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Originally Posted November 11, 2016
by Robert Baty


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From the Hovind-Mickas Performance November 5, 2016 


What you get when you try to pull up the Wyatt Mickas broadcast of that performance: 


Wyatt Mickas is a young man and up and coming on-line celebrity in the world of religion.  He and I have had numerous exchanges on-line and I thought now would be a good time to document some of his important part in the story.  This comes after I, via FaceBook, tried to be responsive to inquiries from Wyatt’s family.  It seemed to tick Wyatt off so much that he mounted a successful complaint campaign against my dedicated Hovind page; resulting in the page being unpublished and me being blocked from using FaceBook for 30 days (starting November 11, 2016).

Wyatt Mickas FaceBook Pages

Wyatt Mickas YouTube Channel

Wyatt Mickas Blaze of Hope FaceBook Page

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Wyatt Mickas on Patreon

Wyatt Mickas November 12, 2016 Scheduled Live Debate Announcement


Wyatt Mickas Creation in Apologetics Related FaceBook Page

Wyatt Mickas Creation in Apologetics Related Website

Wyatt Mickas has consistently opposed working with me to produce a proper exchange of ideas on issues of mutual interest (atheism, creationism, presuppositionalism, and Kent Hovind).

Following is a link to a more recent exchange involving Wyatt Mickas and me, Robert Baty, as archived on one of my Presuppositional FaceBook pages:

The graphic at the top of this page is from a YouTube broadcast on Kent Hovind’s channel.  Wyatt Mickas recently traveled half-way across the country to camp out with Kent on his compound in Conecuh County, AL where Kent Hovind is building his retirement commune and camp with a dinosaur theme.

Wyatt also recorded the meeting with Kent and broadcast it on his own channel at:

That video has since been deleted from Wyatt’s channel.  Wyatt promised another video covering his trip to visit Kent, but it has not yet appeared.

Wyatt Mickas is about 20 years old.  When he was in high school he promoted himself as a Mormon via the “I am a Mormon” website sponsored by the Mormon church.


Following image from that site:



I don’ t know what that is crawling over his shoulder!

Some time shortly after that he appears to have become influenced by those in the Fundamentalist Baptist Church, which is the church Kent Hovind claims to hold membership.

Wyatt Mickas has steadfastly refused to have an open, honest, reasonable and reasoned conversation regarding Kent Hovind and his legal/tax and related matters.

Wyatt Mickas claims the subject doesn’t interest him.

Considering that Wyatt Mickas has repeatedly and publicly promoted Kent Hovind, including his false legal narrative, that dodge is simply not appropriate.

Wyatt Mickas, in my opinion, needs to face up to Kent’s long criminal career and related matters.  Wyatt doesn’t have to agree with my conclusions, but continuously running and hiding from the truth regarding those matters seems quite inappropriate to me.

Wyatt Mickas has graduated from high school, left home, got a job, and may be considering moving to live and work with Kent Hovind on his 145 acre compound in Conecuh County, AL.

Kent Hovind likes to promise his single young men the prospect that Kent will find a woman for them.  It may be Wyatt Mickas is also looking to find a woman, with Kent’s help, in Alabama.

Wyatt Mickas’ family and friends might do well to be concerned about such a course as Wyatt Mickas may be considering.  He may be beyond help, but he may need it nevertheless.  It would not be the first time family and friends raised concerns about cult-like behavior in their loved ones, or even the first time it has happened with reference to young people being influenced by Kent Hovind.

UPDATE November 12, 2016

Wyatt Mickas publicly responds, but in a manner indicating he is not yet ready or willing to engage in open, honest discussion.


Update November 12, 2016

Kent Hovind, it appears, has now deleted his own video which featured Wyatt Mickas and the promotion of his “Innocence DVD Series” scheme.


UPDATE November 14, 2016

Wyatt Mickas rebroadcast his interview with Kent Hovind late last night.  It now includes an introduction attempting to explain the matter, and it still shows Kent’s promotion of his “Innocence DVD” scheme (I wonder if he talked to Kent before doing that again).


UPDATE: November 19, 2016

(ODD: That comment about the “General” appears to have been deleted. – 11/20/2016)

UPDATE November 30, 2016

Wyatt has just posted a video at the following link where he discusses politics in response to a request from some unnamed person(s), and then he gives some updates as to what is going on with him.


And so I just posted the following comment in the comments section below that video:

(Begin quote.)

That was interesting.

To hear you tell it, someone asked you to talk about politics and you decided to talk about politics.

