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Originally Posted August 13, 2021
by Robert Baty

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What really ticked off Kathy!

Kathy and Dawn, above, never took serious the matters at hand regarding the circumstances and death of Paige Hilken.  I was able to review some of the on-line materials regarding her.  She and her husband and their associated religious organization have been quite a topic of discussion in social media.  So, we come to the following question and I do have an opinion on that matter:

Who Killed Paige Hilken?

My take on it:

King David killed Uriah!

Kent Hovind sent his first wife, Jo, to prison!

Lee Kenworthy killed Shayling, his wife!

As King David killed Uriah, Kent Hovind sent Jo to prison, and Lee killed Shayling, so it is my opinion that Christopher Hilken killed Paige Hilken.

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Amy Moore’s Commentary From Comments Section:


August 12, 2021 at 2:29 AM

To address some of the concerns expressed in the comments:
Paige went to one of the best Mental Health in-patient treatment centers in the U.S. While they were more than qualified to treat depression and PTSD, they are not a lock-down psychiatric ward. Patients are there of their own free will; free to stay or leave. Osborne, Hilken and Paige’s doctors would have known this, at the time that they selected this facility. If they believed her to be an imminent threat to herself, she should/would have been committed to an inpatient, locked-down, psychiatric facility.
Paige did not have cancer or some other terminal disease. Larry Osborne appears to be somewhat misdirecting when he discusses her “catastrophic medical diagnosis in April that led to PTSD and other co-occurring mental health issues”.
Paige gave birth to her 5th child, inside her home, on March 24, 2021. Chris married Paige when she was just 19. She became pregnant 6 months after her wedding. She had a baby approximately every 18 months after that, so she had 5 children by the time she was 28. Her diagnosis (which she shared publicly) was a post-partum pulmonary embolism in her lower right lung, which she suffered from in early April. While this is a dramatic event, she was only in the hospital for two days and her condition was fully treated. It’s likely that the non-specified “co-occurring mental health issues” may have been tied to post-partum depression, which can be quite serious. However, she was under a doctor’s care for 4 months prior to checking into the AZ center.
Blood clots, while scary, are treatable and do not result in otherwise healthy people taking their own lives.
What Osborne does not discuss is North Coast’s intense purity culture where couples are encouraged to marry very young and start producing large families right away. Otherwise, the girls may end up with “chewed up gum” which will simply ruin everything! According to kids who attended Chris Hilken’s youth groups (9/10 refers to 9th and 10th grades combined; 11/12 is high school junior and seniors) North Coast staffers well into their 20’s cherry picked the hot, underage girls while they are about 16 years old. They groom them for a few years, waiting to go public with their relationships after the girls turn 18. This ensures the girls are fully indoctrinated into the Sticky Church cult and have their virginity still in tact.
Hilken’s second in command is named David “Chancho” Garcia. He goes by Chancho, even among the kids. Chancho means PIG. It is not a term of endearment. In border states, boys called Chancho are generally very sexually filthy. There is no excuse to call any church leader Pig, regardless of what language you use. Chancho has reportedly sexually abused girls in North Coast’s youth group and has chided the young girls for trying to seduce him by wearing leggings. Chancho remains on staff as North Coast continues to call victims liars or refer to their testimony as “fake news”.
Chris and Chancho set up gender groups where the girls are shamed dramatically for kissing a boy, even as a young child, and heaven forbid they should watch provocative material while touching themselves looking for a “sparkle”. Their “gum isn’t just chewed”, they are called whores. Then the girls are forced to play games with the boys, one of which involves a sort of gauntlet where the boys are free to grope the girls as the girls try to rush their way through the gauntlet. Very Tailhook of North Coast. I’m sure the patriotic North Coast is flying a flag somewhere, when that game takes place.
Chris Hilken teaches these young kids that the man is entitled to sex any time he wants it. To ensure the kids see him as compassionate and sincere, he has said that sometimes he will do the dishes to ensure a particular sex act, but all sex is his to command, every day, thanks to God and the Bible.
Mark Driscoll teaches this identical rubbish at his church. They both also lock offending kids in rooms to interrogate and intimidate any kids who kiss. Driscoll’s other two elders, Jimmy Evans and Robert Morris both teach that couples should marry very young to prevent fornication. Both men married as teenagers. Gateway puts a lot of pressure on teens to marry and their adult youth workers mack on the young as well. Jimmy advocates the same rape culture as Osborne and Driscoll.
The media was tipped off by insiders about Paige’s suicide, with calls from these insiders begging for them to look deeper into this “mystery” as well as Chris’ recent multi-month “sabbatical”.
There is a deep, dark, twisted culture (emphasis on the first syllable) at Driscoll’s Trinity, Osborne’s Sticky Church: North Coast, Morris’ Gateway and Evans’ (former Gateway and Fellowship Trinity – he was broomed out of both in a hushed up manner) XO Marriage. Their toxicity continues to negatively affect thousands. And this is NOT the first time a young woman attached to a kinky, sex entitled celebrity youth pastor has taken her own life. (Tik-tok sex man, your day is coming… )
If these horrible abusive celebrity leaders have an ounce of compassion and humanity in their seared souls, THEY should be the ones checking themselves into this facility, so they can re-humanize themselves. It’s not too late.
And I do expect that there is far more to Paige’s PTSD than a blood clot. A mother of five does not abandon her children easily, no matter how depressed they are. But if your marriage starts out with your husband urinating on you to mark his territory, who knows how the remaining 8-9 years went? I hope that more people with insider information will step up. Paige’s children deserve to know the truth.
(End Amy Moore’s Commentary!)




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