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Originally Posted May 12, 2021
by Robert Baty

Link to video referenced in image below:

(May 13, 2020 5:10 PM – Video has been removed!)
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In Kent Hovind’s broadcast performance today, May 12, 2020, Kent announces he is gunning for his son Eric Hovind, in the context of Eric’s recently filed federal suit against Ralph Strean.

Link to Kent Hovind’s Video Today

(May 13, 2020 5:10 PM – Video has been removed!)
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Time marked link to just some of Kent’s attack on Eric:

(May 13, 2020 5:10 PM – Video has been removed!)
Time marked link in reposted video:

The Federal Suit

(Genesis Movie LLC v. SevenFold Films LLC, et al)

Hovind v Strean Federal Suit 03202020

Current Docket History

In his video referenced above, Kent Hovind closes the performances in letting folks know that he’s just getting started and to wait until you hear what happened to him.  I take that to mean his fake version of his criminal history, sending his wife to prison, and so much more that is covered on this website.  Time will tell.  Also, just before that closing, Kent asks his audience to call Eric’s preacher and his corporate board members, as well as calling Eric in an effort to get Eric to do what Kent wants him to do.

In the old days I observed that it looked like Ralph Strean had a hard time keeping a job until he sunk his hooks into Eric Hovind.  Ralph was born in 1980 and in 2001 had some legal troubles and wound up with a mugshot page.…/Seminol…/Ralph-Strean.2766134.html


Update May 13, 2020

Two people posted inquiries to Eric Hovind about the matter on his FaceBook page in a thread at:

Eric made a response, shown below, and the apparently deleted all comments.  I can no longer find them in the above-referenced thread.

The response by Eric, below, appears to me to be his typical evasion in an effort to avoid embarrassing issues and protect his business interests.  Maybe it will work for him this time.  Maybe not.


Update May 13, 2020

Kent’s Part II

(May 13, 2020 5:10 PM – Video has been removed!)
Link to reposted video:

The video posted by Kent today, which he took “private” along with his Part I, has been captured and preserved at:



Both videos, Parts I & II, have now been captured and added to the video files section of the “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” FaceBook page at the following links:

Part I

Part II


Update May 14, 2020

On-line information on Kent Hovind’s alter-ego, nominee, sham 501(c)(3) corporation:

Kent has returned to public view his Parts I & II of his “Get Eric” YouTube video series, with new links:

Part I is at:

Must See – BEWARE of Eric Hovind – He wants EVERYTHING! (Ep.1)

Part II is at:

Must See – BEWARE of Eric Hovind – He wants EVERYTHING! (Ep.2)


Update May 16, 2020

Ralph Strean has filed a motion to dismiss in the federal case against him as filed by Eric Hovind.

Strean Motion to Dismiss 05142020


Update May 18, 2020

Kent tries to justify using the Hovind/Strean federal lawsuit as his authority for his “Get Eric” campaign and issues an ultimatum to Eric.


Kent Hovind – Psychopath!


Update May 19, 2020

Information available indicates that for Eric Hovind’s God Quest operations he files 2 separate Forms 990 each year; Form 990 & Form 990T.  The following files reflect those returns for the last 3 years available with fiscal years ending July 31.

Tax Year Ending July 31, 2016

God Quest 990T 07312016

God Quest 990 07312016

Tax Year Ending July 31, 2017

God Quest 990T 07312017

God Quest 990 07312017

Tax Year Ending July 31, 2018

God Quest 990T 07312018

God Quest 990 07312018


Update May 21, 2020

Eric has figured out his federal Complaint ain’t in such good shape and will need to be amended in light of Ralph’s motion to dismiss claims, and so both sides have agreed to allow more time to the other as to the next steps.

The Joint Motion for More Time

Hovind v Strean Joint Motion 05212020

The Court Grants the Joint Motion

Update July 10, 2021

I failed to notice the settlement, or failed to document it here.  So, here it is now.




Kent Hovind v. Eric Hovind – It Begins! — 5 Comments

  1. Robert do you have the technology to preserve these gems in case they disappear for good. Kent went so low as to ask kids at his grandkids school to take Kent’s side. My favorite line was that Eric took my “forklift, Swiss Army knife and my underwear!” Kent is such a narcissist and fake. Mind you Eric has learned is trade too.

  2. He was just telling Steve Pieciznik who is sharing all of and Michael Baxter’s articles claiming Hillary’s dead, Brennan’s dead, Podesta’s dead, Slick Willie got life in prison and eventually will be executed, Comey’s sentenced to execution, all of these being military tribunals and more on the way, Monkeywerx and others corroborate all the activity at gitmo, Alex Jones says that he thought Q was real and both of them were saying they thought it was real and that the audits were going to prove it and then Trump would be reinstated and Trump himself keeps alluding to it including at his rallies were he told the crowd he didn’t believe the Joe Biden we are seeing is the real one. Then he says after announcing his class action lawsuit against big tech that he’s still the president of the United States. Don’t believe it? Scroll through this: Mike Lindell says by August 13, the talk of the world will be to overturn the election and get the communists out. He also said there will be many down ticket senators that will have different election results. You goys act like Kamala, (((Ossoff))), Warnock (((Warlock))), all those who certified knowingly and/or participated in a fraudulent election like this wouldn’t suffer the same kind of backlash as Biden. Why do you think (((CNN))) runs so many stories same with (((MSDNC))) about these audits and January 6th and “Qanon” and don’t give me muh psyop, the simplest answer is usually the correct one goyims. (((They))) are shidding and farding themselves over one of these three options or more happening not just to (((OBiden))) but also to (((them))). Got it goys? I pray all of this thread especially all that I have said as i have called out Obama as the antichrist to his face now is all taken care of inside and out all my prayers, subjects and stipulations.

  3. I pray against this entire thread inside and more than anything ever. The antichrist i believe are Joe Biden and Barack Obama combo. This is for several reasons first of all in Revelation 17 we read about Babylon which is obviously America with our debauchery, we are being destroyed from within like the scripture reads but it also reads that’s the king that will go into his destruction after a king that only continues for a little while (Trump, Trump-Pence like Trumpets, all the prophets back Trump as the Isaiah 45 45th president King Cyrus, Jesus will return at the last trump, etc.) Then you have what the scripture reads about 8 eights 5 are fallen, one was and now is again, one continues for a little while (Bush Sr.-globalist, Clinton-globalist, Bush Jr.-advanced globalism through 9/11, Obama/Biden-one who was and then was not, Trump-continues for a little while, Biden/Obama Obama says Biden is finishing what he started, both were illegitimate terrorists who became president through immense fraud in 2008, 2012, 2020 and Obama wasn’t born here neither was Kamala, the audits are now showing fraud) I believe Obama and Biden as the scripture says are going into their own restrictions as Revelation 17 and 18 say before Christ returns in Revelation 19. Remember John wrote there are many antichrists? Still not convinced? The original language of Luke 10:18 where Christ tells us Satan has already fallen like lightning from heaven? That includes Baraq O’bamah and he is the one Satan will fall as. Remember Barack Obama’s real name is Barry Soetero. Do the math. Satan is falling into his destruction as Barack Obama who probably will be arrested and executed soon since he’s the military’s number one terrorist as a former CIA operative that orchestrated all of this same with Biden and all of Congress and the Supreme Court for treason.

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