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Originally posted October 24, 2023

by Robert Baty

Lisa Metzger, one of Jesse Boyd’s girlfriends, is NOT ONLY a liar, a coward, and a hypocrite, but those characteristics seem prominent in her latest stunt posting on her FaceBook page an exchange she had with Brad Terrell in the context of her recent interview with Megan Alison DeRoche Lavender.

Link to the Metzger – Lavender Interview:

In reviewing the Metzger – Terrell exchange, please keep in mind the following: In the comments section under Lisa’s video interview with Megan, Lisa engaged with Marilyn Ketchum. When Lisa dropped my name, accusing Marilyn of being me, I decided to engage with her. I challenged her as shown below. Lisa can’t handle the truth. She deleted all comments under her video and turned off the comments feature.

Link to my article on the Metzger – Lavender Interview:

Link to Lisa Metzger’s presentation on one of her many FaceBook pages of the exchange she had with Brad Terrell:

The Metzger – Terrell Exchange

Update October 25, 2023

Update October 26, 2023

Both Curtis and Megan blocked me from their FaceBook pages referenced above, without offering any response to my inquiry.

Update October 27, 2023

It appears Megan has unblocked me today.

Update October 28, 2023

The charges and the law!

Update October 30, 2023

There may be reason to believe there could be a biological connection between Lisa Metzger and Charlotte Boyd.


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