I ask you to talk about Kent Hovind’s legal/tax/related issues, and you turn tail and run.

Kent recently returned from a trip to Spokane, WA where he laid out his lies about his legal and related matters, proving once again that he is determined to fulfill his pledge to spend the rest of life promoting his false legal narrative.

And you, Wyatt, run from even having a casual, cordial, open, honest conversation (broadcast) regarding such thing even while promoting Kent’s claims/efforts in your own broadcast!.


(End quote.)

Update November 14, 2017






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(Additional Information Posted In Comments Section Below)



Wyatt Mickas – Public Figure (page under construction) — 10 Comments

  1. Here’s the rest of how Wyatt Mickas described himself on the Mormon page:

    (Begin quote.)


    I go to Ignacio High School. I am so lucky to be blessed with such an
    awesome community that I live in. I enjoy riding my bike long distances,
    this brings peace to my mind. I love watching and playing sports as any
    teenager loves to do.I am interested in defending my faith against the
    scoffers and skeptics of the day


    I love the story of Joseph Smith that no church on earth answered
    the most pressing questions of life, so he asked God for guidance
    just like how it reads in James 1:5-6 “If any of you lack wisdom,
    let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth
    not and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing
    wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave driven with the wind
    and tossed.” I think we should do the same thing if we ask God for
    guidance, he would help us. The Church of Jesus Christ is not a
    building but with in all the members within the churches that invite
    him in. I’ve also seen a lot of critics attack the church even so much
    as dedicating 2 Sundays trying to insult the church. I think with this
    persecution, the church is getting stronger.


    I have read the entire Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price.
    Right now I am watching Young Earth Creationist materials (Answers
    in Genesis, Creation Today, Institute for Creation Research and
    others) material so I can better defend my faith against the scoffers
    and skeptics because the Bible says “But sanctify the Lord God in
    your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that
    asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:”
    1 Peter 3:15 I particularly became interested in this subject after
    watching the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate which really inspired me to
    start studying the subject in depth, because of that I am passionate
    about apologetics.

    (End quote.)

  2. In the video interview that Wyatt Mickas did with Kent Hovind, that Wyatt deleted from his YouTube channel, the following comments were exchanged in the comments section between Wyatt Mickas and me, Robert Baty:

    Link to now-deleted video:

    1. From Robert Baty

    Are you feeling used.

    That’s the way narcissists do it; you are the supply and they use you up.

    I figured you were thinking of me when you saw what Kent was doing with
    his false legal narrative and tried to distance yourself from that.

    It doesn’t work, Wyatt.

    You can disclaim any interest in Kent’s criminal history and false
    legal narrative, but here you are giving him a platform, with you
    in tow, to further promote himself and his false legal narrative.

    Shame on you.

    It’s your video, Wyatt.

    If you were serious about staying away from his legal issues,
    you would not have been so quick to broadcast this video; you
    might not have broadcast it at all or taken part in any such event.

    Wyatt, were you really thinking Kent was not going to bring it
    up and promote it?

    And what’s the story on not being able to get Kent to promote
    and comment on your Nov 12, 2016 scheduled debate with atheist
    Dave Foda?

    Wyatt, you get some points for being young, but it’s time you
    start stepping up and openly, honestly dealing with the important
    issues raised in your broadcast and the related version broadcast
    by Kent.

    It’s not enough to say you are not interested.

    Wyatt, you are being tested.
    It’s your test to pass or fail.
    Some of us are watching to see how you do on your test.


    2. From Wyatt Mickas

    get a hobby


    3. From Robert Baty

    I have a hobby, and you have become an important part in it.

    How that part plays out is up to you.

    So far, you are not doing so well.

    There is still time.

    You are young.

    You’ve got a long bus ride back to Colorado.

    Think about how you are going to play it out.


    4. From Robert Baty

    Are familiar with Timothy Bukowski?

    Timothy is a young feller like you, only younger.

    Timothy had some pro-Hovind videos broadcast on his channel.

    Timothy and I have a history.

    Kent’s people have used Timothy to falsely accuse me of harassing a child.

    Timothy considers himself a Christian apologist and has a special interest
    in apologetics.

    You might want to check out his video at the link below where he flipped
    and tries to explain why he no longer is a “young-earth creationist”:
    Title: Why I Am Not A Young Earth Creationist (Anymore)
    Broadcast Date: July 27, 2015

    From the description of the above video:

    – 1. Because Young Earth Creation is not true, biblically or scientifically

    – 2. Young Earth Creation is not good for evangelism, or the growth of the church

    You and Timothy ought to get together and make a video.

