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On or about February 25, 2020, Christian Clarke Holm was arrested in Cherokee County, GA as a result of an incident at the Hickory Flat Library.  He has since been held without booking because he has refused to participate in the booking process; allegedly maintaining a “sovereign citizen” stand.

Local media, Cherokee Tribune and Patch, have both runs stories on-line and via FaceBook regarding the arrest.  Apparently, the local folks and media were not aware of who they had in their midst.  That may be beginning to change in light of my comments to the media articles and the appearance of Danielle Holm and Susan Cobb in response.  They have blasted away with their efforts to promote the False Holm Narrative.

This article is intended to archive/memorialize some of these latest developments; to the extent I can keep up.

Link to the “Understanding The Baby Holm Case” group I set up to follow the Holm case:

Link to the Patch article:

Comments posted below the above article:

Link to related article on Patch FaceBook page:


Testimonial about the Holms local antics from the related Cherokee Tribune FaceBook thread on the arrest:


Related article from the Cherokee Tribune Ledger-News:

Link to Cherokee Tribute FaceBook post of story:


Danielle Holm has, reportedly, sent the Cherokee County Sheriff a lengthy email and Susan Cobb has posted it to her FaceBook page with an introduction.  Following is the link to Susan’s post with her introduction and Danielle’s email following.

(Begin text.)

From: Susan Cobb

Date: February 27, 2020

(Danielle’s letter to the sheriff included below. It has complete details of the theft of Christian’s Trust and family history never published before. It’s lengthy) For those who don’t know, Christian Holm has been falsely arrested while attempting to print out some documents from a public library.

He had just discovered someone has been stealing his trust fund using a false name he has never used. It is C. Clarke Holm. What is significant about this is a man who has been stalking, doxxing, and trolling him for the last three and a half years, Robert Baty, is the ONLY one who has ever used that name.

Baty has extensively used that moniker from the beginning. I actually have extensive proof of that (from all my screenshots before I blocked him). We always wondered why he always referred to Christian by that name.

They still have Christian Holm in jail.

He is not letting them complete the booking at the present time. I have detailed information regarding what has been happening, but at this time I am trying to edit out a phone number the sheriff states during the phone call Danielle recorded.

A local publication linked below has begun a hit piece on them with only false information being publicly stated thus far. This prejudicial and untrue article was published in advance of the Judge seeing Christian regarding the case.

He is being falsely charged with Criminal Trespassing after calmly asking a librarian some questions before using the printer.

A cop has already lied on the report regarding the arrest, not knowing the Holms have recordings.

Christian and Danielle record everything (including this conversation with the librarian). I have all but two of them regarding the incident.

The best one I intend to share after removing Danielle’s phone number. Any suggestions how to edit an AMR?

At this time the trolls are hitting this link en masse. Please feel free to express yourself. I have them blocked so I am only able to see their emojis with no names attached.

You will see my comments, and I am in contact with Danielle. Things don’t appear to be good at this time.…/…/2939007536152094…

This is Danielle’s letter to the local sheriff:

1:12 AM (7 hours ago)

———- Forwarded message ———
From: (user name withheld at this time)
Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2020, 1:03 AM
Subject: Holm Family. Help!
To: <>
Cc: <>

Hello Sargeant Steel(e),

Not sure about the spelling of your last name. I am making sure to email This to you because this is full court press now and I’ll email This to everyone if I have to.

Obviously your town has individuals pushing the same agenda as the kidnappers of our child in Alabama. This is all connected and my husband is in danger.

This is NOT a joke and I need help immediately.

I will NOT be happy if something more happens to my husband than what is already taking place and Canton will not be either because the entire world will know about Canton Georgia.


Christian’s great grandfather left a large amount of assets for him in a trust. Over millions of dollars, farm land, multiple properties and whatever else was left. His great grandfather was the Mayor of Oliver Georgia and very well connected and very respected. His name was James Douglas Clarke. His son in law (Christians grandfather) was very bitter about Christian being the heir before his wife (she was the daughter of the Mayor). The grandfather’s name was Charles Ramm Holm Jr.

