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Originally Posted March 5, 2019
by Robert Baty

Lena Willes (aka Arlena Willes) had her son removed from her custody by the State of Arizona as a result of her treatment of her son regarding health matters.

In the process of time Lena found her way to the likes of David Jose and he and others apparently convinced Lena to try using sovcit, anti-government, anti-child welfare “magic words”, and so, among other things, she did, and she has filed a frivolous federal case; the docket history as of today is shown below:

Files containing various documents reflected in the above history are shown below:

Willes Writ 01072019

Willes Assignment Notice 01072019

Willes Pro Se Notice

Willes Handbook for Self Represened Litigants 02012019

Willes Motion for Default 02122019

Willes motion for hearing 030519

Willes Writ 01072019

Willes affidavit in support of habeas corpus 030519


I tried to talk to Lena via her FaceBook page, but she would have none of my opinions regarding her efforts in federal court being frivolous.  So, she blocked me and has since removed most all of the mention of her case from her personal FaceBook page.  She may also have now de-activated her personal page or other made in inaccessible (or maybe FaceBook took action against it so as to make it inaccessible).

I will continue to monitor the case which, if you ask me, is destined for eventual dismissal as frivolous.


Other References


Lena’s Current Husband


Lena’s FaceBook Address


Lena on Twitter


“Bring Jonathon Home” FaceBook Address


Lena’s YouTube Channel


Lena’s GoFundMe #1

Lena’s GoFundMe #2


My exchange with Lena via her FaceBook page


Related article memorializing my run-in with David Jose and Gary Lynn Scott is found on this website at the following link.  It is noted that in Gary’s case it has been converted to a habeas corpus, or he has requested that it be, and he also, like Lena, has filed a motion for default judgment and affidavit.  Gary’s case, also like Lena’s, appears quite frivolous and going nowhere except to an eventual dismissal.




Looks like the State is getting serious about bringing the Lena Willes case to a reasonable conclusion, and Lena has filed a supplement to her federal case (apparently, Lena is still simply ignoring the State’s efforts as she indicated she would).


The attached file contains her federal case supplement.

Willes Supplement of 03132019


Update March 16, 2019

Lena Willes & Frances Amato – A Cute Couple!

Link to thread on Frances’ page where post was made:

Frances has reference to the possibility of Lena talking to John F. Malloy who is featured in this recent Medical Kidnap article:


Link to thread in “Stop CPS…” FaceBook group where Randi Erickson tries to cover for Lena’s failure in her federal case:

Others have noticed how “they” always seem to have an explanation as to how the failed case simply didn’t quite get the magic words right instead of admitting they were fundamentally flawed as frivolous.  It is, on some level, quite comedic to observe how the promoters, would-be activist, scammers, always have an explanation for the failure in specific cases; explanations that fail to properly admit to the frivolous nature of the effort and their anti-government theology.  Go to thread referenced above in the “Stop CPS…” group for further information regarding my engagement with Randi Erickson.

If you are not familiar with Randi Erickson, here is a link to a thread on my Hovind FaceBook page where I document what appears to be a flat-out lie by Randi regarding who she is and what she is up to in promoting her anti-government agenda:


Update March 19, 2019

Lena has filed yet another document and is demanding the release of her child, the federal court setting a hearing, and letting us know she intends to ignore a scheduled termination of parental rights hearing set for next month.

Willes Affidavit 03192019


Update March 20, 2019

Randy Scott Davis has some comments about Lena’s situation.

Link to FaceBook thread where comments posted:

Link to Randy’s personal FaceBook page:


Update March 26, 2019

Lena is not giving up; files “NOTICE”:

Willes Notice Entered 03262019


Update March 29, 2019

A FaceBook Video From Lena:


Update March 30, 2019


Update March 31, 2019

For clearer copy of above image and text, see:


It may be far from over, but Lena’s federal case appears to have been “dead on arrival” and we are just waiting for the coroner to show up and “call it”.


The YouTube Version


Lena also just posted this, though it appears to be from before Christmas 2018; featuring Jamie Starr Sparks Wehrheim Johnson.


Update April 3, 2019

Lena back on YouTube:




Update – April 4, 2019

Lena Willes Federal Case DISMISSED Without Prejudice

Willes Order 04042019 (1)


Willes Judgment 04042019


Update April 5, 2019

Lena had about 15 minutes and didn’t hear her say anything even resembling “my federal case dismissed yesterday” and then telling us what she plans to do as far as appeal or giving up on it or whatever.
Nope she spent 15 minutes in cryptic narrative and Bible reading.
However, for those who know the status of her federal case, her comments seem to clearly indicate she knows what happened.

Update April 6, 2019

Lena still can’t bring herself to just tell her audience that her federal case was DISMISSED!


Some testimony at a hearing in 2013 from Lena Willes regarding her son’s problems with schooling.


Lena, really, what are you talking about?


Update April 8, 2019


Update April 12, 2019

Lena did file a notice of appeal and things are moving along as a result, but I am thinking the case will never be certified for appeal and that will be the end of the effort to appeal the dismissal of her federal suit.

Willes Notice of Appeal 04112019

Willes Motion for Relief 04112019


Update April 19, 2019

Lena filed her motion for reconsideration and other miscellaneous relief at the same time as she filed her notice of appeal.  The motion was never ruled on and so the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has remanded the case to dispose of the motion before it considers the appeal, if Lena wants the appeal to proceed once the motion is resolved.  There is also the matter of certification to resolve.

Willes Appeals Court Order 04192019


Update April 24, 2019

Lena, it is dismissed, dismissed, dismissed.

I am not only “thinking” it is dismissed, it is dismissed!

Your burden is to convince the Court that was in error, and there is no good reason to believe there is any way that is going to happen.

Yes, Lena, you can appeal, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if it makes you happy, but all that is going to do is waste limited Government resources. That’s why some consider what you are doing “paper terrorism”.


Update April 28, 2019

Look around. It appears to me that the State has both legal and physical custody of your son.
The State was/is under no obligation to response to your federal habeas corpus suit, if that is what you mean by your jurisdiction. That suit was dismissed, and there is no good reason to believe you are going to be able to do anything to change that.
Based on what Lena has posted in the graphics section of the post referenced in the screenshot below, the applicable law in Arizona is as follows and, from what I can tell, the State has a pretty much iron-clad case for taking custody of Lena’s child and retaining custody.
I report.
You decide.
8-821. Taking into temporary custody; medical examination; placement; interference; violation; classification; definition
A. A child shall be taken into temporary custody only pursuant to one of the following:
1. An order of the superior court.
2. Subsection D of this section.
3. The consent of the child’s parent or guardian.
B. The superior court, on a dependency petition filed by an interested person, a peace officer, a child welfare investigator or a child safety worker under oath or on a sworn statement or testimony by a peace officer, a child welfare investigator or a child safety worker, may issue an order authorizing the department to take temporary custody of a child on finding that probable cause exists to believe that temporary custody is clearly necessary to protect the child from suffering abuse or neglect and it is contrary to the child’s welfare to remain in the home.
C. If a child is taken into temporary custody pursuant to this section, the child’s sibling shall also be taken into temporary custody only if independent probable cause exists to believe that temporary custody is clearly necessary to protect the child from suffering abuse or neglect.
D. A child may be taken into temporary custody without a court order by a peace officer, a child welfare investigator or a child safety worker if temporary custody is clearly necessary to protect the child because exigent circumstances exist.
E. In determining if a child should be taken into temporary custody, the court, peace officer, child welfare investigator or child safety worker shall take into consideration as a paramount concern the child’s health and safety.
F. A person who takes a child into custody because an exigent circumstance described in subsection K, paragraph 2 of this section exists shall immediately have the child examined by a physician who is licensed pursuant to title 32, chapter 13 or 17 or a health care provider who is licensed pursuant to title 32 and who has specific training in evaluations of child abuse. After the examination the person shall release the child to the custody of the parent or guardian of the child unless the examination reveals abuse. Temporary custody of a child taken into custody because an exigent circumstance described in subsection K, paragraph 2 of this section exists shall not exceed twelve hours.
G. A child who is taken into temporary custody pursuant to this article shall not be held in a police station, jail or lockup where adults or juveniles who are charged with or convicted of a crime are detained.
H. A child shall not remain in temporary custody for more than seventy-two hours excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays unless a dependency petition is filed.
I. To execute an order authorizing temporary custody, a peace officer may use reasonable force to enter any building in which the person named in the removal authorization is or is reasonably believed to be.
J. A person who knowingly interferes with the taking of a child into temporary custody under this section is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.
K. For the purposes of this section, “exigent circumstances” means there is probable cause to believe that the child is likely to suffer serious harm in the time it would take to obtain a court order for removal and either of the following is true:
1. There is no less intrusive alternative to taking temporary custody of the child that would reasonably and sufficiently protect the child’s health or safety.
2. Probable cause exists to believe that the child is a victim of sexual abuse or abuse involving serious physical injury that can be diagnosed only by a physician who is licensed pursuant to title 32, chapter 13 or 17 or a health care provider who is licensed pursuant to title 32 and who has specific training in evaluations of child abuse.
From: Robert Baty
Date: April 29, 2019
I had a little extra time and thought I would give it another run in light of your posts illustrated in the screenshot below.
Here goes:
The State could have taken custody of your child, without a court order, based on exigent circumstances.
Maybe it did, but I haven’t noticed you posting any documents related to that.
The State could have, and did apparently, take custody on September 9, 2018, based on a court order.
When the State takes custody pursuant to a court order, it is sufficient that your notice indicate the taking is pursuant to a court order and it is not required that the notice indicate that such taking was due to exigent circumstances.
Here are what I figure are the relevant parts of the law in support on my findings, Lena:
A.R.S. 8-821(A)
8-821. Taking into temporary custody; medical examination; placement; interference; violation; classification; definition
A. A child shall be taken into temporary custody only pursuant to one of the following:
1. An order of the superior court.
2. Subsection D of this section.
D. A child may be taken into temporary custody without a court order by a peace officer, a child welfare investigator or a child safety worker if temporary custody is clearly necessary to protect the child because exigent circumstances exist.
K. For the purposes of this section, “exigent circumstances” means there is probable cause to believe that the child is likely to suffer serious harm in the time it would take to obtain a court order for removal and either of the following is true:
1. There is no less intrusive alternative
to taking temporary custody of the child
that would reasonably and sufficiently
protect the child’s health or safety.
Lena, you are welcome!