    It might do you some good.


  3. Here is another exchange with Wyatt and one of his family members that took place on Wyatt’s FaceBook page, before he deleted it:

    1. From Mickas Family Member

    Didn’t know that Robert Baty, please enlighten me.


    2. From Robert Baty

    Didn’t know what?

    Are you saying you didn’t know that Kent Hovind was a convicted
    federal felon, out after about 9 years in prison and still serving
    3 years of Supervised Release, and that he sent his wife to prison
    as well (she served just under a year in prison and also got 3
    years Supervised Release which ended a long time ago).

    Consider those and other related issues that are covered at:


    Wyatt is familiar with these things; he just doesn’t like to face them.


    3. From Wyatt Mickas

    Robert, leave my family out of your garbage


    4. From Robert Baty

    You label it garbage, and then you refuse to face up to me
    and discuss the matters; claiming you are not interested.

    Your family might do well to inform themselves as to who
    Kent Hovind is and what he is up to with regard to these
    important public issues.

    If (Mickas Family Member) and/or others are not interested
    in such things, they certainly don’t have to engage the
    discussion thereof.


    5. From Wyatt Mickas

    leave my family out of your garbage


    6. From Robert Baty

    (Mickas Family Member) seemed unawares and asked to be “enlightened”.

    I think I responded in a most appropriate and reasonable fashion.

    Maybe it was helpful to (Mickas Family Member).
    Maybe not.


  4. One of Wyatt Mickas’ family members made, in part, the following comments in our private exchange. My responses are not particularly relevant at this point and so have not been included here.

    – Hello Robert, …. You mentioned something about Kent Hovind
    – sending his wife to prison. Please elaborate on that. (I am
    – no fan of Hovind.)

    – Thanks. This is greatly appreciated.
    – I’m told that Kent won’t talk to me because….

    – Thanks.
    – I sure will.

    – Thanks

    – Thumbs Up Icon

    – Sorry, earlier I meant to say that Hovind won’t talk to me because…
    – There are other things to talk about besides…

    – Quick question.
    – What is Kent Hovind’s source of income?

    – For someone who just got out of prison,
    – Kent seems to live quite handsomely.

    – Sounds a lot like Jim Jones.

    – Let’s not let it end the same way.


  5. Another of Wyatt’s family members who contacted me made, in part, the following comments. Because my comments are not particularly relevant at this time, they are not shown.

    – I knew Hovind went to prison for 9 years.
    – I didn’t know the rest of the story.
    – Wyatt…will be 20 years old in a month.
    – I have always questioned his fascination
    – with this character…

    – Thanks for the link.
    – Quite helpful;
    – I just don’t know if it will convince him.
    – I think you have had enough encounters with
    – him to be acutely aware of his listening skills
    – or lack thereof.

    – …if you can somehow derail this,
    – it would be awesome.

    – Wait a minute.
    – What’s the deal with you and Wyatt?
    – Your interest in this issue please.

    – Please tell me your involvement with this issue?

    – Thank you so much.
    – I’m at work now, but I’ll review this,
    – share it…and get back to you.

    – No, it’s OK.
    – I was on break at work.
    – Stressful day.
    – I’ll share these links…

    – Thanks for your help.

    – If you can help us derail another visit
    – to Lenox, AL, That would be awesome.

    – I know he had a debate coming up;
    – but no details. I’m listening.

    – He’s resistant to you; but don’t take it personally.
    – He doesn’t listen to anyone.
    – Someone calls himself a “Christian”.
    – Makes them OK in his book.
    – Doesn’t work that way in real life.

    – Thank you for sharing the link.

    – An important part?
    – Please elaborate.

    – Wyatt is good at talking circles around issues.
    – Then he THINKS he’s winning debates.
    – All it does is give me a headache.

    – Wyatt fashions himself a prodigy.
    – He can sound impressive.
    – I seriously wonder how much he really understands.

    – Kent is trying to control and confuse Wyatt and use
    – him as some kind of puppet towards a larger end game.
    – At least that’s what it sounds like.

    – This presuppositional apologetics sounds like a bunch
    – of double talk to me. The word “presuppositional ” flags in
    – my spell check like it is not even a word.

    – He is obviously using (Wyatt).
    – I’m not OK with that

    – Wyatt has been a disciple of Hovind for a while.
    – I’d say 2-3 years. It created a rift….

