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Originally Posted January 18, 2024

by Robert Baty

Coleman Boyd, allegedly no relation to Jesse Boyd, has been one of Jesse Boyd’s promoters for a long time. Today, however, Coleman Boyd posted comments to his FaceBook page indicating he might be considering distancing himself from Jesse and offering him some advice that might be helpful. I seem to be wrong about that. Coleman has simply confirmed that he is one of Jesse’s kind, a hypocrite, liar, and common criminal with his own interests to protect. After what I thought was a promising exchange between Coleman and me, Coleman cut and ran and deleted our exchange from his FaceBook page.

Link to Coleman’s FaceBook page where exchange took place:

Link to Coleman’s FaceBook thread where exchange took place:

Below is a screenshot of Coleman Boyd’s opening post, followed by screenshots of the exchange; after which Coleman deleted my first comments and our following exchange.


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TM4 – Coleman Boyd Exchange — No Comments

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