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Originally Posted July 2, 2016
By Robert Baty


Kent Hovind recently announced 3 new members of his board of directors; one of which, to no surprise, is the woman he has been closest to for the past 12 years; Diane Hummel (aka Lady Di).

Peter J. Reilly, Forbes contributor, discusses those matters in a recent, personal blog article at:



UPDATE July 17, 2016

Lady Di may be getting used to being on camera after a period of shyness, if not evasion.



(If you go to the above video for the last posted picture of Lady Di above, you will notice that after that frame she realizes she is on camera again and she starts trying to hide her face; some might say that is “consciousness of guilt”.)

UPDATE JULY 30, 2016

It appears Lady Di (aka Diane Hummel) is one of Kent’s stars of his latest broadcast:


I do wonder if she’s changed her mind about being a YouTube star!  Maybe we will hear more about that.


See also:




Kent Hovind’s Woman – Diane Hummel (aka Lady Di) — 1 Comment

  1. In a video broadcast today by the Liberty Pastor Tim Coleman, he discusses at various point the Hovind situation, condemns Jo Hovind for her course, and gives Kent permission to look for other women to take Jo’s place if Jo doesn’t change and submit to Kent.

    The material in the video is a little dated, but it was just broadcast today.

    Jo appears not to have submitted to Kent and Kent gives indication that he is not only on the look for another woman but that Lady Di may be on his short list.



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