See if you notice how obvious it seems to me that Kent is keeping secrets about what is really going on; the details that should normally be disclosed. – RLBaty

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The website is not mine, is not done by me.  It was done about me to help me get out of jail and I’m out of jail; have been now for 16 months.

And the guys that did that decided to take it down.

We’ve asked them to put it back up.

We’ll see if they will.

I think there is a lot of valuable information there about the case.

Those that are still fighting to get the injustice overturned should be contacted through them or through Rudy.

Rudy Davis also is a great help.  He’s in Dallas, Tx.  His YouTube is “LoneStar1776”.

Contact Rudy and say, hey, I want to help with those videotapes and stuff and they can do what they want.

The stuff that Brady has done, I think they are doing that from Australia or Texas.  I don’t know where the headquarters of that is now; but just get hold of them.

I have to kinda stay at arm’s length from that.  I hope it gets done, and I’m for it.

But I can’t touch that one.

OK, let’s see.

Oh, Theo started a new ministry, and he’s still helping with stuff at CSE; still helping get a lot of projects done and producing videos for us.

But he’s no longer in Lenox, AL.

I think the, well, I’ve asked him to put it back up.  He hasn’t yet, so.

If you want to help him get started in his ministry, that would be, what a blessing he has been.

– Kent Hovind – November 25, 2016



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