Christian’s jealous grandfather and Christian’s jealous father used their political associations to control Christians life (the grandfather/ son in law of Mayor great grandfather) worked on capitol hill with Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. He was politically connected But used his power for greed and stole everything from Christian. They kidnapped him from HIS mother and destroyed her life and credit and she had to let Christian go because her life was pressured by them. He didn’t see her again until he was 16. He was 2 when kidnapped by his father and grandfather. His father spent a lot of money to keep his own son away from his mother just to control his entire life. Christian didn’t want that life for his children. He wants peace and happiness.

They have been fraudulently stealing $$ by using his middle name linking to things.

The IRS shows that someone is reporting a partnership to a business Christian is not aware of and the IRS hasn’t been able to tell him exactly what company and where its coming from.

We know they took his $$ and invested it into companies and they are impersonating him and receiving money in his name. We just haven’t been able to prove it all the way and investigators won’t help us despite us trying to file reports on several occasions.

His father has already in the past opened up credit cards in Christian’s name and made his credit go bad until Christian made it better and his father has already been convicted as a felon and went to jail for financial crimes working with China.

In 2015 or 2016 we noticed $2000 missing from Christians bank account. He called the bank and we were living in New Hampshire at the time. They told us a man went into a branch in Savannah Georgia and took the money right out at a teller. He was not on the account and he was not a beneficiary or anything to do with it. Christian immediately filed a claim for fraud and tried filing a report from NH. It went nowhere because the bank manager covered for him and the father called Christian and said “I have the sheriff here in my pocket, nice try”. However, the bank DID make him put the money back into the account. Point is he does what he wants and always gets away with it and he ONLY has $$ when he steals it from Christian and whoever else he is screwing with.

This is why Christian left there and moved up north with me. He is nothing like his father.

We decided to get away from the corruption and sell our belongings and save $$ to travel the country to go heal somewhere. At this time Christian was dealing with a lot of stress and his health issues were getting worse. He had severe chronic fatigue and major major focus issues despite needing to be taking ADD medicine since he was a child.

He has been very transparent about the fact that he had 2 nose surgeries many years ago ( about 20 years ago) for breathing issues and he then got addicted to the opioids. He came off of that and has been off since about 10 years ago but he still deals with the major affects it had on his physical body.

So at that time he sought out help from social security administration to try and help financially as he got better. He was declined but then given SSI. Long story short here is that there are more set ups. They tried at that point calling him “delusional” because once again his father was in communication with doctors he knew. Some medical records even say that his father communicated with them. Many medical records were doctored to kidnap our child and 100 or so pages taken out showing him as competent and just dealing with extreme fatigue.

We tried showing these records and other things to your department and they instead twisted what Christian said to make the report against him while it was supposed to be a report showing the fraud taking place in our lives that has led to the kidnapping of our child. It was deputy Hanson that twisted a report maliciously that I am sure is going to play nicely right into this current situation.

So, we traveled the country beginning in the very beginning of 2016. I got pregnant. We were feeling good. Life was good. The last bit of asset not stolen yet was a house his grandmother had left for him that was about to be opened up to him to start his family because his grandfather had passed away and that was the last thing they couldn’t steal ALL the way, because Christian’s name was on the deed in another trust. This in the end was stolen anyway and we only received enough money to live for about a year while trying to save our kidnapped child.

Everything has been stolen.

Charles Ramm Holm III needs to be investigated.


We planned on heading down to Georgia, having our child and starting our life as a family. Well, we ended up in Alabama and this part is a long story but I can direct you to a website that a supporter made with all the documentation, court records, audios, etc….

Danielle video
Christian video

Also the video I did explaining what led to the kidnapping at Cheaha State park where they are trafficking and drug smuggling. My husband also does a video showing he believes in LAW.

Our son was originally kidnapped on the basis that they had “reason to believe we are not who we say we are”. They accused us of being 2 other individuals out on bail for child trafficking and drug smuggling. A “detective” associated with the Sheriff department in Anniston, Alabama kidnapped him off my chest with no warrant, no emergency, and no court order. She testified to all of this on the stand but then committed perjury and said she never touched my child. But she was the original kidnapper. She then left that job and now works for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in the Child Exploitation Unit. Go figure.