Update April 30, 2019

Lena is now upset that the paternity issue has come up and someone said Jonathon was born out of wedlock.  So, she claims she is going to prove today that that is a lie by posting the birth certificate and marriage license.  Oh well, we’ll see what that is all about; maybe.


Update June 28, 2019

Post from Lena after a recent visitation!


Update June 29, 2019

It looks like I forgot to post this the other day when it first appeared in Lena’s federal case docket.

Federal District Court cleans house in the case of ARLENA WILLES. Her case should now be ready for the appeals court to be so advised so that it may proceed in also denying her appeal as without merit.

No real news here.
Arlena/Lena saw it coming.

Lena has, I think, given up on her federal case which is, in fact, frivolous and without merit, and has returned to trying to talk the State out of custody of her son.

That’s not going so well for Arlena/Lena.

Willes 06242019 Order


Update July 3, 2019


Lena is so excited today, boasting about filing David Jose affidavits, maybe with David Jose in tow!


Update July 5, 2019

Lena’s frivolous federal case failed and she went back to working with the State, and is on the verge of “blowing” that second chance.  Today she had a visitation and almost got herself arrested as she tried to take her child home with her after she and her advocate stirred up trouble; resulting in the security people calling the police to handle things.

Lena is quite upset and claims those silly affidavits that she picked up from Frances Amato and David Jose are going to get her $5,000.00 a day from various people involved in her case.

Link to clear copy of above image:


Just In – Lena’s Affidavit of 07/05/2019


Willes Affidavit 07052019


Update July 9, 2019

Not unexpectedly, it appears Lena keeps close tabs on my FaceBook pages, as evidenced by her recent comments on her page; one of which is indicated below.  Lena can’t handle the truth.


Update July 10, 2019

“Fire from Heaven” threatened and has arrived!



Update July 12, 2019

Sounds serious, but can’t find anyone that has the full details.  “Stay tuned!”  The following is just one of many similar posts displaying less detail.


It now appears that Lena was arrested at her home after throwing a tantrum; as a result of the incident at her visitation the other day where she may have assaulted a home employee or social worker.


Here’s a link to a thread on my FaceBook page where Fran’s live broadcast of Lena’s live video has been preserved:


Looks like she’s got bail of $25,000.00 which she may or may not make, and was indicted by a grand jury for charge(s) related to the intentional abuse of a vulnerable child (Jonathon).


Update July 13, 2019

Not clear what effort, if any, is being made by the likes of Frances Amato, Evelyn Keiling, or David Jose, Lena’s #1 promoters, to raise money for her legal defense and $25,000.00 bail, but Jeff Willes, Lena’s husband, has finally come out to say something after all these months and it is

“send me the money”.

Jeff’s Personal FaceBook Address

Jeff’s UFO Website Address


Update July 16, 2019

The Arlena Willes State Indictment

Willes State Indictment 07162019


Update July 24, 2019

Today Arlena published her notice from the State that the State is moving to terminate her parental rights.  A hearing has been scheduled for July 29, 2019 to consider that matter.

What Arlena Had To Say About That


Update July 31, 2019

Arlena was due back in court yesterday and Crystal Nuttle reported the following via her personal page.  It was reported that had to do with the termination of parental rights issue.  Maybe, but details regarding that and the status of the criminal charges have yet to be made clear.

My response posted to Crystal’s page thread:


It has also been reported that Arlena filed a motion in her criminal case to dismiss the charges.  The court quickly dismissed the motion telling her that since she has an attorney she cannot make her own filings.


Update August 12, 2019

Arlena files foolishness in State court in effort to have her criminal charges “dismissed with extreme prejudice”!

Willes effort to dismiss criminal Complaint July 2019

Willes followup on criminal dismissal effort


Update August 14, 2019

Willes files notice with 9th Circuit Court of Appeals claiming she is being retaliated against!

WIlles Notice to 9th Circuit Appeals 08092019


Update August 20, 2019

Arlena has now filed a second “notice” to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding her alleged retaliation.

Willes 2 retaliation letter to appeals court 08192019


Update September 3, 2019

New filings in the State court criminal proceedings.  Arlena is, for now, being allowed to represent herself, with stand-by counsel appointed, and she has filed a motion to have all the charges dismissed.

Willes State Aggravating Factors 08202019

Willes Disclosure by State 08202019

Willes Motion to Dismiss Charges 08282019

Willes Pro Per Motion 09032019


Update September 26, 2019

On September 19, 2019, Willes filed a motion to dismiss in her criminal case; typical sovereign citizen wording and typical Willes claims otherwise which will likely go nowhere except to move the Court to reverse its decision to let her represent herself.

Willes Criminal Case Motion 09192019


Update October 1, 2019

Willes motion to dismiss her criminal case denied and appointment of counsel for her:

Willes Dismissal Motion Denied Counsel Appointed 09302019


Update October 3, 2019

The District Court has forward to the Appeals Court Arlena’s last filed “affidavit” documents, and the Appeals Court has received Arlena’s brief.

Willes 09262019 District Court ORDER


Willes Appeal Brief 10012019


Update October 24, 2019

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals still pondering Arlena’s appeal.


Update November 20, 2019

Looks like Lena’s own lawyer has requested a mental evaluation to determine if she is competent to stand trial.


Update December 5, 2019

State files motion asking Court to reconsider Willes request to represent herself.

Willes State Motion to Reconsider Pro Se 09172019

Crime victim’s representative files motion supporting State’s motion that Court reconsider and not allow Willes to represent herself.

Willes Crime Victim Rep Motion 09262019

State’s complex case management plan filed.

Willes State Complex Case Plan 11182019

Willes has filed a pro se motion to dismiss the State’s criminal charges against her.

Willes Motion to Dismiss Criminal Charges 11212019

Rule 11 Mental Health Evaluation Order

Willes Rule 11 Mental Health Order 11202019


Update December 12, 2019

David Jose and a very few others were on the streets in Phoenix yesterday and among the protestors was Arlena Willes.

Link to David Jose’s broadcast of event:…/videos/3113414548673937/


Update December 16, 2019

Following is a screenshot of a current report about the status of the criminal case.  The civil custody case is still pending a decision by the Court of Appeals.

I was also just advised that Arlena has just filed another silly sovcit “writ to dismiss” in her criminal case as evidenced in the file below:

Willes Writ to Dismiss 12112019


Update December 23, 2019

Today Lena/Arlena broadcast a YouTube video attacking me and Meko Haze:

Lena’s Description of Above Video:

Meko’s Infamous Claim Illustrated Below:

Update December 24, 2019

See also:


Update December 25, 2019

I was reminded today that I had a run-in with Brian Lee about the above matter some time ago.  I posted an article about that on this website.  Following is the link to that article.

Brian Lee v. Robert Baty – On Lee Kenworthy


Update December 27, 2019

Just noticed that Arlena has updated her video description.  The original is screenshot above.  Here is how it looks today.

It seems like Arlena is on tour and today’s appearance is with Frances Amato, though it wasn’t much as far as content because, it appears, they had a lousy connection.


