Kent and Sandra, let me know. I would prefer to use one of them. .

Followed up with this message to Sandra, which she has now seen:

Two more:

Kent was particularly silent in his performance tonight regarding picking up Lydia in Florida and Matt Powell’s supposed move-in with him along with Matt’s wife and 2 kids.

All he had to say about it is reflected below!

Update October 6, 2021

Sandra has seen my latest Messenger message to her, but has not responded.

Still no further response, but I added this:

Update October 10, 2021

Peter J. Reilly posted another Forbes article on the latest Hovind story lines.  I sent Sandra the link last night and today we had an exchange as shown below.

Update October 11, 2021

Then there was this regarding my scheduled appearance with “Ryan The Presbyterian” this Friday!

Sandra saw Ryan’s announcement!

Then she blocked me on FaceBook!

Update October 14, 2021

Another FaceBook Page for Sandra!

Sandra’s other page:

Reports indicating Sandra is going after Cindi Lincoln:

Update October 19, 2021

Time marked link to Sandra Sawyer’s “testimony” tonight:

Update October 24, 2021

The Grooming of Lydia Sawyer – Update!
Lydia’s brother, Isaiah, doesn’t appear to be photogenic. Kent seems to be keeping him off the channel.
Lydia, however, is coming along and makes a showing today.
Time marked link to Lydia’s appearance today:

Update October 25, 2021

Someone got to Andrew Hovind or is using accounts in his name to validate Kent’s shacking up with Sandra Sawyer!

Update October 26, 2021

Kent has updated his website.  His website now directs you to:

Update October 28, 2021

Update October 29, 2021

Florida property Kent likely has his eye on:

Sandra Sawyer Property File

Update October 30, 2021

Update November 1, 2021

One of the documents above regarding the purchase of the house indicates Steven & Sandra were living at 217 Dixie Highway in Auburndale, FL.  That, as indicated below, is the address for the Westside Missionary Baptist Church.  I was told that Steven was a minister of some sort for that church, maybe music minister, as well as having a job with the post office.  I was also told that after he and Sandra split he married several times more, finally, at the time of his death, having a “mail order” bride from the Philippines.

Church FaceBook Page Link:

Church Website:

Update November 2, 2021

It would appear that Sandra has dedicated her Sandra Hovind FaceBook account to working on behalf of Kent Hovind.  She appears to have restricted her friends in that account to those connected to the 145-acre conpound near Lenox, AL.

Update November 4, 2021

Moriah is Sandra’s 18 year old daughter and sister to Lydia (10) and Isaiah (16).

Update November 7, 2021

Will the intervention be successful?

I report.

You decide.

Update November 9, 2021

Sandra is up to 10 friends!

Cindi Lincoln is also friends with Denise Montoya!

Update November 11, 2021

Looks like Kent and Sandra and the kids are planning to get together at Sandra’s mother’s house!

Sandra adds another friend!

Update November 14, 2021

Kent visited with Sandra’s people around Bell, FL.  He returned early to his conpound, with some lame excuse as to why that was the case.  We may never know the real reason.

Update December 3, 2021

Update December 4, 2021

The do-over coming up!

Kent’s Four Women

Update December 13, 2021

After being called out on those notes, Sandra posted the following messages:

Update December 17, 2021

(Spoiler: Sandra is not legally Kent’s wife.)

Update December 20, 2021

Update December 21, 2021

Kent returns the praise!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kent-Praise-of-Sandra-12212021-1024x681.jpg

Update December 28, 2021

Update December 29, 2021

Update January 4, 2021

I don’t think I took notice of Sandra’s December 6, 2021 post illustrated below, or maybe it just recently became public.  Other images of the December 25, 2021 event appear to have been removed from public view; such as that of Isaiah shown below.

Update January 7, 2022

From Sandra’s FaceBook page at the following link:

So, I “looked up” Phil and we had the following exchange today, January 7, 2022, via FaceBook Messenger:

Update January 25, 2022

Cindi Lincoln to Sandra Sawyer

Update March 6, 2022

Steve Tabler was Sandra Sawyer’s 1st husband and father of 4 of her children.

Meanwhile, Kent Hovind serenades Benjamin Table this morning in his live performance.  Benjamin is one of Sandra Sawyer’s adult sons.

Update March 10, 2022

Sandra Sawyer wants to start a sex hot-line!

(Go to link above for complete, unedited post.)

Update June 8, 2022

Article on Alabama Common-Law Marriages

Update June 10, 2022

Update June 12, 2022

Update July 29, 2022



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Sandra Princess Sawyer & Kent Hovind — 2 Comments

  1. Robert Baty,

    I’m Salvador Cordova, I’m a scientist and researcher, Christian and Creationist, and I’ve been very concerned about Hovind’s scientific teaching for 20 years — I think it’s terrible. I’ve tried to dissuade fellow Christians from going to Hovind as a teacher of science, but especially now in light of your methodical reporting of him, I would encourage Christians altogether to seek out other creationist Christians who have better credentials, better personal and professional track records.

    I may be interviewing Cindi Lincoln, and I’mappalled I’m one of the few Christian Creationists willing to come forward to criticize Kent Hoving professionally and personally.

    You can see my credentials through my website EvidenceAndReasons dot org.

    Feel free to contact me. I would like to also promote your work on my YouTube channel. Btw, I was voted the #1 YouTube Creationist for my scientific content (I’m an independent molecular biophysics researcher). I hope we can work together to help raise awareness regarding the data you have reported on your website.

    • @ Salvador,
      Thanks for the contact and message in the above comments.
      You are welcome to appropriately use whatever you can find here
      or elsewhere that I might have posted. I also have 2 FaceBook
      groups specializing in things Kent Hovind; one “private” and
      one “public”.
      I will try to check out your sites.
      I will look forward to your Cindi Lincoln interview if you can
      make it happen.

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