They did thorough background checks on us and she also testified that I, Danielle Nichole Holm have NO criminal history and have never been arrested and barely even have a ticket in my name and that Christian had a couple of arrests but disposition was always dismissed. He is the complete opposite of a dangerous criminal unless “dangerous” means FOR the LAW and to actually use it for GOOD not as a weapon.

So the original reason for kidnapping was now no longer valid. To keep it going they decided to start focusing on calling us crazy. So they started down the delusional path. Keep in mind I have a degree in Psychology and worked in psych hospital for children and adolescents at Lowell Youth Treatment Center in Massachusetts and have more education and experience with children than many of the social workers we have met.

Fast forward to this current situation, although LOTS have happened in between that would take HOURS to go over, my husband is still trying to get PROOF of who is impersonating him (his father) and how and why and what’s going on.

No law enforcement is helping us which is why he stood on the street with signs asking the public AND police to HELP. Instead he got a ticket for “NO permit” even after we called the city office and spoke to the permit guy who said NO PERMITS EXIST FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! There are NO PERMITS and we have a ticket for asking the police for help on signs because no one is hearing us!!! But yet “we”are the law breakers?

So, Monday he went to the Voter Registration building to see if anyone (in his family) has fraudulently done something there because he remembers his grandfather talking about voter registration linking into laws and different things. So he went to the office in Canton and asked them to print out anything They know with his info.

They found him registered under Clarke Holm which is what his father and other family calls him. He registered one time in 2001 and since then has done nothing with registration. Someone else registered him under his middle name in 2012 without his knowledge. So, at the office he asked very politely for them to please find any and all signatures attached to registrations because someone is committing fraud in his name. Immediately she called the police and refused to keep helping. The city police came and asked him to leave and that was that.

Next day, Tuesday, he called the county where he was registered under Clarke Holm (Liberty County) and the clerk of that office said she was going to call him back, and she never did. When he called back again and said his name she hung up on him never giving him info. He knew right away he is getting close to figuring out who is impersonating him and he knew we are in more danger now.

So, he called the US Marshals and asked for their help and asked about their witness protection programs because we are not only witnesses but now victims of voter fraud, child trafficking, money laundering, FBI corruption, law enforcement corruption, forgery, and much more and all we are trying to do is save our son by figuring out the root cause of it all. Its all connected.

So, after he told the US Marshall all of what I Just said here the Marshall said:

“we are not going to help you.

You both will be able to get your best help at a hospital.

Like a mental hospital because that is all delusional”.

Ding Ding Ding….and now we have more false narrative. Same old story.

That Marshall then immediately hung up the phone and that was the end of that call. We sat there together looking dumbfounded at what is taking place in this country currently to destroy it from the inside out and immediately realized we are alone but with the Creator of the Universe.

So Christian decided he needed to go back to a licensed library with a certified librarian to get information about LAWS with INTERPRETATIONS and DEFINITIONS and print things from a computer to file into a court case to begin the process of claiming fraud to show the INSANITY of what is happening.

He realized that the libraries are connected into law and actually are the institutions of education responsible for holding the most pertinent information that goes out into public.

Librarians are certified because they are supposed to be competent enough and smart and educated to know what information to put out for the public. Their jobs are actually extremely important and my husband says all the time that they do not get enough credit.

So, he went to a library within one of the libraries I have a card for and he was planning on getting his own library card as well as asking the librarian for information regarding the license of the library, how its funded and her certification because when he prints from a computer with a time stamp showing where its coming from its actually linking back to a state regulated educational informational institution certified with a certified librarian. He thinks this is Good because that means when you Print from there and then put any info into a court case and you cite the info, no authority can ever say the information is not valid if it comes from an educational valid source certified by the librarian who is certified by the state.

So, he asked her for that info. He also asked for a library card and said he had a GA photo ID and a lease agreement showing we live in the county.