Now it looks like Arlena’s YouTube channel has been removed and that has taken the above referenced video along with it!

The video has been captured and preserved in the video archives of the FaceBook Group “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” and at the thread at the following link in that group:


Update December 28, 2019

Last night Meko Haze broadcast a live FaceBook program which in the beginning features his coverage of Arlena’s now removed video.  Link to Meko’s FaceBook program is:


Update December 28, 2019

Arlena/Lena has reappeared and posted a number of messages to the FaceBook page of Shara Michelle at the following link:

Following is my capture of that, containing mostly Arlena/Lena’s comments except in a couple of instances where I thought the posts of others were warranted for proper context.  I also have shown below a related post of my own to that thread.  Arlena/Lena has me and many others blocked so we could not engage with her directly.

Additional posts to Shara’s thread:

And a few more:

After I grabbed the following, it appears Arlena/Lena’s post disappeared from Shara’s page.  Maybe we’ll hear more about that later.


Update December 29, 2019

Shara Michelle is now reporting that Arlena/Lena Willes’ personal FaceBook page has disappeared, as opposed to her simply blocking people.  This follows the reported removal of her channel from YouTube.

What is going on with the woman?

That didn’t seem to last long.  It appears Arlena/Lena’s personal FaceBook page has reappeared as well as her FaceBook postings.  Her personal page address is:

Looks like she’s back on Shara’s thread referenced above and has the following to add:


Update December 30, 2019


Update January 2, 2020


Update January 6, 2020

Arlena making the big time today as a featured guest on James White’s Northwest Liberty (Fake) News at:


Update January 7, 2020

Arlena Willes arrested today at a hearing regarding her criminal case, allegedly for failing to submit to a psychological evaluation.


The Mug Shot


Update January 9, 2020

Arlena’s “advocate”, Crystal Nuttle, gives us an update, of sorts.


Update January 11, 2020

Crystal Nuttle, Arlena’s “advocate”, is promising to bring in a “White Knight” to rescue Arlena.  We’ll see how that goes.


Update January 14, 2020

Willes Loses 9th Circuit Appeal:

Willes Loses 9th Circuit Appeal

Screenshots of 2-page document:


Update January 16, 2020

The Superior Court of Arizona’s record of the competency hearing of Arlena Willes as held on January 7, 2020 is in the file linked below:

Willes Competency Hearing 01072020


UPDATE January 19, 2020


Update January 23, 2020

Shara Michelle to Arlena’s Rescue!?


Update January 24, 2020

Meko Haze’s latest coverage of these matters:


Then there was this from Shara Michelle, with my questions added:

Later: Shara Michelle implies she did lie with her original claim!


Update January 27, 2020

Shara Michelle explains how she came to talk about the Arlena Willes’ case!


Update January 28, 2020

Crystal Nuttle is reporting that Arlena is due back in court tomorrow.  Stand by!


Update January 29, 2020

Why Arlena Willes needs a mental evaluation!

See also:


Bwhahaha!  I said frog, and Shara jumped!


Bwahahaha!  After being unable to find any reports all day, Crystal Nuttle pops off with “stay tuned”, just like Shara, promising to provide a report, later.

And so, what do you know, Crystal does post some comments, but, as far as “reporting” goes, it is a lousy report of the proceedings and surrounding events.


Update January 30, 2020

Evelyn Keiling, one of Arlena’s big promoters, posted the following comments in Crystal Nuttle’s thread noted above.  I have no idea where she gets her claim that Arlena was given a 30 days sentence by Judge Morton.  Maybe she did.  Maybe not.  Arlena’s people seem to think she’ll be getting out after 30 days, starting with January 7, 2020 when she was remanded for refusing to have a mental evaluation.


Court minutes for January 7, 2002 hearing!

Willes Competency Hearing 01072020

Therein the Court refers to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-4507 found at the following link followed by the text.

13-4507Examination of competency to stand trial


A. The court shall set and may change the conditions under which the examination is conducted.


B. The defense attorney shall be available to the mental health expert conducting the examination.


C. A proceeding to determine if a defendant is competent to stand trial shall not delay a judicial determination of the defendant’s eligibility for pretrial release. A defendant who is otherwise entitled to pretrial release shall not be involuntarily confined or taken into custody solely because the issue of the defendant’s competence to stand trial is raised and an examination is ordered unless the court determines that the defendant’s confinement is necessary for the evaluation process.


D. If a defendant is released from custody under any pretrial release provision, the court may order the defendant to appear at a designated time and place for an outpatient examination. The court may make the appearance a condition of the defendant’s pretrial release.


E. The court may order that the defendant be involuntarily confined until the examination is completed if the court determines that any of the following applies:


1. The defendant will not submit to an outpatient examination as a condition of pretrial release.


2. The defendant refuses to appear for an examination.


3. An adequate examination is impossible without the confinement of the defendant.


4. The defendant is a threat to public safety.


F. If a defendant is committed for an inpatient examination, the length of the commitment shall not exceed the period of time that is necessary for the examination. The commitment for examination shall not exceed thirty days, except that the commitment may be extended by fifteen days if the court finds that extraordinary circumstances exist. The county shall pay the costs of any inpatient examination ordered by the court, except that the city shall pay the costs of any inpatient examination that is ordered by a municipal court judge.


Tina Marie has now posted the latest version of the False Arlena Willes Narrative and she’s spreading it around.


Rule 11 – How It Works


Related competency Order in Melissa Diegel case!

Diegel Comptency Order Jan 2020


Update February 2, 2020

Crystal Nuttle has started a new fund-raiser with $40,000.00 as its goal; seemingly in violation of GoFundMe terms of service inasmuch as it is built upon a false narrative.


Update February 4, 2020

It appears Arlena’s people are not decent or honest enough to report the proceedings this morning, but we now have the following from the jail, indicating that Arlena remains in jail with an arraignment now scheduled for March 3, 2020.

Looks like Shara Michelle has been watching me like a hawk.  She posted a silly meme about the Willes story on her page a few minutes after I posted a report on mine.


Update February 5, 2020

Arlena’s people posted a report about yesterday’s hearing.  I have edited it for relevance and posted it below.

Just found out also that Crystal Nuttle has posted her report of yesterday’s court hearing, with her typical tendency to falsehood and misrepresentation.  Below is the unedited version.


Update February 6, 2020

Shara just reported the following, but has yet to provide any support for the claim.  Seems an odd claim at this time.  Maybe it’s true.  Maybe not.  Stay tuned.


Update February 7, 2020

Yesterday, Crystal Nuttle, apparently, also posted the following to the Bring Jonathon Home page.  Despite the call for action, there has been no evidence presented to reasonably confirm the alleged termination of parental rights.


Update February 9, 2020

Shara Michelle broadcast last night her much-anticipated live expose regarding the Willes case, and it was a real dud despite being about 90 minutes long.  She announced she was putting off until later what had been most anticipated and spent her time mostly whining about jail conditions and playing recorded calls of herself with jail employees.

After the broadcast, for reasons related to comments she posted elsewhere, it was reported that Shara had been put in FaceBook jail for 30 days.

We’ll have to wait and see how this affects the promotion of the False Willes Narrative that Shara and others have been trying to champion.

Following is the link to last night’s broadcast by Shara:

Meko Haze promised to do a followup to Shara’s broadcast and following is the link to that broadcast by Meko Haze:

Link to Maricopa County Jail Info Page on Arlena:


Update February 10, 2020

The Glow 4 YouTube channel has provided a broadcast which condenses down some of Meko Haze’s coverage.

The result of the Court’s proceedings in the criminal hearing for Arlena Willes (mental evaluation) has been memorilized in “minutes” now filed in the docket and are contained in the file indicated below:

Willes 02042020 Criminal Hearing

3 pages


Update February 10, 2020

I recall hearing a report that Arlena had been estranged from her family, and recent appearances from her mother and sister appear to bear that out, including indications that “issues” run in Arlena’s family.

Sister’s FaceBook Address

Mother’s FaceBook Address


Update February 11, 2020

Have Arlena’s parental rights been terminated as is now being repeatedly claimed?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

If we can believe Shara, it appears she and others have been keeping secret the decision by Arlena to cooperate with authorities.  Very interesting.  Not really much to Shara “report” except that Arlena may have one of the evaluations performed.  We’ll see where that goes.


Update February 12, 2020

Shara’s update on the above!


Ah, just found out Arlena has also recently filed an appeal to the 9th Circuit in her federal case.  She wants reconsideration.

Willes 9th Circuit Rehearing Motion 02032020


Update February 13, 2020

Coincidentally, the 9th Circuit filed its notice about the same time Arlena filed her request for a re-hearing noticed above.


