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Originally Posted May 5, 2024

by Robert Baty

On November 12, 2022, Jesse Boyd, Eric Trent, Carter Phillips, and Bethany Boyd were arrested in Madison County, Montana and charged with felony assault with weapons based on their actions involving Brad Terrell at the intersection of Cameron Drive and Highway 287.

Jesse Boyd has enjoyed exploiting a worldwide following for over 20 years. His legal problems in Montana have cost him some support and he has acted desperately in his attempts to shore up his support and make like a persecuted Baptist at the hands of a corrupt Montana government.

In that context, Jesse has been trying to garner support from the anti-abortion activists he has become associated with. Some of them were recently convicted of blockading entry to a women’s clinic and are soon to be sentenced.

In that context, Jesse has written a lengthy, threatening letter to the federal judge handling that case. While a casual observation might suggest Jesse is pleading for leniency for his friend Coleman Boyd, one of those convicted, Jesse is actually promoting himself and hoping to draw support from Coleman’s people for his own cause.

Jesse and his people are scheduled for trial in October 2024 in Madison County Montana.

This article is designed to archive Jesse’s threatening letter to the federal judge.

Update May 6, 2024

Following are transcribed excerpts from the above 6-page letter; designed to emphasize the intended threatening character of Jesse Boyd’s letter to Judge Trauger, on behalf of Coleman Boyd.

Update May 11, 2024

Jesse is again trying to use the New Orleans matter he mentions in his letter to foment anti-government violence as shown in his FaceBook post today illustrated below.

That’s another example of Jesse desperation in trying to find something, somewhere, anywhere he can use to foment violence and try to find some support for his own false narrative regarding The Montana 4 (Jesse Boyd, Carter Phillips, Eric Trent, Bethany Boyd) and their assault, with weapons, on Brad Terrell.

For comparison, I recommend the following details analysis of that New Orleans matter:


Update May 14, 2024

Sal R. Perricone has done extensive research on the New Orleans matter of 1890-1891 that Jesse Boyd has tried to exploit. So, I asked him what he thought about what Jesse had to so, and he provided a brief response.


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