He pulled out the ONLY Georgia ID he has (which is another messed up issue we are having to figure out) and apparently after her being asked about her certification and pulling out his only GA ID with a photo ( you can only get a library card with proof of residence and GA photo ID) she hit the “panic button” and the sheriff deputies came rushing in as though the most dangerous man in the world was in the library trying to get information to save his family from more damage and trauma.

Everything I have stated here has been recorded and now I am going to have to take more LEGAL steps to save my husband from the clutches of whatever is doing this because now it has Been almost 3 days without a word from him, he had a “72 hour hearing” today where the judge spoke to him and refused bond and I am SURE its because of the smear that has now been put in the paper by whatever invaders of the constitution you have at your department and in this town.

Officer Jones Was the arresting officer and he asked me outside in the car if we were “sovereign citizens” at which point I said NO for the umpteenth. Time. We believe in actual LAW. Not law as a weapon to throw innocent organic created beings into dead cells away from their family when they harmed not a soul and was simply asking questions so he can figure out the proper steps of saving his family and the country From a collective mass implosion it is currently being led Into for this very reason.

My loving amazing husband is not a danger and is and has Been my ONLY protector in all of this And now I’m home alone with a hammer next to the bed, pepper spray, doors barricaded, alarms on and my self defense skills my husband taught me because he only wants me to be safe.

We don’t know where our child is and now I don’t know where my husband is. They won’t even let me speak to him. I’ve already been falsely accused, assaulted,my newborn son ripped out of my arms and it does not end. Why the special treatment?

And now THIS:


This is now further proof that someone or several someone’s in Canton are now involved in the grand scheme. We are NOT sovereign citizens and have never claimed to be!!!! I need my husband released from captivity now and I need to speak to someone mature who can make that happen and SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON.


I need help. Please. I have ALL the recordings from this current situation and now your department is smearing us!! Why?!…/newborn-baby-kidnapped-from-al…/…/fbi-investigates-baby-kidnappe…/

I need my husband home safely so we can SAFELY get our son home.


-Danielle Nichole Holm

(End text.)


Affidavit in Support of Arrest

Referenced Georgia Statute


Susan Cobb’s Recitation of Incident

From the Patch FaceBook Page


Update February 29, 2020

From Danielle’s LinkedIn Page


Last night Susan Cobb also made her appearance in the comments section of the website article posted by the Cherokee Tribune, and I have posted a response thereto.  My response is pending review and approval before being publicly visible on the site.


Susan Cobb has posted a bunch of recordings for those able to access them at the following link.  She has also posted an update as indicated by the screenshot below.

Screenshot from the above link:


Update March 1, 2020

John Lamb, a well-known anti-government activist in Montana, has come out in support of the Holms via a thread on his FaceBook page at:

Numerous posts now appear following the opening post of that thread and posters include Laurel Burchell, Susan Cobb and Danielle Holm herself.

If it were not so serious, the following example taken from that page would be so funny.   They just never seem to learn and “can’t handle the truth”.


Danielle Holm (aka Danielle Nichole) posted recordings of 2 calls she and C. Clarke had while he has been held in custody.  In the second of the 2 calls, she whines about me having picked up on the story of his arrest.

Links to where access to the recordings can be found in my Hovind FaceBook group:



Update March 2, 2020

Danielle Holm makes surprise appearance on live broadcast from fake news outlet Northwest Liberty News and its host James White.  Apparently they have forced C. Clarke Holm to be fingerprinted and may or may not be able to release him pending a supposed $500 bail amount.



Update March 3, 2020

Susan Cobb continues her efforts to out Robert Baty as the Wizard behind the curtain.

Benjamin’s Response to Susan


Free at last!  Free at last!

How it went down according to Danielle Holm via a post to John Lamb’s page at:

Susan Cobb declares victory!

Mark Your Calendars!


Update April 22, 2020

Email from Cherokee County, GA Sheriff’s Office:


Update May 11, 2020

A lot of new information has become available via the revelation of the postings made by C. Clarke Holm at the following link:


Link to following video:

Link to Holm video trying to file/serve open records request:

Link to followup video regarding open records request:

A 3rd link to open records effort:

Link to open records request illustrated below:








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