Update February 16, 2020

Information on Jeff Willes’ earlier divorce:


Update February 17, 2020

Should have noticed this earlier.  I document filed by the State and linked above indicate the prosecution witnesses may include Jeff Willes, Jonathon Zeek and Billy Zeek.

I infer from the record that Jeff Willes has not invoked his marital privilege as to testimony against Arlena and has willingly offered such testimony to the prosecution in interviews and/or depositions with the prosecution.

It may also be the case that by the time any trial may take place (and the case is ripe for settlement prior to trial based on the strength of the prosecution’s case), Jeff and Arlena will no longer be husband and wife.



Melissa Patrice Anderson has submitted an analysis of Shara Michelle’s potential criminal liability in the Arlena Willes criminal case, and I present it here for ready reference.

From: Melissa Patrice Anderson

Date: February 17, 2020

Time: 4:50 PM MT


The HIPAA issues and civil liabilities issues aren’t even the problem here, Shara. People sharing or discussing what Arlena put out on the internet months and months ago aren’t the issue. Who has legal custody of the child is not even the issue here. The issue is that there is a COURT ORDER in the criminal case PROHIBITING Arlena from publishing or causing to be published the child’s PRIVATE information (like medical records) or ANY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION (like his NAME) from that order forward because the child is a CRIME VICTIM.


The minor child’s crime victim advocate even filed a motion at the end of last year regarding Arlena’s inability or unwillingness to follow this COURT ORDER and stop publicly identifying him BY NAME and sharing or causing to be shared his PRIVATE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION.


What any other person or journalist has done since then is completely irrelevant to the COURT ORDER with respect to Arlena in her CRIMINAL case.


You have made clear that ARLENA HERSELF asked you after her January 7, 2020 arrest to cover this case, that you were provided ALL the records, including private medical records, at her direction, and MOST IMPORTANTLY IN YOUR CASE, that you PERSONALLY IDENTIFIED THE CHILD BY NAME in your live videos while acting at Arlena and her “advocate” Crystal’s direction.


You FURTHER implicated yourself by donating money and contacting the jail on live videos as her “advocate.”


If Arlena has ANY CHANCE of getting out of jail and representing herself as she wants, YOU have destroyed that and ARLENA has violated the order with your help by SHARING HIS PRIVATE RECORDS and PUBLISHING HIS NAME at her request.


There are no free speech and press protections or exemptions when you CONSPIRE with the criminal defendant to VIOLATE THE COURT ORDER.


You made graphics with the child’s name in them, you published and republish live videos using the child’s name and identifying information and discuss his private medical records AT ARLENA’S REQUEST and BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION.


You can point at every other person who has ever talked or written about or reported on this case, but it’s totally irrelevant because YOU are the one who has conspired with Arlena and Crystal to VIOLATE THE COURT ORDER protecting the CHILD VICTIM.


Update February 21, 2020

Coming up in the Arlena Willes criminal case:


Link to GoFundMe set up by Crystal Nuttle on 02/01/2020!


Update February 22, 2020

Looks like Arlena has been moved again!


Update February 27, 2020

Crystal Nuttle posts an update to Arlena’s GoFundMe.  She’s not happy, but nothing looks unusual to me.

Crystal Nuttle also recruiting court watchers!


Update March 3, 2020

According to reports, Arlena made her appearance today in Court and will be released tomorrow.


Update March 4, 2020

It’s about 12:30 PM MT in Phoenix and it appears Arlena is not getting out.  It appears her release is subject to a new bond which has not been paid.  So, it could be awhile……………….stay tuned!


It also appears Arlena now has a private lawyer; one acting as her public defender or one she has contracted with privately to represent her.

The whining from Arlena’s people has begun!


I take the following from the Maricopa County Jail inmate locator website to mean Arlena has been released from jail.


Update March 5, 2020

Looks like the Willes are playing a good game.  We’ll see how long it lasts.


Update March 6, 2020

A controversy has arisen as to whether Arlena literally removed the PICC Line that had been inserted in her son Jonathon or just disconnected it.  I have personally received the following testimony from one claiming to know, and so I offer it for what it’s worth.  I can take it either way, but for now I am inclined to think it more likely that Arlena just disconnected the PICC Line from the line external to his body.


Update March 7, 2020

Much controversy has arisen about what has been referred to as the PICC Line that was used to feed Jonathon nutrients and Arlena’s removal of said line.  After considerable effort, I found this reference that presents Arlena’s account of that incident.


Update March 9, 2020

The file here contains the Court report of the Willes competency hearing of March 3, 2020.  Not quite what Shara Michelle and other Willes promoters make it out to have been.

Willes March 3 2020 Competency Hearing

Screenshots Below


Update March 10, 2020


Arlena’s status conference changed to 03/16/2020!


Update March 14, 2020

Arlena has a status conference in her criminal case scheduled for Monday, March 16, 2020, and Shara Michelle is now indicating she is off the Willes story.  Rumors have indicated that Arlena has been disappointed in Shara’s “coverage” for some time, and Shara’s recent effort to explain away Arlena’s disconnecting a fluid line from her son Jonathon while he was in the hospital appears to have been an utter failure and my have compromised whatever defense Arlena might have been anticipating.

In addition to stopping reporting on the story, it now appears Shara Michelle has scrubbed her FaceBook page of threads dealing with the Arlena Willes’ case(s), without adequate explanation; for no good reason.  Secrets, so many secrets!

Link to Shara’s FaceBook Page


Update March 16, 2020

Have all forsaken Arlena Willes.  I can’t find any reports on today’s scheduled status conference for Arlena’s case.

Latest docket updates below.  I don’t know if anything happened today or not.  However, there is another status conference scheduled as well as pre-trial and trial dates.


Update March 18, 2020

The criminal court reports the result of the recent status conference in Arlena’s case.

Arlena claims she intends to retrain private counsel.

The Court advises Arlena that if she intends to retain private counsel she should get it done before the next proceeding in May.

Other pre-trial proceedings scheduled.

Trial scheduled for June 2020.


Update March 28, 2020

It appears Arlena has withdrawn from social media!

I can’t find her FaceBook page.

I can’t find her Twitter page.

I can’t find her YouTube channel.


Update March 31, 2020

From Crystal Nuttle’s page at:

In an unrelated case, Arlena’s champion Crystal Nuttle was found guilty by a jury of her peers of custodial interference.  Following is the sentencing report in that case.  Crystal’s probationary period is scheduled to expire later this year.

Nuttle Sentencing


Update April 27, 2020

Crystal Nuttle in a “last ditch” effort cries out for more money as if to buy Arlena Willes a private lawyer before the Court’s deadline of May 5, 2020.

It’s a rather lengthy post.  For the complete thing go to the link at:


Update May 6, 2020

Here is how it went yesterday in Arlena’s status hearing:

Arlena Willes 05052020 Proceeding


Update May 29, 2020

Arlena Willes Appears Live on James White’s (Fake) News Program Today!


Update June 8, 2020

The criminal court, in today’s action, has moved today’s previously scheduled conference to Wednesday, June 10, 2020 and reaffirmed trial for June 15, 2020, next Monday.

Willes Court Action 06082020


Update June 10, 2020

Willes Hearing Today

Arlena had a pre-trial motion today and the results, fundamentally, appear to be that the trial was continued to a date in September and another pre-trial conference scheduled for August. In addition, Arlena’s lawyer asked for clarification from the judge as to his role since Arlena is not liking how things are going and wants, apparently, to represent herself.

Also, we now have available the first page of Arlena’s son’s motion, via his lawyer, to admonish Arlena, which the Court did today, regarding disclosures. See file attached to this post for that first page.

This is a preliminary report.

Stay tuned for more to be posted later.

Willes Motion to Admonish 06052020

Link to Arlena’s last appearance on James White’s Northwest Liberty (Fake) News program:


Update June 11, 2020

Arlena’s response to her hearing yesterday appears to be to run back into the loving arms of James White of Northwest Liberty (Fake) News.

Streaming live as I post this update:


Update June 12, 2020

Court’s posted minutes of June 10, 2020 hearing!

Willes Hearing 06102020 Minutes


Update July 6, 2020

Arlena returns to the fake news broadcast of James White!


Update August 12, 2020

Arlena returns to James White’s Northwest Liberty News program!

Arlena is real excited at the prospect of having her case dismissed “with extreme prejudice” because she has an unsigned copy of her indictment!

Compare to:

A status conference for Arlena is scheduled for today, August 12, 2020.  That should resolve all her problems and what she is whining about to James White.

Arlena’s Music Video

Arlena has quite a portfolio of performances on!

It is also reported that Arlena advised the Court that she has fired Rick Tosto, her public defender (though he is in private practice) and that she filed a motion to dismiss her case.

