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Originally Posted May 3, 2024

by Robert Baty

Correspondence received from Danielle Holm and her new boyfriend, Jon Griggs, on May 3, 2024. The signature on the letter was not dated and the envelope did not have a postmark date.

Link to my “Understanding The Baby Holm Case” FaceBook group:

Link to ORDER Terminating Parental Rights in Baby Holm Case:

Link to Jon Griggs business website (OWSG):

Links to Jon Griggs FaceBook and Twitter pages:

Link to Jon Griggs LinkedIn page:

Link to Jon Griggs FaceBook politics page:

Screenshot of Jon Griggs membership in FaceBook group:

Link to FaceBook thread where Jon Griggs posted a note today, May 3, 2024:

Link to Fort Collins Police Department page:

Link to Sylvia Beachy, Danielle Holm’s business partner, tweet indicating she is also sweet on Jon Griggs. Could be the romance is not limited to Jon & Danielle:

A little Twitter banter with Sylvia Beachy, Danielle’s business partner:

Update May 5, 2024

Seems Danielle just can’t handle open, honest discussions. As was started above, it appears Danielle sent Sylvia Beachy out to harass me with those tweets, each of which had a one of two different images of the cease and desist, neither of which matched the one I posted. Maybe some funny business going on with that supposed notary.

Update May 15, 2024

Another FaceBook reference for Jon Griggs and his OWSG (Overwatch Security Group):



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