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Mr. Holm, Danielle, here is some of the truth of the matters you continue to falsely represent:

1. Baby Holm was not stolen.

2. No warrant was required.

3. There was probable cause.

4. Any “duress” upon you was self-inflicted.

5. You learned/practiced sovcit theology.

6. You refused to pursue legitimate legal recourse as to your complaints.

7. Invocation of your “god” does not give you a free pass.

8. The “laws of the land” have been shown to have been properly applied.

9. What has transpired is what many have needed to see in order to understand the false claims so often made against child welfare agencies and employees by people like you.

10. It is time to unite and call C. Clarke Holm and Danielle Holm to account for their decisions leading to the appropriate, reasonable, legal taking of custody of Baby Holm by the State of Alabama and being justified in retaining custody.

– Robert Baty – May 27, 2017 4:30 PM MT



From: C. Clarke/Danielle Holm

Date: May 27, 2017

Time: 4:00 PM MT


What has transpired in the past seven months is what man and woman needed to see and witness.

Our baby was stolen by the state of Alabama one day after birth.

No warrant no probable cause and no injury.

The state of Alabama has broken God’s law of the commandments and has even broken their own statutes against our family.

While under duress we engaged them in their courts trying to save our baby that was being held hostage.

We learned many man made laws to then try and speak their language to then try and reason with them by showing their ways have become false.

We have filed many case law that supports our free will endowed by the Creator of us all and yet they don’t value their own laws, for their laws are for false idols and way of commerce.

Man’s statutes have no place and or value within the Creator’s natural design.

Man’s statutes only are a side effect of the false creations and or false idol cities.

Therefore, our testimony is absolute proof that man’s way is faulty and has become separate from the Creator.

What has transpired is exactly what the common man and woman needed to witness, for their shall be no more excuses and or denial of what is truth and what is false.

It is time to become united as one love under the most high God.




A cast 2052


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