Motion to Dismiss

Arlena Willes Motion to Dismiss with Extreme Prejudice 8-10-2020


Update August 20, 2020

Court minutes filed today reflecting results from August 12, 2020 proceeding:

Arlena Willes Minute Entry 08122020 filed 08202020


Update August 25, 2020

Meanwhile, in the related Melissa Diegel case we have these minutes from the August 18, 2020 proceeding:

Melissa Diegel in Court Minutes 08182020

Arlena’s son wants the Court to shut Arlena up!

Jonathon’s motion to strike Arlena Willes motion 08242020


Update August 28, 2020

The Court is not pleased with Arlena Willes!


Update September 2, 2020

Shara Michelle announces a song for Arlena and Jonathon!

Coming Soon!

Compare to:

Update September 14, 2020

Willes trial contued………..again!

Arlena Willes Trial Continued Again

Update September 17, 2020

Arlena tries to get her case dismissed “with extreme prejudice”.  Her motion was denied, DISMISSED!

Update September 28, 2020

There was a proceeding in the related case of Melissa Diegel on September 14, 2020.  The Court has, however, only now released the minutes of that meeting and they can be found at the link below:

Diegel Proceeding Minutes 09142020

Update October 2, 2020

Arlena Willes slapped down again; told again to stop filing stuff on her own since she has an attorney.

Willes slapped down again 10022020

Update October 12, 2020

Well, well, well, with Arlena’s approval, and likely her permission, likely contrary to the court order, Shara Michelle has broadcast the Arlena Willes arrest video at:
Arlena is all over that thread.
Some of her comments are shown below.
I am getting a lot of free press in many other posts to that thread.
Typically, Shara can’t seem to live without me and can’t see the difference between what I do and what she does. 

Update October 16, 2020

Apparently in response to the antics of Shara Michelle, Meko Haze has picked up on Shara’s broadcast of the old Willes arrest video and discusses it and other related matters involving the anti-CPS movement players we are familiar with.

(Above video has been removed from public view.)

Update November 2, 2020

Looks like Arlena and her sidekick Crystal Nuttle have gone on the YouTube circuit to whine in response to Arlena being told to shut up since she has a lawyer representing her.  Links below are to the various broadcast over the last month.

CPS Corruption News Network YouTube Channel

Arlena Willes YouTube Channel

Link to on-line docket history in Arlena’s criminal case:

Update November 7, 2020

Middleaged busy-body Shara Michelle is threatening to help Arlena Willes torpedo her criminal case.  We’ll see how that works out for Shara and Arlena.

Crystal’s post below includes Shara’s graphic omitted from above!

Update November 8, 2020

Arlena posts a YouTube video today, an old one, at the following link:

Transcription of Description of Above

“Listen to my son Jonathon begging for my help and stating he was kidnapped by Phoenix Children’s hospital ( et al ) in attempt to double down and cover for December 14th ,2016 when my sons healthy appendix was taken . My documentation does not lie and neither does my son Jonathon . All he wants is what I want is for our reunification and all fraudulent and fabricated charges dropped . Continue to pray for God to work with the hearts involved . In Jesus name Amen.”

A little reminder from earlier in this article:

Go figure!  The above-referenced video has been removed!

Update November 9, 2020

Arlena has added a video where she talks about the “canons of journalism” and the trolls covering her case.  I guess she doesn’t like some of the coverage.

The above has now been removed from public view (10:15 PM MT)

Arlena has also posted a second video where she calls me out by name and claims she spoke at some length with Kent Hovind.  Alas, she has already removed that video and I have not had a chance to listen to it.  Hopefully, it was captured by someone else and preserved.

Link to the second video since removed:

Graphic prepared from said video:

That link currently presents as:

Link to on-line docket history in Arlena’s criminal case:

Update November 14, 2020

Shara Michelle promises an Arlena Willes interview tomorrow!

Update November 16, 2020

Yesterday Shara Michelle did broadcast her blockbuster interview with Arlena Willes via FaceBook live at:

That was captured and preserved and can also now be found at the following links:

Michael Mihalakis (aka Meko Haze) also covered the broadcast with extensive commentary on his DISCUSS venue, and that is now archived at:

I just noticed that Arlena Willes latest FaceBook page appears to have disappeared, and with it all of her posts under that account.  Is she running scared that the Court may, indeed, be out to punish her for her contempt of Court; perhaps jailing her pending the scheduled December trial?

I also now notice that Arlena’s most recently utilized YouTube channel has apparently disappeared; at least there are no videos there.

Update November 20, 2020

Update November 23, 2020

Looks like the trial might be again delayed.  Don’t know what the other document filed is all about, but we may get details soon.

Update November 24, 2020

The Prosecution’s Motion for a Trial Continuance

Arlena Willes Continuance 11232020

Update November 25, 2020

Meko Haze – A Double Feature on Arlena Willes!

I guess these are what has Shara Michelle so upset.
1 of 2:

2 of 2:

Looks like about 6 hours worth. I have not listened in. Maybe I’ll catch portions of them later.
Shara’s responses can be found at:


The Court docket now reflects the pre-trial hearing has been rescheduled to January 14, 2021 and the trial to January 28, 2021.

Update November 27, 2020

Shara Michelle attempts to explain the frivolous jurisdictional dispute she and Arlena Willes are now raising.

My comments on Shara’s Comments

1. Despite my repeated efforts, Shara refused to explicitly state whether or not she accepted the Maricopa County Court’s jurisdiction over the criminal case of Arlena Willes.


2. I think her claims otherwise are frivolous as far as changing the Court’s jurisdiction over the case.


3. Shara never actually explains what the consequences are that she proposes even if her factual and legal claims are correct.


4. I don’t think Shara has the relevant facts and law correct, but if she does, so what? If Shara is not going to explicitly allege that her claims, if true, would deny the Maricopa County Court of jurisdiction over Arlena’s criminal case so that the charges must be dismissed, it is only a curious distraction typical of Shara’s work.

Update November 28, 2020

Another graphic from the Meko Haze video illustrating Shara Michelle’s refusal to take a position!

Update November 29, 2020

Shara Michelle v. Robert Baty – Jurisdiction

The above link is to the posting of a 30 minute video which contains the substantive Robert Baty and Shara Michelle segments from the recent Meko Haze broadcast; 30 minutes dealing with the jurisdiction issue raised by Shara which she continues to refuse to properly address (i.e., she has yet to “affirm” or “deny” as to her belief regarding the jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Court over the Arlena Willes criminal case).

Unlike Shara, Arlena has recently claimed/alleged that the Maricopa County Court does not have jurisdiction over her criminal case.

Jonathon is in the full-time custody of his father, Billy Zeek, and appears to be doing well.

Arlena seems to have noticed!

Edited for Relevance:

Update December 1, 2020

Arlena’s Followup Note (Threat)

Court Notes on Continuance

Trial Continuance for Arlena 11252020

Shara finally gets her new song/video posted which includes images of the Glendale police report and other stuff, including some of my FaceBook Messenger messages.

(The above-referenced video has already gone private.)

Before losing the video, I did capture one image of the Glendale police report that appears to show that the investigation referenced therein did begin in Glendale and later moved to Phoenix; which the law appears to most appropriately allow.  Shara seems to be trying to claim the Glendale police had no jurisdiction; a claim Arlena has taken to mean the Maricopa County Court should have no jurisdiction because the whole case is without a legal, jurisdictional foundation.  Glendale and Phoenix are both in Maricopa County and the Maricopa County Court has jurisdiction over felonies committed anywhere in the county.

The video has now been reposted, possibly with some editing, at:

(Now the above is no longer public.)

Shara has tried a 3rd time and claims she’s done.  Here’s the link to the 3rd posting of the video:

(The above has now also been made private!)

Alas, Shara’s 4th attempt is now posted at the following link:

Update December 9, 2020

I think the following table provides relevant information to trying to figure out the sentencing guidelines in the case of Arlena Willes.

Looks like Arlena may be looking at 5-25 years in prison depending on whether sentences are consecutive or concurrent, with probation options and jail time options.

Update December 9, 2020


Update December 11, 2020

Nothing of substance came of Shara’s big announcement above; typical Shara.

However, Arlena did post the following note, amongst many memes she posted, to Shara’s thread at the following link:

Update December 16, 2020

Just some reminders:

Link to Arlena’s Maricopa County Court Docket Record

Link to Indictment

Update January 1, 2021

Anticipation!  Bwahahahaha!

Update January 3, 2021

Located an on-line complaint Arlena Willes posted against her public defender Rick Tosto!

Minutes of the March 16, 2020 hearing were posted in this article above as an update dated March 18, 2020.

Links to screenshots of March 16, 2020 hearing minutes:…/a-cast-14333-2


Update January 7, 2021

What is Shara Michelle up to now?!

