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Originally Posted July 6, 2022

by Robert Baty

Only July 4, 2022, David McNabb, owner/operator of what is known as the Prescott (Arizona) Creation Society, appeared as a headliner at Kent Hovind’s Boot Camp.

I tried to warn David McNabb that such an appearance might not be appropriate, but he would have none of that and appeared with Kent Hovind. Subsequent to his appearance, he contacted me further and we had an extended exchange providing significant insight into how and why people like him manage to remain Hovind promoters.

This article is intended to provide a record of my communications with David McNabb regarding these important public matters. David McNabb publicly advertises his e-mail address and phone number, so they have not been blocked out in the screenshots below.

Images (2) snipped from above screenshot. The first is a message from the Akron Fossils & Science Center, whose David Robles was schedule to appear with Kent Hovind. The second is Kent’s announcement that Dave McNabb of the Prescott Creation Science Society would be appearing with him.

Image included with above email:

That was it until David McNabb contacted me, initiated contact with me, after he appeared with Kent Hovind. Donny Wagoner, noted in the message above, did NOT show up for his scheduled appearance with Kent Hovind. I do not know the story behind that.

Update July 7, 2022

This should mark the official end of my exchange with David McNabb!



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