Originally Posted October 18, 2023

by Robert Baty

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TM4 = The Montana 4

The Montana 4 = Jesse Boyd, Carter Phillips, Eric Trent, Bethany Boyd

Jesse Boyd and his people, Lisa Metzger in particular, have come up with 2 anonymous whiners to try and further victimize the victim of TM4, Brad Terrell, by making false and misleading accusations against him such as have been common over the last year or so, pending TM4’s trial for felony criminal assault with weapons charges.

While Jesse and his people have sought to keep the identity of the whiners secret, I was able to identify them as Curtis and Megan Lavender, 2 morbidly obese 40 somethings who like to travel and appear to live in the Shelton, WA area. They appear to have only been married a few years, and appear to have put on substantially more weight since they got married.

The Lavenders’ complaints are based on their experience in spending time at Brad Terrell’s motel near Cameron, MT in September of 2023.

The reality of the situation seems to be that the Lavenders violated the terms of their rental and couldn’t handle it. Under circumstances unknown, the Lavenders made their way to Jesse Boyd and his people, Lisa Metzger in particular, and the decision was made to use the incident to try and victimize TM4’s victim, Brad Terrell.

The TM4 effort is manifest in Lisa Metzger’s video broadcast on YouTube on October 17, 2023. Link to video is:


Thumbnail of video:

Screenshot from actual video:

The 2 faces of Megan Lavender:

After the broadcast, in the comments section under the video, Lisa Metzger engaged with Marilyn Ketchum. After a brief exchange, Lisa popped off indicating she believed Marilyn to be me, Robert Baty. At that point I decided to post a message, and I did so. About as quick as I got my message posted and screenshot, Lisa deleted all of the comments. A short time later commenting under the video was turned off.

Comments under video that were captured:

Link to Curtis Lavender FaceBook page:


Link to Megan DeRoche Lavender / Megan Alison FaceBook page:


Seems Megan changed the name on that page since the broadcast yesterday of her interview with Lisa Metzger and since I started trying to follow Jesse Boyd’s advice and make the Lavenders famous.

Found this 3rd FaceBook page for Megan!

Alison appears to be Megan’s mother’s name and maybe her middle name!

A full-body view of Curtis and Megan together some years ago:

My Further Comments/Opinions

The Lavender’s experience at Brad Terrell’s facility has no legal relevance to the pending criminal case against TM4. In addition, I propose that neither Curtis or Megan, even if they had the opportunity, would ever volunteer to testify, under oath, subject to cross-examination.

Lisa Metzger’s video is merely the latest in a long line of social media antics in promoting the false legal/factual narrative Jesse Boyd has constructed and his people seem to believe and are working feverishly to help him propagate.

Jesse Boyd’s Montana fake news media outlet, Montana1stNews, operated by Kalispell resident Brenda Roskos, wasted no time trying to use Lisa’s interview with Megan to promote Jesse Boyd’s false legal/factual narrative.

Link to Brenda Roskos article dated October 18, 2023:


Fair Play!

Megan’s and Lisa’s video show a number of views of Brad Terrell’s property as shown below:

So, it seems reasonable to include the following on-line information in my coverage of the Lavender complaint and Jesse Boyd’s exploitation of it through his girlfriend Lisa Metzger:

Jesse Boyd had some comments he posted, yesterday and today, regarding that video and Brad Terrell:

Jesse Boyd lies.

Jesse Boyd’s people lie.

This is just another example.

Update October 19, 2023

I happened across some more images of Curtis and Megan:

I found where Megan had posted a message and so sent her an invitation to discuss her TM4 problems:


Update October 21, 2023

Jesse Boyd promoting the Metzger-Lavender interview today!

Update October 25, 2023

Link to Lisa Metzger exchange with Brad Terrell:


Update October 26, 2023

Both Curtis and Megan blocked me from their FaceBook pages referenced above, without offering any response to my inquiry.

Update October 27, 2023

Looks like Megan has unblocked me today.

Update October 28, 2023

The charges and the law!

Update October 30, 2023

There may be reason to believe there is a biological connection between Lisa Metzger and Charlotte Boyd.


My other coverage in articles on this site at the following links:




































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