Stay Tuned!

Update January 11, 2021

Shara Michelle’s FaceBook page referenced above has disappeared and no one seems to know what is up with all of that.

Meanwhile, here are the court minutes of Melissa Diegel’s recent, last hearing which notices her effort to fire her attorney and the continuance of her trial:

Melissa Diegel Continuance 01052021

Update January 14, 2021

Looks like Arlena may not have had her hearing this morning as scheduled, somehow, and the trial was continued to May 2021.  Other details as to what may have transpired at this morning’s hearing may be reported later.

Motion to Continue – Granted

Willes Motion to Continue 01132021 Granted

Update January 15, 2021

Shara Michelle comes out of hiding and posts this!

Update January 19, 2021

Minutes from the January 14, 2021 hearing are now available from the Court.

Willes 01142021 Hearing

Update February 3, 2021

Motions for health professionals to provide restricted health information for interviews/depositions/trial.

Arlena Willes Motion for Order on Interview 1

Arlena Willes Motion for Order on Interview 2

Update February 5, 2021

Order issued for health care witnesses to testify!

Arlena Willes Order 02032021

Update March 9, 2021

Court minutes in Arlena Willes criminal case as to proceedings on March 4, 2021:

Arlena Willes Court Minutes from 03042020

Update March 16, 2021

Shara Michelle has finally come up with a website and posted an article on Arlena Willes, consisting of what is purported to be a transcript of the March 4, 2021 proceeding noted above.

Shara’s published material at the above link contains a brief transcript dealing with the cases of Ashley Fuller.  Shara offers nothing in her publication to explain why that should have been included with her publication of the transcript of Arlena’s proceeding.  Since that time, Shara & Arlena have been trying to propose they have caught the judge in some kind of misbehavior, suggesting they have no idea what was going on with the Fuller case or how such cases are handled.

Screenshot of the Fuller segment in Shara’s publication:

Links to the 2 Fuller cases mentioned above:

It appears Ashley has been in jail since October 2020!

Update March 20, 2021

Arlena Willes, in her March 4, 2021 appearance noted above, also complained about wanting to visit her mother who was, allegedly, dying.  However, she indicated she would not file a motion for permission to leave the area and visit her mother.  It is not known what Arlena plans regarding visiting her mother.  She seems to refuse to cooperate with her lawyer to get a motion filed.

Then there is this from Shara Michelle regarding her plans for a live broadcast featuring Arlena:

Update March 21, 2021

Shara and Arlena are playing games and hiding their posts (blocking folks like me).  The following is just one of Arlena’s recent posts indicating she is still whining about her mother while refusing to work with her lawyer to file a simple motion that might allow her to visit her mother with the Court’s blessing.  Otherwise, she continues whining about my coverage of her case.

Link to Shara’s FaceBook thread from which following was posted:

Update March 23, 2021

Arlena has filed an appeal, but it is not yet clear what she is appealing!

Update March 24, 2021

Arlena’s latest filing:

Arlena Minerva SemiColon Willes Latest 03222021

Update March 25, 2021

Settlement of the Ashley Fuller cases mentioned above:

Ashley Fuller Sentencing 1 03252021

Ashley Fuller Sentencing 2 03252021

Update April 2, 2021

Documents Filed by State in Willes Criminal Case!

Notice regarding Arlena’s earlier attempt at an appeal:

Willes Notification of Appeal 04012021

Motion to preclude Willes spouting conspiracy theories:

Willes State Motion In Limine to Preclude Conspiracy Theories 04022021

Motion to preclude Willes claiming diminished capacity:

Willes Motion to Preclude Diminished Capacity Defense 04012021

Notice that State will use Willes prior bad acts:

Willes Notice that State To Use Evidence of Bad Acts 04022021

Update April 6, 2021

Arlena’s attempt to appeal certain issues, pro se, has been dismissed by the appellate court as “premature”.

Update April 7, 2021

Sounds like the Court wants to hear what the State has in mind with all of its motions and so scheduled a evidentiary hearing for April 12, 2021.

Willes Status Conference for 04122021

Update April 13, 2021

Rick Tosto, Arlena Willes’ court-appointed attorney, has filed 3 responses to the State’s motions in limine and regarding defenses.

Arlena Willes Rick Tosto Response to Motion in Limine

Arlena Willes Rick Tosto Response to Motion on Defens

Arlena Willes Rick Tosto Response to State Bad Acts Intent

I am thinking Arlena will not be pleased!

There is now a minute entry today, April 13, 2021, noting the scheduling of an “in-person hearing” for April 15, 2021.

Arlena Willes Minute Entry 04132021

Update April 15, 2021

Shara Michelle, Arlena’s on-line advocate, has posted her account of the April 12, 2021 proceeding at:

(Begin excerpt.)

On April 12, 2021, in THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA, Case: CR-2019-0005397-002-DT, State of Arizona vs. Arlena Willes, the EVIDENTIARY HEARING was set, after the state of Arizona throws a couple of muddy fast balls out from left field. But my mitts are on the documented evidence, with full disclosure in this case, proving a sharp contrast to what the state is presenting, deftly hitting those curve balls out of the park.
As always, Mrs Willes is punctual, arriving ten minutes early for her virtual hearing at 9:30 am. And although she stands accused of egregious crimes she never committed, she remains polite, and attentive. She is dressed in a neat, presentable suit, with her dark auburn hair outlining her soft, porcelain-like face, and with her always evident love for her child in her heart,  she waits enduringly for JUDGE GEOFFREY FISH to call the case …
JUDGE GEOFFREY FISH:  And Miss Willes, your name and date of birth? …
ARLENA WILLES:  My name is Arlena Minerva Willes, and my date of birth recorded on my birth certificate as the date born is ——-,  the date of birth is ——–, my date born as a natural living woman.
JUDGE GEOFFREY FISH:  Let me ask you this, when did your mother actually deliver you at the hospital or wherever you were born?
ARLENA WILLES:  Deliver me at the hospital, well, I was born on ——- as a living natural woman, my date of birth recorded on my birth certificate is ——- sir.
JUDGE GEOFFREY FISH:  Alright, thank you very much …
FREEDOM PUBLIC PRESS: … I see many inaccurate statements in these motions that clearly do not match the records. I could write an article on the public record alone and get the facts on the table into the light of day (maybe I will)…

(End excerpt.)

Arlena Willes was, reportedly, born on March 23, 1972!

(For some reason, Shara did not properly transcribe that information.)

Link to Today’s Live Hearing:


As I was tuning in, a witness was being called.  Arlena was whining about her objections.  The Court noted that Arlena had an outstanding objection to everything and muted her.  Arlena later held up a picture of the victim.  The judge told her if she didn’t stop that stuff she would be removed from the proceedings.  It looks to me like Crystal Nuttle is the woman sitting beside Arlena.  Arlena continued to speak at times, though no one could hear her, and she started flashing documents, which the Court allowed.  Arlena also was rocking back and forth such as she has commonly done in videos.

Ultimately, Arlena was removed from the proceedings due to her antics!

It was confirmed that Crystal Nuttle was with Arlena, as shown in the screenshot below taken from the live feed.

Update April 19, 2021

Court Minutes of April 15, 2021 hearing!

Willes Court Minutes of 04152021 Hearing

Link to access minute entry above:

Meanwhile, in the Melissa Diegel case, which some have claimed is just like the Arlena Willes case, a motion has been filed for a competency determination.

Melissa Diegel Motion for Competency 04162021

Update April 21, 2021

Melissa Diegel proceedings put on hold.  She’s getting another mental evaluation in response to motion by her lawyer which has been granted.

Melissa Diegel Competency Exam Order 04202021

Update April 26, 2021

Court rules on State’s motion in the Arlena Willes case; granting all motions.

Arlena Willes Court Rulings on State Motions 04262021

Update April 29, 2021

Doctors appointed for Rule 11 evaluation in the case of MELISSA DIEGEL.

Melissa Diegel Doctors Appointed for Rule 11 Evaluation 04262021

Screenshot of Page 1

Update May 2, 2021

Shara Michelle posts article about the plea deal offered to Arlena Willes and the April 15, 2021 hearing:

Sounds like Arlena was offered that she plead guilty to one charge and gets probation.  What a deal, but did she accept it, or not?

Luthi Lisa, lawyer, has offered this analysis:

(Begin quote.)

Plea deals are balancing acts.
As part of the deal she would not be able to contact the victim again. She has and is unlikely to birth any additional child victims. Basically the victim would be forever safe from her, as well as potential victims.
Everyone involved seems to note both low intelligence and mental differences in the perp, which while not exculpatory in and of themselves has a tendency to allow the prosecution and judge to lean toward leniency.
A trial will be lengthy, costly and take doctors away from helping other innocent children because they have to hang around court instead.
Incarceration will be costly because the perp had already demonstrated that they will be more “a patient” than an inmate.
She should have taken the deal, imho, once the court and jury hear all the evidence the sympathy factor toward the perp is going to fly out the window.

