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Originally Posted October 17, 2020
by Robert Baty

There are numerous articles on this site dealing with Lee Kenworthy, starting with a stand-off he had with child protective services and the police in New Jersey on Memorial Day 2018.  Since that time he has lost custody of his children, who were placed with Lee’s mother.  He has various mental health issues and legal problems, including an outstanding warrant from New Jersey.  He fled New Jersey and is currently believed to be in Florida.

This article is to archive some developing information regarding Lee’s history which, it appears, tends to confirm what many have speculated for some time.

I report!

You decide!

Documents Pertaining to Lee’s Mental Health History

Lee Kenworthy Extended Psych Reports

Email Records With Transcriptions

lee9338 = Lee Kenworthy

trulstru2012 = Shayling Kenworthy

Transcription of Above

Lee Kenworthy                                               March 9, 2010 at 2:32 AM
To: Shayling Kenworthy
Fwd: About the Apartment
Shayling Kenworthy                                      March 3, 2010 at 10:47 AM
To: Lee Kenworthy
About the Apartment
Since I can’t talk between being at work and you interrupting me.
DYFS already sees it like you are not handling things correctly.
If you take a stand and start doing therapy with Phil, medications
for now and we tell them that me and Sia are going to stay with
my parents & would like help getting an apt until you are a little
more settled and the pile of bills we have and issues surrounding
finances are leveled.  Especially since you need to focus on
preparing yourself for military and me & Sia need a place closer
to my parents’ home.
At least you are the one setting up the terms instead of it being
DYFS’s suggestion or even Phil’s suggestion.  Come on Lee.
No way I am moving back into that apartment.  I don’t think you
get how horrific that experience was for me.  I don’t even want
to go there to get clothes.

Transcription of Above

[Thu Mar 4 2010 10:59:03 PM] lee9338:  i mwill be there out in the waiting to sign his birth certificat
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:00:43 PM] trulstru2012:  what birth certificate of Sia’s did you sign????
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:01:49 PM] trulstru2012:  bury me?  you seriously think that.  You show who you are each and every day.  You parenthood with none of the work.
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:02:54 PM] lee9338:  what you don’t realize is the truth you need to feel dirty to get off because my uncle raped me when i
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:03:19 PM] lee9338:  im going to fucking ripe your heart out those kids are mine when they meet you
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:04:13 PM] trulstru2012:  really keep threatening me
[Thu Mar 4 2010  11:06:29 PM] lee9338:  I know you and your parents are going to ruin any chances at a relationship i could have with my kids and will never give joint custody so you dont want me any more fine but im getting rights to my kids by telling everything we have been through coke and all

Transcription of Above

[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:07:17 PM] lee9338:  Im not threating you im telling you i will get to raise my kids also
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:10:17 PM] lee9338:  you were drunk and high and begging me please stop fighting and have sex with me
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:10:27 PM] trulstru2012:  I told you I would give you joint custody but you don’t trust me because you project who you are on to me.  I have never vindictively done anything to you.  EVEN today as furious as I am I was asked for money & gave it to you to help you.  You don’t trust yourself so I can’t be surprised why you’d rather create drama as usual.
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:11:10 PM] lee9338:  then also theres the hit me go ahead hit me i want you to hit me i will through myself with sia in your stomoch on the floor I’ll killmyself.
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:11:10 PM] trulstru2012:  when the fuck was that?  Jersey City when you were also hitting me?
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:11:39 PM] lee9338:  you two faced piece of shit arian warned me a fucking lyer
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:12:26 PM] trulstru2012:  Because you are right when we lived in Jersey City.  I wanted to drink and get high, anything to numb how I felt.  Even now I’ve realized I have little anxiety without you so needing anything to calm my nerves is lessen.
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:13:11 PM] trulstru2012:  YOUR MOM & ENTIRE family warned me & my mom you would destroy my life.  They were right because as your mom has said multiple time, you are a con artist.
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:13:30 PM] lee9338:  fuck you coke guess what you wanna know why i accuse you of fucking jayson because fight club you are not fucking cakies another cigeret por favor remember that
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:14:42 PM] lee9338:  ok that why you did coke with eric and he held you above stairs and you had to sleep with his boy to get back with him.
[Thu Mar 4, 2010 11:16:22 PM] lee9338:  and what were you on with bryan pills ecstasy
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:15:40 PM] lee9339:  how about with stripper you dated
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:18:01 PM] lee9338:  your the drama always have been
[Thu Mar 4 2010 11:18:05 PM] trulstru2012:  (not transcribed)


Somehow Lee’s Instagram page was accessed today, made public, and included a new introductory message.

