It has been reported that there is a rumor circulating that Kent Hovind is getting remarried, but no other details have yet been provided and the rumor cannot at this point in time be independently confirmed or rebutted.

Kent Hovind needs to check in with us and provide the details and/or otherwise confirm or deny the rumor.

Posted: September 1, 2016 around 4:20 PM MT

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Just one speculative possibility:

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RUMOR CONFIRMED: September 4, 2016

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Update January 12, 2020

I added another note to the Wikipedia page to reflect that I had asked Mary Tocco if she initiated that Wikipedia action and that she has not answered.




Is Kent Hovind Getting Remarried? – Rumor Confirmed — 4 Comments

  1. Musings on the big announcement performance from KENT HOVIND as broadcast on September 4, 2016!

    I am going to take credit for again being able to manipulate Kent Hovind, claiming if I hadn’t started circulating the rumor on September 1, 2016 he would not have gone public and put on his performance announcement on September 4, 2016.

    One of my articles can be found at:

    Mary Tocco was divorced around 2002 and Kent claims it was in 2002 that he began his association with Mary (i.e., selling her wares through his business).

    The stage is set!
    The plot thickens!

    Shortly before Jo filed for divorce from Kent in 2016 Kent invited Mary to Pensacola to spend some time with him; allegedly to just make some videos.

    Kent claims Mary knew nothing of the impending divorce as Kent claims he was trying to save the marriage to Jo.

    However, Kent claims that when Mary left Pensacola the people that worked for him all were saying that Mary was going to be the new “Mrs. Hovind”.

    Very interesting!
    Just what went on behind Jo’s back during that time!

    And in trying to justify his position, Kent actually indicates his agreement with me and condemns himself and heaps even more coals of fire upon his head in having tried to blame the Government earlier in the video for what Jo suffered because she allowed Kent to involve her in his criminal activites.

    Kent does that by agreeing with me that King David “murdered” Uriah. Yes, Kent used the term “murder” in this performance and it’s an analogy that works perfectly in illustrating just how it is that Kent sent Jo Hovind to prison and is UNrepentant as to his role in what she has suffered.

    Links supporting my analysis:

    – RLBaty


  2. Steven Anderson


    Kent Hovind

    Subject: Kent Hovind & Mary Tocco Marriage

    I wonder how this is going to affect the movie (Babylon, USA) that stars Anderson and Hovind, among others!

    (Begin text.)

    If Kent Hovind wants to sin by marrying a divorced woman, why doesn’t he just do it and shut up about it?

    Why does he have to rub all our noses in it with with this fake-spiritual crap of “I prayed about it,” “I fasted,” “I sought godly counsel,” and “It’s God’s will.”

    Jesus said it is adultery!
    Plain and simple.

    Yet he feels the need to lead his followers astray by teaching them that adultery is fine.

    These videos he is putting out are wicked as Hell and make me sick.

    It is one thing to sin, and it is quite another to claim that your sins are God’s will.

    Then he has the gall to brag about his first kiss with his adulterous bride being on his wedding day! Unbelievable.

    “Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.” – Luke 16:18

    (End text.)

    Additional comments in thread (not exhaustive):

    1. From Steven Anderson

    Why doesn’t he just say,

    “I’m human. I’ve been locked up. I’m a weak man.”

    Instead he says that this can be a helpful example for other divorcees.

    What in the world?!?!


    2. From Steven Anderson

    Devon Allen, it is a double sin for both reasons.

    “He did all within his power to keep the marriage.”

    How do you know?
    That’s what all divorced people claim.

    Either way, it’s a sin!

    Even if you twisted scripture to claim he could remarry, what about the fact that he is marrying a divorced woman?

    Are you going to justify that, too?


    3. From Jason Parkin

    I like Kent Hovind, he’s been a blessing to me but he has messed up on this issue.

    It’s like he is making excuses for what he is doing rather than TRY and put forward a valid biblical reason


    4. From Paige Amanda Blehm

    Completely agree.

    It’s one thing to sin but another to try and justify what your doing when the bible is clear on marrying a divorced woman.