    – Wyatt got referred to Hovind from a local independent
    – Baptist Pastor named Dan Shorty of Nuucciu Baptist Church
    – here in Ignacio, CO.

    – Dan Shorty is from Dulce, NM. He has this property here in
    – Ignacio, CO where he has a small church. Wyatt took up with
    – this church because Shorty’s kids are his age. It was Shorty
    – who first turned Wyatt on to this Hovind character. We cornered
    – Shorty at a dinner engagement a couple of years ago, where he
    – mentioned Hovind by name. Wyatt eventually cut ties with Shorty;
    – however, is still deeply involved with Hovind. He won’t listen
    – to anyone. He said that asking him to distance himself from
    – Hovind is akin to forcing Peter to deny Christ.

    – I implored Wyatt to remove the video he did with Dr. Dino
    – because Wyatt had called me and told me he was uneasy about
    – posting Kent’s IRS rant and Kent wouldn’t let him edit it out.

    – I don’t want Wyatt to be put in the middle of Hovind’s issues
    – with the Federal Government.

    – Also, Wyatt led a lot of us to believe he was going to Pensacola
    – for vacation. It was a ruse, and he wound up being picked up at
    – the bus and spirited off to BFE in rural Alabama.

    – We knew he was going on vacation.
    – We didn’t know this was part of this.

    – We thought he was just going to Pensacola.

    – I know somewhat how cults operative.
    – I also have a lot of friends who are former cult members from the FLDS,
    – including a few who wrote books about it and one who investigated
    – Warren Jeffs.

    – I can reach out to them for help on this issue.
    – Wyatt is friends with a couple of them too.
    – They’ve expressed concern about Wyatt’s involvement with this.

    – Are you using my remarks on your website?
    – I don’t recall giving you permission to do so.

    – Thank You


    • A Mickas family member has just sent me the following message via FaceBook messaging. I cannot respond because “they” put me in FaceBook jail. Also, I answered that question in my previous responses.

      – “Why the interest in…Wyatt?”


  6. Someone claiming to be a member of Wyatt Mickas’ family contacted me via FaceBook, and I cannot respond because Wyatt Mickas got me put in FaceBook jail for 30 days. Wyatt Mickas also sent me a private email and the following exchange has just taken place.

    1. From Wyatt Mickas

    My family had a private conversation with you about me and Kent Hovind.

    They have already told you not to publicize their remarks on your
    website but you have did it anyway.

    Me and my family ask that you delete said comments off your website
    and leave my family out of further dealings with me.


    2. From Robert Baty


    We might have discussed such things before I got put in FaceBook
    jail, but you have never been very inclined to openly and honestly
    pursue matters of interest to me.

    For all I know, you set me up with those two posters who claimed
    to be your family members.

    One of them has now sent me a threatening letter, apparently
    unfamiliar with the propriety of my actions.

    You might tell him/her that I cannot respond, thanks to you, via
    FaceBook and I don’t have a personal email address for her/him.

    As for your part, we can put that on the list of things we might
    discuss and negotiate the logistical details as to how to pursue
    such a discussion and on which topics.

    As you know, I cannot use the FaceBook venue at this time, and
    I have no interest in discussing such important public matters

    Robert Baty


    3. From Robert Baty


    I notice you didn’t even mention the hit job on me,
    as a result of your attempts to quash my free speech rights,
    that Kent and his people posted this morning at:

    We might have a lot to talk about, Wyatt, but you have never
    been inclined to pursue such discussions of important public
    issues we might share some interest in.

    Let me know if you change your attitude and maybe we can yet
    produce an exchange of ideas.

    Robert Baty


    4. From Wyatt Mickas

    Like I said remove the comments of my family.

    I did not attempt to quash your free speech rights.

    Facebook put you in jail for posts that you have made
    that do not comply with it’s rules.

    I do hope you take the next 30 days and think about
    how you are going to change your ways and comply with
    it’s rules so you don’t get your page shut down again.


    5. From Robert Baty

    There you go again, Wyatt, trying to be the little dictator
    instead of openly, honestly engaging in the process appropriate
    to producing a discussion we both might be interested in advancing.

    FaceBook did not put me in jail for posts that do not comply with
    it’s rules.

    You, and yours, have been falsely accusing me and my FaceBook page
    for a very long time, and with some success, such as now.

    As for me, I am looking forward to seeing your promised video about
    your trip to Florida and Alabama.

    Can you advise me as to when you might broadcast that video????

    Robert Baty


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