Lee apparently checked in and made corrections as shown below:

Update October 18, 2020

Four additional documents!

Ancora Discharge July 2018

Ancora Letter to Samantha July 2018

Sharon Dwyer Restraining Order June 2018


Update October 19, 2020

Lee Kenworthy has made his personal appearance in a conversation about all of this in the Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare FaceBook group where it has been being posted.  Lee’s appearance was in the thread at the following link:

Go to above link for complete exchange.
Lee’s posts are as follows:

8 More Files


email to jessica pride

Brianna Burnett – Iwasanamerican Legal Services Case Plan

Brianna Burnett – IwasanamericanLegalServicesGeneral Release Of Information

Brianna Burnett Case Management Plan

Brianna Burnett Case Management Plan


Brianna Burnett – Case Plan (1)

11 More Files





Deano Wente – IwasanamericanLegalServices Release Of Information Telephonic Agreement

Deano Wente TRO Appendix



First BenBarnesIwasanamerican Legal Services Retainer Agreement


Iwasanamerican Legal Services 2000 Retainer Agreement Template

2 Email Files


Fwd_ Chat with

Most of those 2 email files appear to contain 2 copies of an article on the abuse of women and children by Powell.  Apart from that and its application to the relationship between Lee and Shayling, the following appears to be what Lee and Shayling are reported to have said to each other in those 2 files.

Lee Kenworthy, in typical fashion, apparently attempting some damage control, has finally addressed these revelations in a post to his personal FaceBook page at the following link:

August 18, 2016 Autopsy Report

Shayling Medical Examiner Autopsy Reports 08182016

Update October 20, 2020

Received 7 more files, but only 1 is in pdf form which I can post here.  I will try to get the other 6 converted to pdf for posting here later.

1 of 7
Shayling Email to Miriam Treuhaft on Problems with Lee – January 2010:

2 of 7
Email from 2007 about Breach of Contract Claim:

3 of 7

DCPP compliance Review 12.20.18

4 of 7
Email Regarding Retainer Agreement with Lawyer:

5 of 7
Email from 2013 Dealing with Drug Testing:

6 of 7
Email 2010 Containing Chat Between Lee and Shayling:

Screenshot of 7 of 7


About these things Lee Kenworthy posted the following to his FaceBook page:

Lee is addressing file 1 of 7 noted above!

Lee Kenworthy has also been again actively involved in discussions in the Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare FaceBook group at:

Update October 21, 2020

18 more files

1 of 18
2 of 18
3 of 18
4 of 18

Chat with Lee Kenworthy

5 of 18
6 of 18
7 of 18
8 of 18
9 of 18
10 of 18
11 of 18
12 of 18
13 of 18
14 of 18
15 of 18
16 of 18
17 of 18
18 of 18


Update October 27, 2020

Some new files have come in in varying formats which are causing some problems in posting.


Incident Report for August 17, 2016

Kenworthy Police Report 08172016

Lyndhurst Police Answer Interrogatories

Lyndhurst Police Answer Interrogatories 06252018


Kenworthy Business Plan for “The Shift”

Kenworthy Business Plan for The Shift 10232010

Update October 29, 2020

I join with Melissa Foster and Randy Davis to discuss the Lee Kenworthy case on BlogTalk Radio at:

Update November 4, 2020

More information coming in!

Draft of 2009 State Complaint against Bergen Regional Medical Center and others:

Kenworthy v Bergen Reg Med Ctr Draft 2009

Final Draft of Kenworthy v Bergen Regional, et al:

Kenworthy v Bergen Regional 2009 Final Draft

Email from 2015 regarding business efforts:

Lee, using an alias, looks for work in 2009:

2009 Email to Lawyer:

Lee to Shayling 2009 Email about getting together:

Shayling to Lee 2009 – Article on Schizophrenia:

2009 Email about possible breach of contract suit:

Shayling to Lee – 2009 – Ending Violence Against Women & Girls:

Lee to Tim Howes regarding Siabella:

Kenworthy to Tim Howes re Siabella

Shayling’s 2009 Credit Report:

Shayling Credit Report 2009

“Schizophrenic Revolver”, Chapter 1, by Lee and Shayling:

Schizophrenic Revolver Chapter 1 by Lee and Shayling

Information on Immigration:

Kenworthy Immigration Information

Lawsuit Notes 2004 through 2007:

2004 to 2007 Lawsuit Notes

The Grid – Series Overview:

The Grid Series Overview








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