    He has so many ppl looking up to him.

    It’s just plain wicked.


    5. From Bibleman Mike

    I’m afraid what we’re seeing is another WACO situation, branch of the Hovindians.


    6. From Peter James

    He is constantly letting those who supported him down.

    First with his stupid unlearned corrupt doctrines, yolking up with false prophets, and now with his wicked decisions.

    He is setting a stumblingblock before many.


    Go to the link above for many other comments.



  3. Some will remember Joshua Jocelyn and his wife. They were supporters of Kent during the 2015 litigation. Josh is in one of the Jonathan Schwartz video interviews. And they got into a bit of legal trouble when they got caught leaving their kids in the car while they got out and went to preaching.

    Josh has something to say about “Kent’s Mistress”!

    – RLBaty


    Kent Hovind’s Mistress


    When Kent Hovind called me to invite me to his then-secret wedding, I didn’t know what to say. I was saddened to think it had gone this far. For a long time, I had known about Kent Hovind’s mistress and how she had wrecked his marriage and family, but I just never thought it would come to this. Somehow, I thought he would do the right thing and try to save his marriage. But he was too distracted to be a husband to his wife. As has been the case for many years now, Kent Hovind was too busy with his mistress. And his mistress is not Mary Tocco.

    My Experience with Kent Hovind

    Many will recognize that I have been one of Kent Hovind’s staunchest supporters over the years, and have even stuck my neck out for him. It pains me to write against him, and I have put it off for quite some time. I grew up watching Dr. Hovind’s creation seminars and practically memorized their content. Eventually, I was honored to work at Dinosaur Adventure Land as a park guide and later as the head of apologetics and publications for Creation Science Evangelism. Unfortunately, this was all after Dr. Hovind had been unjustly sent to prison. I could only correspond with him via phone and letters.

    I have written about my shock at the negative attitude towards Dr. Hovind that I found among his own family members and those who had worked under him. I didn’t understand then what I understand now. When Dr. Hovind was transferred to the nearby Santa Rosa County jail for his second trial, I began visiting him monthly. I wanted to encourage him and also discuss with him some concerns I had about his removing repentance from his gospel presentation. But what I had come to suspect from corresponding with him over the years was confirmed by these visits. Kent Hovind does not respond to correction. He will not listen to it for even a few seconds. And he has a mistress.

    Many are familiar with my aggressive defense of Dr. Hovind and how I bull-horned the courthouse for his release throughout the second trial. Kent Hovind had no better friend than myself. I still believe he was unjustly sentenced, but something else I now knew about him worried me. When he came home, I spent some time with him, noticing the curious, makeshift bedroom he had set up adjacent to his office. I ate meals with his family and observed the awkwardness of the family dynamic. On more than one occasion, I tried bringing up my growing concerns with him, but he quickly changed the subject or acted like it wasn’t important. And that is why I am writing this – because Kent Hovind refuses to listen to anything negative I have to say in person. For a long time, he has refused to listen to concerns from me or anyone else. Perhaps he will read this and know why I can no longer support him or his ministry. And perhaps others will pause and reconsider their support for him when they read about why one of Dr. Hovind’s most stalwart defenders is disavowing him.

    We Need Fewer Great Men

    Kent Hovind is a great man. There is no denying that. He has preached around the globe, published his 18-hour seminar series in numerous languages and countries, and even claims to have won thousands of souls to Christ. Hundreds of thousands have heard him preach. I, myself, was personally shaped by his teaching. But there is a price to being a great man. History is littered with the fallout left in the wake of great men. Their families are often the primary casualties. Consider great men like Billy Sunday, whose fierce preaching closed down bars and converted hopeless drunks across the nation. But his three sons grew up to be godless drunkards and reprobates. Consider the example of Eli, the High Priest in the Old Testament, the highest ranking servant of God in the land – but his children turned on God. These great men were too busy doing the Lord’s work that they failed to see the Lord’s work staring them in the face.

