Over 6 weeks ago Kent Hovind was bragging on his “legal dream team” and how their work would shut me up (i.e., show my legal analysis in opposition to Kent’s false legal narrative was wrong).

It’s been over 6 weeks now and it appears my analysis stands unrebutted.

From his public performances it appears it is Kent Hovind who has “shut up” about it after bragging about his position on the matter in almost every public performance.

Kent Hovind, come out to me. We have things to talk about.  You can send your Champion in your place if you wish. There’s currently 62 propositions in my challenge to you as posted on the home page of this website.

Following is the July 2, 2016 YouTube performance where Kent boasts about shutting me up, and my transcription of the relevant comments follow.  Kent’s comments start about the 7 minute, 40 second mark.

Begin transcription by Robert Baty.

Some IRS agent is always writing.

He wrote an article for The Monroe Journal about me, you know, uh.

Well, they published an article about me about two weeks ago, you know, a nice positive one.

So this guy Batty wrote, a good name for him, wrote an article.  Before he started picking on me he had like 4 followers on his FaceBook page, you know.

Now he’s got 100, you know.  He’s famous; whoa!

Ignore him, OK!

(Pointing to the audience) The stuff you are doing, and the stuff the rest of the team is doing on my case is going to SHUT HIM UP.

Man, how many errors did the Government commit to put me in prison?

(From the audience: all of them.)

Would you pick a number?

Each count is fatally flawed.

(From the audience: 58.)

All 58 counts, yeah!

So, would you say after studying this…how long have you been studying this case?

(From the audience: inaudible.)

OK, did I commit a crime?

(From the audience: absolutely not.)


Did the Government commit a crime; it’s agents?

(From the audience: at least 58 crimes.)

At least 58 crimes.

OK, well, you guys and the rest of the team keep after ’em and we’ll publish it one day and let folks know.

If nothin’ happens, I don’t know.  I hope they say, “yeah, let’s pay this guy some money we owe him” and we can build Noah’s Ark right there (pointing and turning the camera).

End transcription by Robert Baty.

Kent Hovind has interviewed with Bernie Dehler (atheist activist) a number of times.  Following is the link to a recent broadcast by Bernie featuring me and the discussion of Kent’s false legal narrative:

I also did an interview with Cheri Roberts (Challenging the Rhetoric) and discussed Kent Hovind’s false legal narrative.  She has been mostly covering the Bundy/Malheur/Santilli events/litigation and was interested in having me as a guest because of the Santilli link to Hovind.  Cheri has been closely associated personally with Santilli.

Here’s a link to that archived program with Cheri:


Kent Hovind, via his surrogates, responded to the Roberts’ interview at:


I don’t recall Kent or his surrogates posting any response to my interview with Bernie Dehler.

We’ll have to keep our eye out to see if Kent continues to publicly maintain his silence, being apparently shut up, even while privately fulfilling his pledge to spend the rest of his life trying to, allegedly, overturn his 2006 convictions and collect millions in damages.





Did Kent “shut up” or did he “shut Batty up”? — 2 Comments

  1. Kent has also apparently shut up about his effort to have his 3 years of Supervised Release changed to “time served”. He has served a little over a year and reports that after a year one can file for a reduction to “time served”.

    Kent indicated he would file his claim as soon as possible and reported that date as July 8, 2016.

    Looks like that date came and went without Kent saying a thing more about it.

    I was so looking forward to reading and commenting on Kent’s motion for an “early out” of his Supervised Release.

    Maybe he figured there just wasn’t any way, considering his antics the last year, to get a favorable ruling on that.

    Stay tuned; you never know when Kent might say something more about that or some record will appear.

  2. UPDATE:

    From Tonight’s Hovind Performance (14 min, 35 sec)


    Kent Hovind:

    – “Brady, did they say things falsely about me?”

    Brady Byrum:

    – “58 counts of pure lies.”

    Kent Hovind:

    – “58 counts of lies.”

    Kent Hovind:

    – “To the team working on that video,
    – get that video out.”

    – “Let the folks see the truth.”

    – “Let ’em see what really happened.”

    – (Laughing) “I think they are going to be shocked.”

    – “I hope so. They should be. I was.”

    – “What am I doing in prison? What did I do wrong.”

    – “Nuff said!”


    At least Kent hints at the the possibility that he expects his “legal dream team” to be producing a video in further promotion of his false legal narrative.

    Come out to me, Kent, or send your Champion!

    Did you just say those things in response to my latest article observing that you have been conspicuously silent regarding your legal and related matters.

    By the way, you didn’t mention your claims that you would be trying to get an early out of your supervised release. What’s up with that, Kent?


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