(End quote.)

Shara plays cute as to the status of the plea deal!

Link to on-line docket history in Arlena’s criminal case:

Link to access Court’s minute entries in Arlena’s case:

Update May 4, 2021

Link to access to Maricopa County Court live broadcasts:

(Pre-trial hearing scheduled for May 5, 2021 8:40 AM MT)

Update April 5, 2021

Bwahahaha!  My people have been busy!

Seems Shara has now removed her video in order to keep Arlena from going to jail for contempt.

Update May 6, 2021

Looks like the State wants to lock Arlena up!

The Petition to Modify or Revoke Release


Update May 7, 2021

Pre-Trial Court Minutes from May 5, 2021 Hearing!

Arlena Willes 05052021 Minutes

Shara Michelle appears frantic as she seems to be in full damage control mode; in vain!

Update May 10, 2021

Shara Michelle publishes another article on the eve of Arlena Willes hearing today (May 10, 2021) to consider whether she should be jailed pending her trial later this month.

(Begin excerpts.)


May 10, 2021

By Shara Michelle May 10, 2021

For eight months, I have collected records, (the entire file of thousands of documents), and I have been given investigative audio files in his case, that PROVE Arlena Willes’s innocence. I do not understand what Maricopa County, in the state of Arizona, is doing in this case. I have tried to bring what I have found, and, what was sent to me, to law enforcement/authorities AND to Mr Rick Tosto, Mrs Willes’s court appointed “public defender” and no one wanted to listen. I have never in my life, witnessed anything like this nor have I ever witnessed such relentless suffering in a family.
Mrs Willes has a medical condition in which she cannot survive on the food in the jail system in Maricopa county. She also needs fresh water at all times or she will quickly become dehydrated. Upon her incarceration last year, she deteriorated rapidly and lost over twenty five pounds in only two months time. That is the time I first stepped onto her story to help her plight. In the care of the Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone, while she was wrongfully incarcerated, she became very sick, and without her liberties, she could not help herself. She remained without proper medical care, without necessary food, without the water she needed, reported black mold conditions, and life saving intervention became necessary. There are many people all over the world who are outraged by this egregious, heartbreaking story, and are following this story closely. All eyes are on Maricopa county. The Arlena Willes Story.
Alena Willes:   My name is Arlena Minerva WIlles, I am here by special divine appearance only, this man is not my attorney , he cannot present a defense, as well as my son is no longer a minor he’s 18 Mr Swinford.  I’m here to clear up this fraudulent matter today. It should be dismissed today with extreme prejudice your honor.
JUDGE FISH:   Yeah, Give me one second, let me finish something else. Ah, and there’s nothing I’m going to  do about this because it was an anonymous phone call, ah, it was called in this morning that apparently Miss Willes, ah, maybe yesterday, um, was on FACEBOOK LIVE or some social media platform for, ah, (love time?) broadcasting, ah, making comments about the parties involved..
ARLENA WILLES:   But they’re lying.  They’re lying.
*****JUDGE FISH:   PEOPLE CAN USE THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT, she can say whatever she wants about any of the attorneys or myself, but, ah, she was also apparently talking about the victim, um, and, presenting photos of the victim, so, there’s nothing I can do Miss Willes, this was an anonymous call I have not seen anything and ah, I don’t know what occurred. I’m just telling you now..
ARLENA WILLES:   Your honor..
JUDGE FISH: I’m removing Miss Willes from the meeting at this point. Miss Willes, your court date is May 10, at 2:30 pm, you have to be here in person, if you fail to make your court date, A WARRANT WILL ISSUE AND THE CASE WILL PROCEED WITHOUT YOU.

(End excerpts.)

Scene from the live broadcast of today’s hearing (May 10, 2021)!

The judge doesn’t want to send Arlena to jail and indicates he will let her stay out, but strengthens his rules for Arlena to shut up about the case and her son.  He warns her that if anything occurs during the trial he will jail her.  Arlena was again given a current plea offer.  The State really tried to come up with some charge Arlena would plead guilty to and get probation and settle.  Arlena indicated she would not plead guilty to anything relevant.  Ultimately, the State offered a plea for guilty to a wrecklessness charge (felony), with probation and the option to reduce to a misdemeanor if probation conditions successfully met.

Stay tuned!
Wednesday morning a plea hearing to resolve, if possible!

Update May 11, 2021

Joint Statement filed by State!

(Filed early on May 11, 2021 & does not reflect settlement.)

Willes State Joint Statement 05112021

Update May 12, 2021 – 11:40 AM MT

Reports are that Willes rejected settlement and will proceed to trial!

Docket History

Minute Entries

Court Documents

Maricopa County, AZ Court Public Access Website

Update May 13, 2021

Thanks for watching, Shara!

Court Minutes of May 10, 2021 Hearing

Willes Court Minutes from 05102021 Hearing

Crystal Nuttle, the woman who sits with and counsels Arlena Willes during her virtual Court activities and also has been a staunch promoter of hers over the years, has posted the following on her FaceBook page:

(Begin text of the above FaceBook postings.)

From: Crystal Nuttle
Date: May 13, 2021
Time: 4:36 PM MT
Please Share This Far & Wide! Maricopa County’s Corruption Explodes!
AN UGENT PLEA FOR INNOCENT MOTHER Arlena Willes!! John 8:32 And you (We the People) shall Know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you (Arlena Willes) FREE!
JUDGE FISH is scheduled to preside over Arlena Willes’s criminal TRIAL on May 24th and for the next 3 weeks thereafter! Enclosed are links that reveals Truth that defuses the LIES and shows Arlena Willes is INNOCENT of the Falsified Charges of two Class 2 Felonies (CHILD ABUSE) that the Maricopa County District Attorney Prosecutor Tracy Gleason put against this Innocent Mother! A Class 2 Felony is an Intent to Murder Level!
If found Guilty the prosecutors, which are Tracy Gleason, Frankie Grimsman and Robert Swinford are pushing for 24 years in prison! Arlena has hard hitting Evidence that is Clear & Convincing that shows she is Innocent!
Her forced court appointed public defender, REFUSES to submit her evidence and subpoena 3 professional witnesses that would help set her Free from this diabolical hell!
This so-called attorney Rick Tosto is violating the Brady Act which is a treasonous against this innocent defendant!
The Brady v Maryland

Matthew 18:6 But whoso ever shall offend (abuse) one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him (or her) that a MILLSTONE were hanged about his (or her) neck, and that he (or her) were drowned in the depth of the sea!
This is a 4.33 hour Trial of Truth that Sets Arlena Willes FREE! If this video was played before the jurors it would save them days & weeks of having to be in Trial! This video is from the trolls that gleaned it from the originator’s Facebook Page. She took it down in respect to Judge Fish’s orders. The trolls call it “Useless Information” for it totally exonerates Arlena! Scroll to the last 30 minutes and you will hear the sinister Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s doctor, Dr. Kristy Ingebo who initiated this abominable narrative against this innocent mother, telling her lies & laughing gleefully that she gets to tell Arlena’s 15 year-old son that he won’t get to see his mother again for she is going to prison! Please listen with an open & compassionate heart!
Since, 1998, I have been an advocate for Parents that have been victimized by CPS, the Courts and Law-Enforcement, but NEVER have I witnessed such Gross Miscarriage of Justice as I have in this criminal case.
It’s criminal of what they are inflicting on this mother & son!
This is a horrific violation of their Human Rights and Constitutional Rights! Praying for Righteous Judgment on the Enemy and Righteous Justice for Arlena Willes & her son, in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ amen!

This link Reveals How the Corrupt Judicial System Works in Concert with Each Other , Especially in Maricopa County, Arizona!

Working on Restoring America’s Families and God-Ordained Constitutional Republic,
Crystal Nuttle Email:


From: Crystal Nuttle Date:
May 13, 2021
Time: 4:39 PM MT
By the way Arlena refused the Plea-Bargain for she is innocent of all charges!
It is very telling that they know she is innocent for they in their desperate Plea for her to take their bait, they dropped the two Class 2 felonies to two Class 6 felonies!
It is a well known fact if she had taken the plea she would have NO recourse for Appeal!

(End text of above FaceBook postings.)

Seems to me that this could result in disciplinary action against Arlena.

Stay tuned!

Update May 14, 2021

Court minutes of 05122021 status conference filed.  Plea agreement discussed.  Plea agreement rejected by defendant.