    Jo Hovind with grandson Jordon

    Dr. Hovind has bragged in nearly every seminar before he was sent away that he was speaking 900 times a year, an average of 2.5 times a day 365 days a year. Ask yourself how much time he could have spent parenting and being a husband when he was never there. Spend time with his family, yourself, and you will get your answer. In recent years, his son, Eric, has taken the ministry into a completely different direction, compromising on some doctrines his father held as sacrosanct. Why? Could it be because he never had a father to guide him in these truths? Kent’s wife, Jo, who went to prison for a year because of his tax issues, never fully bought into his fight with the government or his strong stand on many of these issues. Why? Could it be because her husband was too distracted with his mistress to spend time cherishing and bonding with his wife?

    Eric Hovind

    We have too many great men in this world who leave their homes and families in the shadows as they do great things for God. Their personal walk with God is questionable at best, their families fall apart, and many of their converts go right back to the world. What we need more of is good men – steady, reliable men who walk with God daily, lay down their lives for their wives, and pour themselves into training their children. We need fewer great men; we need more good men – men who don’t necessarily chase big dreams around the country, but who plow the field day in and day out, who do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God (Micah 6:8).

    Beware the Mistress

    Kent Hovind with the former Mrs. Sam Tocco

    In case you haven’t guessed by now, Kent Hovind’s mistress isn’t Mary Tocco; it’s his ministry. The woman he is marrying probably has little to no idea what she is getting into, and may well regret her decision to marry this man who has been chasing this same mistress and abandoning his family for decades. While we are to love God more than everything, we as husbands and wives are to nurture our families above everything else. Beware of anything – anything – that comes between them and us. The Bible commands husbands:

    Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it…So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. -Ephesians 5:25, 28

    Yet when Mrs. Hovind expressed her fear that Kent’s continued recklessness was endangering her, Kent Hovind changed nothing. Having just returned from nearly a decade-long separation in prison, Kent Hovind did little to nothing that we can discern to restore his relationship with his wife or calm her fears. Instead, he launched right back into his ministry work in spite of probationary restrictions and concerns raised by the legal community that, if he was not careful, he might overstep his restrictions and land himself back in prison.

    It’s unfortunate that his wife turned to the unbiblical option of divorce, but when she did on March 24, 2016, Kent’s response should have been to drop everything (including his ministry), and win back his wife. Instead, the divorce was completely uncontested, finalized in record time, and now Kent admits on video that he had his eye on Mary Tocco, a divorced woman, since February of 2016, a full month prior to the filing of this divorce. And in this self-congratulatory video, he makes it clear that his purpose in entering into this is to just “move on” and get back to “serving the Lord” – while the ink is still wet on the divorce papers.

    This is a tragedy. Dr. Hovind has done so many great things for God, and so many of us were looking for even greater things to come. What happened? It may seem odd that Kent and Jo Hovind could be married for 40 years, and then Kent remarries a woman a few short months after a swift, uncontested divorce. But if you could spend some time in the Hovind home before it fell apart, you would understand he gave up on his family years ago. I only spent a short time there, and the silence was deafening. The complete lack of familial love and devotion was painfully obvious. The inability of Dr. Hovind to even consider his error was shameful. And the unhealthy, unholy, imbalanced focus on the ministry to the complete exclusion of his family is in a word, sinful.

    Kent & Jo Hovind

    Ministry is a good thing. I believe every single Christian should actively evangelize in some way or another. But it must not come before our first priorities. It should not come before doctrinal purity, caring for our spouses, and training up our children. We to whom God has entrusted a family should place them before everything but our personal walk with God. Kent Hovind has done great things for God, but he has lost his own family and should be ashamed of how he is acting. Don’t be deceived by his zeal for the ministry. Don’t overlook his complete abandoning of his family and pretend everything is all right. Kent Hovind is now marrying a second wife, but until he repents, he will always have a mistress.


    After further discussion with insiders from Dr. Hovind’s camp, I would like to acknowledge his initial behind-the-scenes attempts to court his wife upon arriving home from prison. Unfortunately, I believe it was too little too late.


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