Willes Court Minutes of 05122021 Status Conference

Update May 15, 2021 – 8:50 PM MT

Crystal Nuttle is at it again, representing Arlena’s position but trying to deny she is Arlena’s 3rd party agent in doing so in violation of the judge’s warning to Arlena, which warning Crystal heard loud and clear since she was sitting right next to Arlena when the warning was give.

(Begin text.)

From: Crystal Nuttle
Date: May 15, 2021
Time: 6:58 PM MT
Maricopa County’s Corruption Explodes!
John 8:32 And you (We the People) shall Know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you (Arlena Willes) FREE!
JUDGE FISH is scheduled to preside over Arlena Willes’s criminal TRIAL on May 24th and for the next 3 weeks thereafter!
Bullet Points of Arlena Willes’s Innocence is Within the Toll’s Video that the Trolls ended up taking down, Because they KNOW It Reveals, Exposes and Proves that Arlena Willes was set up by AZ Maricopa County’s AZ CPS/DCS, PCH, D A’s Prosecutors & Law-Enforcement and is Totally Innocent! Arlena is being accused and indicted of what AZ CPS/DCS & PCH is GUILTY OF!
For the Record, I want to make several TRUTHS Crystal Clear!
* I am Arlena’s Advocate, therefore on my own accord, I am exposing the LIES that is being concocted against Arlena!
* The TRUTH within this video will Set Arlena FREE for the Bible says so, this makes it a spiritual law!
* Truth, the Truthful doctors states that Arlena’s son was NOT in any imminent danger and the day before he was abducted by AZ CPS/DCS he was sent home with a REGULAR DIET with NO blood in his stool!
* There is an originating Phoenix Police report by 2 officers investigated that it was an IV LINE that was unscrewed by mother due to her son having pains and needing to go to the Bathroom and a nurse (with nurse’s name on the report), screwed It back! Case Closed! Arlena states that her son got tangled up in the line and mother called the nurse 3 times with NO response! I guarantee if it was your 15 year-old son you would have done the same thing! This is a VERY common thing to do by a patient or loved one! Not a Crime!
* Due to this Phoenix POLICE report vindicating Arlena, an AZ DCS social worker called Glendale Police which is out of the jurisdiction and made a false report that Arlena ripped out a PICC-LINE! Then this Hellish Nightmare began for Arlena and son! A Glendale police LIED and said he couldn’t find the Phoenix Police Report! A very gifted journalist reporter for Arlena, found it in 10 min!
* Arlena’s son was 75 lbs when he entered PCH! He LOST 15 Pounds on PCH’s watch by a doctor maliciously putting him on a NO FOOD or DRINK ORDER for SIX WEEKS! He was put on 2 drugs that were not FDA approved.
* Glendale AZ Detective Britt told the Grand Jury that Arlena’s son, while arriving at PCH, was bleeding out, weighed 60 lbs and now has NO colon due to mother! News Flash! This video and several documents prove they did a segmental surgery and did NOT remove his whole colon! He has NO bag! September 7, 2018, the same day he was abducted, PCH document states Arlena’s son was setting in a wheelchair pleasantly chatting with anyone within his perimeter! Does that sound like a child at death’s door?! No it does NOT!
* Arlena’s son is now an Adult. On this past Monday, May 10th, Attorney/Victim’s Rights Advocate, Robert Swinford, stated in Court that he spoke to Arlena’s son and he does NOT want his mother in jail or prison and wants to maintain contact with his mother and wants to go home!
* A tall tale sign is that the prosecutors & Arlena’s public defender has tried to pressure her into a plea-bargain with dropping the two Class 2 felonies to 2 Class 4 felonies giving a 4 to 6 years prison sentence. Arlena declined. As of May 10th, they lowered it to 2 Class 6 felonies, never to see her son for the rest of her life! The most treasured love of her life! Lowering her charges from a Class 2 to a Class 6 felony shows they know Arlena is totally innocent! She knows also if she took the plea there would be no recourse for appeal or other options.
She will go with God to Trial knowing she is innocent of all charges!

(End text.)

Screenshot of above post:

Update May 18, 2021

From Crystal Nuttle

Update May 20, 2021

Arlena preparing for trial, or jail!

Update May 21, 2021

Arlena added the following to her FaceBook thread noted above:

Update May 23, 2021

Arlena shows up on Josh Barnett’s FaceBook page!

Update May 23, 2021

Update May 24, 2021

Report from the courthouse!

(Begin report.)

Arlena said she was turned away from entering the courthouse at the door, likely because she told them she had more “symptoms,” although that’s just an assumption.
Judge Fish told her counsel to make sure she got tested this weekend, and of course she didn’t.
Arlena said she didn’t have the money…even though it’s free!
Judge Fish is not pleased.
Arlena is claiming she went to five places and they all required out-of-pocket cost.
Arlena was instructed to go get tested now.

(End report.)

Docket History

Minute Entries

Court Documents

Maricopa County, AZ Court Public Access Website

Update May 24, 2021

I have received a report that jury selection has now been set for Wednesday morning, May 26, 2021.


Judge Fish received an American With Disabilities Act request from Arlena this morning. Judge Fish will permit Crystal Nuttle to be Arlena’s “emotional support” animal in the courtroom.

They won’t be able to interact, except during breaks.

In this afternoon’s action, Arlena had to be muted, repeatedly. She sounded like a raving lunatic every time she was unmuted.


Arlena was ordered to submit her Covid test results to her defense lawyer, Rick Tosto, tomorrow. If it comes back positive, they will deal with how to authenticate and where it goes from there.

The information from this afternoon’s proceeding was public. It was streamed, but who was aware of it and was able to tune in?


It was noted that Judge Fish made a point of saying that Arlena had never made any prior mention of any disabilities.


The state expressed concern about the potential of Arlena blurting out something during trial in an attempt to deliberately cause a mistrial.

Judge Fish made clear that, even if she tried, she couldn’t cause her own mistrial.

Update May 25, 2021

Late last night Shara Michelle posted her latest article on the Arlena Willes case at:

Crystal Nuttle demonstrates she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, or is she trying to threaten someone with murder?

Link to Nuttle’s post illustrated below…/posts/10215265665314568

Link to Nuttle’s above referenced illustrated below

Link to Arlena’s FaceBook Post Illustrated Below

(Arlena seems desperate to portray herself the victim!)

Link to Arlena’s FaceBook Thread illustrated below


According to field reports, Arlena’s Covid test came back negative.  Jury selection will start at 9:30 AM (Maricopa County, AZ Time) tomorrow, Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

Update May 26, 2021

Jury selection to start today at 9:30 or 10:00; not clear.  Minutes filed showing Arlena’s motion to dismiss denied and other matters; 2 documents.

Willes Court Minutes of 05262021

Arlena Willes motion to remove Rick Tosto as defense attorney; dated May 24, 2021.

Willes Motion to Remove Tosto 05242021

Prosecution motion to admit testimony of victim to Olivia Douma.  Motion dated May 25, 2021.

Willes Prosecution Motion to Admit Statements to Olivia Douma 05252021

Update May 27, 2021

Jury selection was completed and the trial started this morning and was live streamed on video!

Trial will resume Tuesday morning, June 1, 2021.

Update May 28, 2021

Prior to the start of the trial on Thursday morning, May 27, 2021, Arlena shared some of her latest thoughts via her FaceBook page.  They were quickly deleted, but not before the images below were captured and preserved.

Update June 1, 2021

Trial has resumed, with preliminary matters of the first order.  Court advised of above postings by Arlena and again orders her to stop.  Judge says next time Arlena goes to jail.  Arlena says she will de-activate her FaceBook page.

Arlena’s son has filed a motion, which the Court today indicated it would approve, to prevent Shara Michelle from obtaining his medical records.

Willes Motion by JZ to not disclose records 05282021

Court grants above motion for protective order:

Response to Motion for Order against Shara Michelle and FPP

Update June 2, 2021

Trial resumed with prosecution witnesses in the morning session.  No afternoon session.  Case expected to before the end of next week.

Trial scheduled to resume tomorrow morning only at 10:30 AM Maricopa County Time.

Update June 3, 2021

Only witness today was a nurse practitioner who testified, in part, to Arlena’s bad attitude and unwillingness to accept recommended treatments.

Image below is from the start of the proceedings when Arlena was able to “share a moment” with Crystal Nuttle, Arlena’s court approved emotional support animal, while the jury was coming in.  Arlena’s husband, Jeff Willes, has been sitting in spot directly behind where Arlena is shown in the image below.  The 3 of them look a lot alike.

Update June 7, 2021

Trial proceedings are again being broadcast live via:

State rested.  Defense starts in the morning.  Arlena Willes told the Court that she will testify tomorrow (subject to change).

Update June 8, 2021

Arlena Willes testified and was cross-examined by the State.



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